When Could Joker 2 Come Out in Theatres?

Put on your best smile because Joker 2 is now a real thing.

In November 2019, rumors were that a sequel had been confirmed, but those rumors were quickly shot down. Then, in May 2021, it looked like the next installment would be made.

In June 2022, writer and director Todd Phillips said that he and Scott Silver had finished writing the script and gave the title of the next movie (actually, it looks like the hand was completed back in May). So, what can we figure out about the next book?

Joker 2 Title: What Does Joker Folie À Deux Mean?

Folie à deux is the French phrase for “shared psychosis.” It means “a delusion or mental illness shared by two people close to each other.” This mental illness is also often called “shared psychosis” in English.

From the title, we can guess that the movie will look at Arthur Fleck’s broken mind again. It may also mean that a second main character will show up as a natural person with whom Joker shares his plans.

We don’t like how Joker used harmful stereotypes about mental illness, but we can only hope the sequel will do better.

When Could Joker 2 Come Out in Theatres? When Could Joker Folie À Deux Come Out?

No idea! Even though the script is done, we don’t know when the movie will come out because it hasn’t even been made yet.

Warner Bros. has a lot of DC movies coming out in the next few months, including Black Adam in October, Aquaman 2, The Flash, and Shazam! All of Fury of the Gods will be out in 2023.

Joker 2

Like the first movie, we don’t think a sequel would have to fit into the main timeline of the DC universe so that it could come out at any time.

But we wouldn’t expect to see it before 2023.

Who is Going to Be Back for Joker Folie À Deux?

Joaquin Phoenix will again play Arthur Fleck, also known as the Joker. Phillips posted a picture of Phoenix reading the script on Instagram.

Since his performance won him an Oscar for Best Actor, it’s not surprising that Warner Bros. would like to hit the jackpot again.

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There aren’t many other characters who could come back for a sequel, but Arthur’s neighbor Sophie, played by Zazie Beetz, could always come back. Even though her fate wasn’t clear in the movie, Phillips has said that Joker didn’t kill her.

Joker 2

Beetz didn’t seem too interested in a Joker sequel in February 2020, but she did say that she could be persuaded if Phillips was coming back, which he appears to be.

Douglas Hodge as Alfred Pennyworth and Dante Pereira-Olson as Bruce Wayne are the only people who could come back that we can think of right now. But would Phillips want to go in the direction of Joker vs. Batman?

We wouldn’t mind if Willem Dafoe switched from Marvel to DC and played another Joker along with Joaquin Phoenix. The title would also go well with it.

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Something is interesting about the idea that someone was pretending to be the Joker. So, instead of two Jokers fighting each other, there could be someone who claims to be the Joker but isn’t. “He made a guess. Folie à Deux, did you say?

What Will the Plot of Joker Folie À Deux Be

We don’t know much about the plot other than what we can guess from the title (which we mentioned above). At the end of the first Joker movie, Arthur was entirely changed into the title character.

In the movie’s last shot, he is seen dancing down a hospital corridor, leaving red footprints behind him (presumably having killed the doctor examining him). In the previous scene, Arthur is locked up in Arkham State Hospital. He was probably arrested by the police after the riots that broke out in Gotham City were put down.

Joker 2

Joker was said to be setting up a new “label” in the Worlds of DC for movies that weren’t in the main timeline but were fresh takes on their established characters that didn’t have to worry about continuity. The latest Batman movie seems to fit into this category.

The other big question for the second Joker movie is who Arthur’s enemy will be. In many ways, Joker was his worst enemy in the first movie. The film’s main point was how he went from being a somewhat average person to a full-on killer. But what should we do now? What does the future hold for Joker?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Salary for Joker 2 Revealed

We all joked that a “dump truck full of money” would be enough to get an “actor’s actor” like Joaquin Phoenix to do a Joker sequel, but is that what he brought to return for Todd Phillips’ sequel? A new report says it knows how much Phoenix makes for Joker 2, and it’s a lot. The report says that Joaquin Phoenix is about to go from making $4.5 million for the first Joker movie to $20 million for the second one.

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Variety did a story about the Hollywood stars who are making a lot of money from their movies, and Joaquin Phoenix’s $20 million paycheck for Joker 2 had to be mentioned:

“Joaquin Phoenix is the same way. Warner Bros. will have to pay $20 million if they want Phoenix to come back as a clown.” in the 2019 movie “Joker,” in which he played the Joker for the first time, Phoenix made $4.5 million. The movie made more than $1 billion, and the actor who played the lead role won an Oscar.

Even though the salary sounds like a lot, it makes sense for Joaquin Phoenix to ask for that much for Joker 2. It also fits with rumors that negotiations for the sequel have been happening behind the scenes.

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