Is Jonah Hill Documentary Netflix Stutz Stream It or Skip It?

Stutz, Jonah Hill’s new Netflix documentary, is a stunning, intimate examination of the efficacy of talk therapy at its finest. Clips from the actor’s 38-year-old meetings with his therapist, Phil Stutz, MD, are shown in the documentary.

Dr. Stutz responds to everything discussed in Hill’s sessions, including issues of self-worth, loss, and despair, with sound, grounded guidance (that happens to be relevant for almost anyone, not just celebrities).

Documentary Summary

In this sparsely produced black-and-white video, we listen in on a session between Jonah Hill and his therapist. There is little doubt that Jonah Hill means well by wishing to respect Dr. Stutz, who gave him the skills to chart his own direction in life, and by sharing the information that helped him do so.

They talk about one’s “life force,” the benefits of regular exercise and healthy food, one’s connections with others, and one’s understanding of one’s own identity. At that point, it shifts gears and becomes an interview with Phil Stutz. After discussing some initial ideas and methods, Hill shifts the focus to more advanced material.

Jonah Hill Documentary Netflix Stutz

This documentary is personal and earnest, with a nice flow. There will be an audience for it, though it’s impossible to say how big it will be or if it will be a smash hit on the streaming service.

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Release Date

The Jonah Hill-directed and Hill himself-starring documentary Stutz is now available exclusively on Netflix as of Monday, November 14. In this documentary, Hill and his therapist and close friend Dr. Phil Stutz talk about Hill’s mental health struggles and anxiousness.

Jonah Hill Documentary Netflix Stutz

Hill opens up about his past and current coping techniques as he describes how stress related to movie promotion killed his enthusiasm for his career. Dr. Stutz shares how he uses an innovative, visual type of therapy with Hill, and the two of them open up to each other in the process. If you want to know when and where you can catch Stutz, this is your guide.

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Guide to Streaming Stutz

As long as your Internet browser is compatible with Netflix’s website, you can subscribe to any of the aforementioned plans and immediately begin streaming Stutz. If you already own one of the following devices, you may sign up for Netflix and start watching right away by downloading the Netflix app.

Android Devices, iOS Devices, Windows Phones, Roku, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, Chromecast

Many Smart TVs, Game Consoles, and Other Devices, as well as iOS and Windows Phone Devices
If you’re watching on a browser rather than one of the above devices, you can still hook up your laptop to the TV and watch Netflix on a bigger screen.


After Hill admits to having doubts about the project, the narrator says, “This will either be the greatest documentary ever made, or the worst,” in his heavy New York accent. Then he says, “It’s probably both,” but he makes it clear to Hill, his director, that the only way to the truth is through showing some degree of weakness. Stutz and Hill, in their respective roles as therapist and patient, agree to work together.

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It’s one thing for the people being filmed in a documentary to be exposed emotionally; it’s another thing entirely for the director to employ cinematic techniques to make the audience feel the same way. The camera setup reminds me of Errol Morris’s groundbreaking ‘interrotron’ method of on-camera interviews, but I can’t confirm this.

It’s easy to see the usefulness of the interrotron once you get over the name (doesn’t “interrotron” sound like a third-degree tactic?). That’s a very brilliant bit of cinematic trickery on the part of the filmmakers, since it lets the interviewer keep eye contact with their subject while letting the interviewee address the camera and, by implication, the audience.

Despite appearances, Stutz is a talented director. Of course, by the time it reaches the moment of truth both men had been pursuing for almost an hour and a half (years in real life), it is the emotional journey that resonates more than any form of technical achievement.

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