Meet the Cast of ‘Ink Master’ Season 6: What They Are Up to These Days?

Are you in the mood for some new ink? Spike is the one! “Ink Master” is returning to the network on Tuesday night with a fresh new season – and the drama is already building up in the background.

During Season 6 of the reality series, the masters will face off against their trainees. The prize for this installment, like with previous installments, is a profile in Inked magazine as well as $100,000 in cash. They must demonstrate to the judges that they have the necessary creative and technical skills to win tasks on a weekly basis – which is no easy task.

The show’s host, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction), will be joined by tattoo artist judges Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck (Miami Ink) for a second season (Elm Street Tattoo). Take a look at the new cast members ahead of the show’s launch on Spike on Tuesday at 10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time:

Chris Blinston is a writer and musician from the United Kingdom.
Coral Springs is a city in Florida.
18 years of experience as owner/artist of the No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery and mentor to Tyler Nolan

Chris Blinston began his tattooing career while serving in the Marine Corps, and he was hired as a tattoo artist at a tattoo shop a year later. After three years of apprenticing, he was able to create his own studio, where he considers himself to be a goal-oriented leader who is dedicated to his own success as well as the success of others around him.

Tyler Nolan, a 26-year-old who Chris has coached for the past five years, will be competing against Chris in the tournament. “Ink Master” is the title Chris believes he will achieve as a result of his enthusiasm for artwork, which has motivated him to strive for excellence.

Skin Werk’s artist, Miami Burgess of Carrollton, Georgia, has 23 years of expertise and serves as a mentor to Craig Foster.

Miami has 23 years of professional experience in the entertainment sector and is ready to further establish himself as a talented artist. Florida tattoo artist Miami claims he has what it takes to be a figurehead in the music industry after receiving national attention for his tattoo of Michael Jackson on rapper Da Brat, who has gained global attention as a result of the tattoo.

Craig Foster, a Season 3 contestant, and employee, will take on him in this season’s competition. Specifically, Miami is on a mission to illustrate a point: that mentors are always victorious in the end.

Erik Campbell, Grand Junction, Colorado Owner/Artist, Black Pearl Tattoo 13 years of experience Mentor to Marisa Laren Campbell, Grand Junction, Colorado

Erik believes that other artists’ self-promotion is pointless unless and until the tattoo work is of high quality. After completing a two-year apprenticeship, this Colorado native went on to create his own business in a very competitive tattoo marketplace. He is not afraid to take risks, especially when the outcome is favorable. Marisa Laren, a rookie artist whom he hired after completing an apprenticeship with him, will be his main competition this season.

It has been over four years since they have spent almost every waking hour together, and the two of them are always at each other’s necks. Erik believes he does not receive the recognition he deserves from Marisa for his contributions to the development of what he believes to be her whole professional career.

Owner/artist at Mi Familia Tattoo in Anaheim, CA with 17 years of experience and a mentor to Kito.

Big Ceeze is a tattoo artist and entrepreneur whose work focuses on black and grey realism. He feels that his 17 years of tattooing experience will help him to succeed in this season’s competition, which is currently in its second season.

As a result of Kito’s opposition to him being allowed to keep his “student” status during the transition from his teacher title to the “Ink Master” title, he is challenged this season to prove his mettle. This competition, Big Ceeze believes, is an essential component in cementing his own reputation and demonstrating to Kito that he will continue to be at the top of his game for the long haul.

Ink Master Season 6

Dave Clarke lives in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Sacred-X-Pression is a group of artists.
Apprentice to Earl Noble with 11 years of experience

Dave Clarke worked as an apprentice for two years while serving in the army and stationed in Germany before deciding to pursue tattooing as a full-time career path. An aggressive tattoo artist with a military background, he doesn’t back down from a battle and believes that his combative demeanor is what distinguishes his work from the competition.

Clarke takes great delight in defeating his master, Earl Noble, in each of the three tattoo conventions in which he has competed, claiming that “the student is always better than the teacher.” Clarke has competed in three tattoo conventions in the past three years.

Clarke acknowledges that Noble has played a role in his professional success, but he takes pride in the fact that he is familiar with his teacher’s tricks and knows how to improve on them. His goal for this season is to convince Noble once and for all that he has outperformed him in the ink department.

Duffy Fortner is an American actor and musician.
Artist at Red Octopus Tattoos in Prince Frederick, MD with 12 years of experience and is an apprentice of Kruseman.

Duffy describes herself as a tattoo brat, having gotten her first tattoo when she was six years old. She states that the art of tattooing is in her blood because she comes from a long line of tattoo artists in her family. Even though she has a 10-month-old at home, she claims that it is her enthusiasm for and knowledge of the sector that motivates her to compete in this tournament.

She desires nothing more than for her child to aspire to her level of achievement. Kruseman, the tattoo shop owner from Maryland who was a former mentor of Duffy’s, presents a challenge to her this season. She is motivated to outperform him this season and become the first female Ink Master to hold the crown in her hands.

Craig Foster of Carrollton, Georgia, is the owner of Skinwerks Tattoo, where he has 20 years of expertise as an apprentice of Miami Burgess.

Foster, a fan favorite from Season 3 of “Ink Master,” has earned himself a second chance to capture the coveted title. Foster considers himself to be a “working class” artist who takes pride in his ability to relate to his clients and never forgets a face or tattoo he has done for them.

Despite the fact that he is predominantly a new Skool musician, Foster recognizes that his abilities are well-rounded and that he is capable of handling any obstacle that the judges throw at him. As part of his quest to establish himself as a legitimate independent tattoo artist, Foster goes head to head with his guru, Miami Burgess, this season.

Ryan Hadley is an American football player who plays for the New York Jets.
Fort Wayne is a city in the state of Indiana.
Owner/artist Ryan Hadley Studio has 15 years of expertise and was once an apprentice to St. Marq.

Throughout his fifteen years of tattooing, Ryan Hadley has concentrated on realism, hyperrealism, black & white, and Japanese styles. Hadley, a proud father of six children, believes that tattooing should be treated more seriously as an art form rather than as something that can be taken for granted, given that it is a lifelong endeavor.

The challenge this season comes from Hadley’s tutor, St. Marq, whom he criticizes for continuing to practice tattooing in an old-school manner. ‘Ink Master’ believes that St. Marq is out-of-date in the tattoo industry and is prepared to demonstrate that he possesses the requisite abilities and a fresh perspective in order to obtain the coveted title. As someone who is familiar with his mentor’s work, he is completely confident in his ability to outperform it.

Kito, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Big Ceeze’s apprentice and owner of Fidolo Tattoo has ten years of tattooing experience.

Kito has a tremendous passion for tattooing, and he specializes in black and grey tattoos as well as typography. He sees this tournament as an opportunity to showcase his abilities in front of a global audience. Kito began his career as an artist and store owner in Oklahoma after practicing as a self-taught artist for two years and then apprenticing for another two years.

If it comes to tattooing, he has no qualms with speaking his mind, especially when it comes to the truth. He thinks that a large portion of his success can be attributed to his close observation of his mentor’s “weaknesses and strengths.” And he’s doing everything he can to win it, dismissing the level of skill that comes with years of experience, which he believes Big Ceeze, a former mentor and adversary this season, possesses over him.

Mr. Kruseman of Hagerstown, Maryland is the owner/artist of Oldeline Tattoo and has 20 years of experience. He is Duffy Fortner’s mentor.

Kruseman has 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry and believes that knowing how to draw is what distinguishes him from other artists. For two years, this studio owner worked as an apprentice before deciding to pursue a full-time career as an artist, specializing in the classic style.

When Kruseman hires Duffy Fortner, a former apprentice who hails from a long line of tattoo artists, he finds himself up against a formidable opponent. Duffy has created some good work to support her arrogance, but he is confident that she will not be able to defeat him in this challenge, despite her confidence in her abilities.

Marisa Laren lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Artist at Vatican Tattoos with three years of experience as an apprentice under Erik Campbell

She is more than simply a tattoo artist; she is also a renowned fitness enthusiast who placed third in the 2014 Colorado State University Fitness Competition. All of this serves to demonstrate her competitive, “I go and get what I want” demeanor. With only three years of tattooing experience under her belt, she argues that her “rapid progression” in tattooing allows her to compete on an equal footing with her competitors.

The first matchup of the season will be between Marisa and her mentor, Erik Campbell, with whom she has been working practically every day for the previous four years. She enters this competition because she believes Erik treats her as if she is still a newcomer to the profession, and she is determined to establish her worth as an artist.

Ink Master Season 6

West Lafayette, Indiana’s St. Marq
25 years of expertise as a New Breed breeder and a mentor to Ryan Hadley

More than 25 years have elapsed since St. Marq began tattooing. Throughout his career as the proprietor of New Breed Tattoo, he has been featured in numerous media, including National Geographic and the New York Times. The St Marq National Tattoo Association’s Best International Tattooist was awarded to St Marq.

Saint Marq specializes in Black and Grey, Realism, Large Conceptual, and Epic Multi-Surface tattoos, but he also has a wide range of experience in a variety of different tattoo styles. It is Ryan Hadley, a Fort Wayne shop owner whom he previously trained, who is his primary competitor. He believes his opponent has a large ego and lacks the necessary experience to back it up.

A.R. Artist, Black Cobra Tattoos, Katie McGowan Sherwood, with five years of experience as an apprentice under Matt O’Baugh

Located in central Arkansas, Katie has been tattooing for the past five years. With a classical influence, her style is bright and vivid. She has won multiple prizes at tattoo conventions all around the United States for her work. McGowan enters the tournament alongside her mentor, Matt O’Baugh, with whom she has been working in Arkansas for the past year.

Ink Master competition, she believes that her confident and competitive mentality will help her succeed. She aspires to demonstrate that women play a vital part in the tattoo industry by becoming the first female to win the title.

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6 years of experience as an owner/artist at Blue Panda Tattoo in El Paso, TX. Mentor to Brian Stephens.

MV enters this competition with full might, intending to be the last one standing among a group of lesser-known musicians. A long list of tattoo convention honors serves as evidence of his stellar reputation. Black and grey, as well as realistic tattooing, are his specialties, and he has previously been featured in tattoo magazines.

This season, MV encounters a rival in the form of Brian Stephens, a former apprentice who believes he has accumulated the requisite talents to defeat his instructor.

Earl Noble is an American businessman and philanthropist.
St. Petersburg, Florida (FL)
Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery is run by an artist.
Dave Clarke’s mentor with ten years of experience

Earl Noble worked as an apprentice for six months before embarking on a professional tattooing career as a professional tattoo artist. The New Orleans-born tattoo artist, who specializes in a stylized realism, is challenged by Florida tattoo artist, Dave Clarke, whom he says would be nothing in the field if it weren’t for his contributions.

In Noble’s opinion, Clarke’s lack of regard for the instruction he got is disconcerting, and he is determined to demonstrate that the teacher is always triumphant.

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Tyler Nolan is a tattoo artist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with ten years of experience at Vatican Tattoos. He is Chris Blinston’s apprentice.

Known for pushing the boundaries, Tyler Nolan has a long history of doing so, as evidenced by his interest in venomous snake handling. He had previously been mentored by Chris Blinston, who he had left in order to pursue a position at a different store.

Following Tyler’s departure, there was unresolved animosity between the two, which Tyler intends to rectify during the competition by producing what he believes will be superior tattoos.

AR-based tattoo artist Matt O’Baugh Sherwood, owner of Black Cobra Tattoos with 14 years of expertise and a mentor to Katie McGowan

14 years have elapsed since Matt O’Baugh began tattooing. After one year of apprenticeship, he spent the next ten years of his career working for several tattoo shops before founding his own shop, Black Cobra, in Sherwood, Arkansas, in 2004. Matt’s work has been featured in numerous industry journals, and he has received numerous accolades in recognition of his abilities.

Matt came from a family of artists and went to art school, where he specialized in Sculpture, before starting his own business. Matt has also worked in the blacksmithing and knife-making industries. Matt takes great satisfaction in his ability to tattoo in a variety of styles and to completely dominate any style that comes his way.

Matt enters the tournament with Katie McGowan, a former employee of his who takes pride in being up to date on the latest trends in the tattoo community. Matt is determined to put the other contestant’s abilities to the test as he competes for the title of ‘Ink Master’ in this competition.

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Mr. Brian Stephens of El Paso, Texas is a tattoo artist at Dapper Ink Tattoo and has three years of expertise.

In all, Brian Stephens has been tattooing for three years, specializing in traditional and realism styles of tattooing. With his somewhat inexperienced background when compared to the other competitors, Brian has already collected his fair share of awards in the conventional and color categories, among other things.

This season, his biggest competitor is MV, an El Paso business owner who used to be his trainee and is now his boss. Brian is on a mission to demonstrate to his adversary that he is no longer the new kid on the block, and he hopes that earning the coveted title of ‘Ink Master’ will earn him the same level of respect as more experienced artists in the industry.

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