Is the Glory Based on a True Story Kdrama?

The Glory is the most talked-about show on Netflix right now, but is it based on a true story? If you watched season one of The Glory, you know that the last time we saw the cast was at the end of episode eight. We were left wondering what might happen next.

But don’t worry, Netflix has already said that part two will come out in March 2023, and the next eight episodes will continue to reveal more interesting plots, making it one of the best new Netflix shows to stream in January.

What is the Glory About?

With the help of its main character, Moon Dong-eun, played by Song Hye-Kyo, The Glory, Netflix’s newest and most popular drama series explores the theme of bullying, just like No Return.

Is the Glory Based on a True Story Kdrama

Moon promises to make the lives of the people who picked on her in high school hell, and she plans to do this in several ways. And believe us when we say that she goes to lengths that have never been done before to do this.

She is living the kind of life that many people who were bullied wish they could have lived. Bullying has always been and still is a big problem everywhere, so the themes of this show make people wonder if they are based on real events.

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Is the Glory Based on a True Story Kdrama?

Kim Eun-sook wrote the show. At a press conference for the show, she talked about how important the message was to her. “My daughter is starting the 11th grade the day after tomorrow. “School violence is something I know a lot about,” she said.

So, even though the things in The Glory aren’t exactly true, Kim Eun-sook can still relate to them.

At the same press conference, Kim also said that the show was inspired by the real-life experiences of her daughter. Her daughter asked her, “Would it hurt you more if I killed someone or if I was killed?” Kim said that question gave him “a lot of ideas.”

Is the Glory Based on a True Story Kdrama

She went on to say that when she did research for the show, she talked to people who had been bullied or hurt.

“Violence takes away things you can’t see, like your dignity, honor, and glory. I thought that to get back to where you started, you had to get that apology, so I called the book “The Glory.” It’s my hope for people who have been hurt, like Dong-eun, Hyeon-nam, and Yeo-Jeong,” Kim said.

Of course, this isn’t the only piece of South Korean media that talks about bullying and power struggles. People can also watch Oscar-winning movies like Parasite or the wildly popular Netflix show Squid Game.

You can watch the first eight episodes of The Glory on Netflix before the second part comes out in March.

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The Glory Trailer


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