Infinite Stratos Season 3: When It Will Be Renewed?

The Japanese anime show Infinite Stratos is based on “light novels.” I like to watch shows with cartoons. Love it or not? I’m sure it’s your favorite, too, just like mine. As the second season of Infinite Stratos came out, fans, including me, were very excited to hear more about Season 3…

The much-anticipated sequel, Infinite Stratos Season 3, is based on how famous Infinite Stratos was and what people said about it on IMDb.

This article is about the third season of Infinite Stratos. It has all the essential information we know, like the plot, the cast, the release date, etc.

About Season 3

Izuru Yumizuru and Okiura wrote the scripts for both seasons of Infinite Stratos. It’s based on a manga called Bokutachi no Maria. The story is about how two sisters grew up with their mother and never met their father before he moved to Africa when they were young.

infinite stratos season 3

Eight Bit and Yasuhito Kikuchi made and are in charge of the third season, which might be the same. All the characters were created by Tomoyasu Kurashima, Shunichiro Yoshihara, and Masafumi Mima, who was also in charge of the sounds. And Tomoyasu Kurashima is in order of all of them.

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The story might be about Ichika Orimura, the first man to fly for IS. He was accepted into the Infinite Stratos Academy, which has students from all over the world. IS pilots from all over the world go here to learn how to fly. In the academy, he runs into his old friend Houki Shinonono. The rest of the students can’t wait for the weekend to end.

Let’s find out what could be a great story in Infinite Stratos Season 3 that will improve your day.

Release Date

According to alphanewscall, there is no news about Season 3 of Infinite Stratos. But it’s been long since the anime’s second season came out.

Based on how much fans like and want the third season, we can expect Infinite Stratos Season 3 to come out in the fall of 2021 or the winter of 2022.

infinite stratos season 3

Season 3 of Infinite Stratos will have 12 episodes, and it is expected to be the last season (the final one). We won’t have to wait much longer…….

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Let’s closely look at the trailer for Season 3 of Infinite Stratos. Do you like to watch the 3rd Season short video to pass the time? I love to watch….. And I wish you the same.

The Plotline

In the third season of Infinite Stratos, the story of a boy named Ichika Orimura, who is 15 years old, is told. A chance event changes his life. At that time, Ichika finds out that he is the only man who can pilot the IS suit and can do so. Soon, everyone heard the same news. Then Ichika becomes famous, and men who want to be in charge start believing in him.

infinite stratos season 3

When the Japanese government saw how talented Ichika was, they decided to send him to the IS Academy, where IS pilots from all over the world went to train. There, Ichika goes to a place where everyone tries to show that he is a girl. He has to do his best to get his hormones checked.

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In Season 3 of Infinite Stratos, Ichika starts his new life with a lot of happiness. Threats and dangers are a long way away. The show shows his life at IS Academy, where he struggles to meet all his responsibilities while having a fun life.

The Characters and Cast

  • Josh Grelle as Ichika Orimura
  • Monica Rial as Houki Shinonono
  • Brittney Karbowski as Cecilia Alcott
  • Hilary Haag as Huang Lingyin
  • Cynthia Martinez as Maya Yamada
  • Shannon Emerick as Charlotte Dunois
  • Luci Christian as Chifuyu Orimura

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Infinite Stratos Have a Third Season?

No news has been made about Season 3 of Infinite Stratos yet. But the anime’s second season has been out for quite a while. Based on how well the first two seasons did with fans, the third season of Infinite Stratos might be in the future.

Is There an End to Infinite Stratos?

The 13th book will be the last one in the series.

Who Does Ichika Give Infinite Stratos to in the End?

Houki Shinonono

When they were younger, they used to train in kendo. About six years before the current story, Ichika agreed to be her boyfriend if she won the national kendo tournament for their grade.


If Infinite Stratos Season 3 comes out in one of the next few years, it might be about Ichika’s life at IS Academy as he tries to balance his responsibilities with the social life of an average high school student. The third season of Infinite Stratos is an excellent drama with a huge fan base.

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