Is All Day and a Night Based on a True Story?

A few new movies and TV shows are on Netflix for May 2020. All Day and a Night is one of them. It’s about a quiet young man named Jahkor (Ashton Sanders) who wants to be a rapper. He gets too involved with the wrong people and ends up in prison. There, he meets another prisoner who happens to be his own father.

As Jahkor tries to make sure his son doesn’t repeat the same pattern he did, the movie looks at how to break what seems like a never-ending cycle. All Day and a Night is a powerful story, but is it based on real events?

Is ‘All Day and a Night’ Based on a True Story?

All Day and a Night is not based on a true story, even though its premise is likely to be true for many people. Joe Robert Cole wrote it. He also helped write Black Panther. But Ashton Sanders says that even though the movie doesn’t tell a single true story, he knew a lot about the things it was about.

All Day and a Night Based on a True Story

He told the New York Post, “This character, Jah, and this story’s plot weren’t too different from what I knew growing up.” “These archetypes were all around me. Playing this character makes me feel like I’m paying tribute to the people in my life.

It is very real and very unpolished.” Jeffrey Wright, who plays Jahkor’s father J.D., shows these same raw emotions in his role.

One thing about filming that made the story feel more real was that Ashton and Jeffrey had not spent much time together before they shot the scene in prison where the father and son meet again.

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“It kind of showed, in a way, how we were together in real life,” Jeffrey said. “Of course, we had met, spent time together, and practiced together… but there was something strange about it that was kind of cool.”

The Cast of “All Day and a Night.”

In the movie, Ashton Sanders and Jeffrey Wright aren’t the only ones who are known. Kelly Jenrette plays Delanda, Jah’s mother. You may know her from her roles in Grandfathered and The Handmaid’s Tale, among other shows.

Shakira Ja’nai Paye plays Shantaye, Jah’s partner. She has been in a number of TV shows and did voice work for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The rest of the cast is made up of Isaiah John, Regina Taylor, Christopher Meyer, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

The Film Also Tries to Tell a Story That Doesn’t Follow a Straight Line.

When you start watching All Day and a Night, you can expect a lot of time jumps. Joe Robert Cole told Den of Geek in an interview that he had always planned to tell Jah’s story in a way that wasn’t in order.

“Most of the story takes place in the past,” he said. “Memento was a big influence on me because it tells a crime story in reverse.”

All Day and a Night Based on a True Story

But he also said that it was very hard to get the non-linear story from the script to the screen. “By the time we were done with production, we had what we thought was great material,” he said. “But what we found is that as we put together the movie, we did so based on the script.”

“That might have worked on paper because the words give the background information needed to keep your emotions in the moment. We had great scenes that seemed intellectually powerful, but you don’t understand why they’re important until after you’ve seen them.

“So there was something missing, and we had to go on a bit of an odyssey of trial and error to find a way to tell the same story that the script tells, take the audience on the same journey, and let them stay emotionally rooted to the moments of the film.”

The movie that came out of it definitely takes viewers on a journey and looks at the idea of breaking generational cycles and rising above influences that go back to childhood.

Now, you can stream All Day and a Night on Netflix.


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