Netflix Inside Job, Season 2: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled!

Inside Job is an American adult animated science-fiction comedy television series developed by Shion Takeuchi that premiered on Netflix on October 22, 2021. Takeuchi, a former Gravity Falls writer, acts as showrunner and executive producer alongside Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, and Mike Hollingsworth, director of BoJack Horseman.

“Inside Job” has established itself as a popular Netflix series. The series is notable for Netflix because it is the streaming service’s first original adult animated series produced entirely in-house at Netflix Animation Studios (via Netflix).

Following its October 22 launch, critics lauded the animated series. According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s assessment, “it’s emotionally aware and sincere and crazily insane in a free-associative way.” However, it is unquestionably effective,” and

Despite the series having only recently begun Part 1 of its first season, viewers are already looking forward to Part 2. Everything we currently know about “Inside Job” Part 2, including the release date, cast, and plot.

Members of the cast of Inside Job Season 2

As of now, no members of the cast of voice actors from Season 1 have been announced, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll return to reprise their roles in the second season of Inside Job.

  • Actress Lizzy Caplan portrays Reagan Ridley.
  • Randy Ridley is played by Christian Slater.
  • Brett Hand is played by Clark Duke.
  • Gigi Thompson is played by Tisha Campbell.
  • J.R.Scheimpough is played by Andrew Daly.
  • Robotus is played by Chris Diamantopoulos.
  • Glenn Dolphin is portrayed by John DiMaggio in the classic film.
  • Dr. Andre is played by Bobby Lee.
  • Magic Myc is played by Brett Gelman.

In addition to these cast members, you’ll also notice a number of new faces who may be cast as Inside Job characters.

Because he voiced so many characters in the show, producer Alex Hirsch is almost certain to return.

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The Inside Job Season 2 Plot

While Inside Job is unmistakably a show about humans preventing potentially catastrophic events from destroying the earth, it is also a story about two dysfunctional families: the one you work for and the one you are born into.

Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan), a socially awkward computer prodigy, leads the Cognito Inc. group, attempting to find meaning and success at work while battling with her irate father, Rand Ridley, a former business president (Christian Slater).

Their connection and the underlying trauma that cements their bond serve as the series’ premise. And after Reagan discovers her father’s covert manipulation — he erased a childhood memory from her brain to keep her in line — Part 1 ends on a cliffhanger that completely changes the power dynamic between Reagan, whose promotion to company CEO was recently revoked, and her father, who has reclaimed that highly coveted position of power.

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

While Netflix has not yet officially confirmed the second season of “Inside Job,” we know there will be a Part 2 courtesy to The Hollywood Reporter, which reported in 2019 that the first series order included 20 episodes.

A quick peek at the show’s Netflix page reveals that only ten episodes were released on the streaming service on October 22, and they were categorized as Part 1 rather than Season 1. This classification suggests that the following ten episodes are currently in production.

The publication date of “Inside Job” Part 2 looms large.

With a 20-episode initial order, Netflix may reveal Part 2 only a few months or weeks before the show’s release. This is particularly true in the case of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation.” Season 1, Part 1 of the animated fantasy series, premiered in July. The release date for Season 2, Part 2, was revealed in early October (via Deadline), one month before the actual release date.

The term “parts” rather than “seasons” raises a few eyebrows. Netflix published the last season of “Bojack Horseman” (via IMDb) in two parts only a few months apart. However, it is displayed on the streaming service as a single season.

On the other hand, similar to “Inside Job,” the Matt Groening series “Disenchantment” divides its seasons into “parts” and distributes each installment a year apart, according to the show’s Netflix page.

Netflix is exceptionally likely to release “Inside Job” Part 2 within the next year, assuming no significant production delays on the remaining ten episodes.


The IMDb rating for Inside Job Series is 7.7 out of 10 with a drop in popularity.

The first and second episodes of this show have received great ratings on IMDb, so if you’re interested in learning more, stick around and peruse our collection of other animated series.

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