Ink Master Season 14 2022: Updates You Need to Know

2020 was a bad year for people who watched “Ink Master” through all 13 seasons. At the start of season 13, pictures of judge Oliver Peck dressed in blackface started to spread around the web. This is what happened: The Paramount Network quickly kicked him off of their show.

Since the show had already filmed new episodes for the next season, he still made appearances on the show. COVID-19 made it so that the contestants and crew couldn’t come together to film season 13’s live finale or give someone the title “Ink Master.” This left the season finale in a state of uncertainty.

The bad news kept coming for the reality show. Shortly after the shortened season, it was announced that season 14 would not be going ahead. There has been a general trend at Paramount to focus more on scripted shows, but it looks like “Ink Master” was too good to pass up.

As Paramount is trying to get people to sign up for its new streaming service, Paramount+, a report from Deadline says that the company has decided to move forward with “Ink Master” Season 14.

Is the 14th season of Ink Master still on?

Ink Master Season 14

During the filming of the thirteenth season’s last episodes in March 2020, a lockdown was proclaimed, and production had to be postponed because of it. Rumors began to circulate that Ink Master season 14 will not be aired soon after.

Fortunately, Paramount Network reversed its decision to cancel the show and relaunch it. Season 13 filming was not a major deal because it began only 12 months after season 12. Season 14 of Ink Master has been officially announced, but the show’s producers have yet to say anything, leaving us to wonder when the fourteenth season will be released.

Does the 14th season of Ink Master have a release date yet?

Ink Master Season 14


Season 12 premiered on June 11, 2019, and season 13 premiered on January 7, 2020, demonstrating how quickly new episodes of “Ink Master” can be filmed and distributed. Given the ongoing public health concern surrounding COVID-19, it may be some time before Paramount execs are confident enough to move through with a second season.

Enough said. It is safe to assume that fresh episodes of “Ink Master” will begin airing sometime in the first half of 2022. Reviving the series now, since it was first shown in 2012, would be an ideal opportunity for Paramount+ to advertise the new season as a commemoration of 10 years of spectacular (and occasionally less-than-great) tattoos.

Spin-offs like Grudge Match and Angels have appeared throughout the years as well. Paramount hasn’t said if any of those would follow following, or if they’re waiting to see how well the original series performs before making a decision.

Who may possibly join the cast of Ink Master Season 14 in the future?


This season will almost certainly include a fresh generation of tattoo artists who are all competing for the opportunity to earn a large sum of money as well as the title of “Ink Master.”

The only component that isn’t quite obvious at this moment is who will be evaluating their abilities.

It Almost go without telling that Oliver Peck will not be returning as a judge, leaving Dave Navarro and Chris Nez as the only remaining candidates. Given that the programme was formally terminated in 2020, there is a strong probability that the cast would wish to return to the show in the future. Considering the large number of guest judges who have been on “Ink Master” throughout the years, it’s possible that one of them may join the show full-time to fill the vacant third judge position.

There’s also a possibility that Paramount will want a fresh start from the beginning. It is possible that a completely new panel of judges may be brought on board to breathe new life into future programmes. In order to keep the programme fresh after 13 seasons, it would make sense to alter things up, and bringing in some new judges may accomplish that goal.

Ink Master Season 14. Who are the judges for this season?

Ink Master Season 14


A lot of people don’t know for sure if the judges from previous seasons of Ink Master will be back on the panel for the next season. Because Oliver Peck had already left the show and won’t be back because his contract with Paramount isn’t. Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro, two of the other judges, might come back and be judges again.

In the past, many rotating guest judges were invited to Ink Masters. Not all of the guest judges are going to stay on as long-term judges, but one of them is likely to be Oliver Peck. Paramount might hire new judges while getting rid of old ones and starting over.

Is there a Season 14 trailer?

The comeback of “Ink Master” was announced in February 2021, but no date has been set. An official trailer may take a while. As shown by the fact that the season 13 teaser was out two months before the episodes began to be aired, it would likely broadcast shortly before season 14 debuts. It might happen again here.

Paramount Plus might have some fun with the suspense by releasing a special video to mark the return of the reality series — possibly one that also reveals the third judge. If all three are new, it’ll be a great way to introduce them to the series’ fans.

The good news is that all of you skilled tattoo artists still have an opportunity to become a “Ink Master.”

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