KGF Chapter 3: Is Rocky Still Alive?

Many Rocky Bhai fans are looking forward to KGF: Chapter 3 because Rocky Bhai appears to have no plans to slow down. Numerous moviegoers have taken to Twitter to share their joy at the film’s success after its first day of screenings around the country was over.

However, a succession of tweets suggesting that the producers of KGF 3 are working on it has sparked people’s interest.

KGF Chapter 3

KGF Chapter 3
KGF Chapter 3

Over 12,000 screens show KGF Chapter 2 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam in over 70 countries. On Thursday, just a few hours after the film’s release, it shattered multiple box office records (April 14).

Filmgoers from all over India are lining up at the theatres to celebrate the debut of their favorite movie. The KGF Chapter 2 mania now has an additional reason to celebrate, giving fans more reason to be happy. It appears from leaked photographs and videos from the filming locations that KGF 3 would mark the return of director Prashant Neel.

The Expected Release Date Of KGF Chapter 3

KGF Chapter 3
KGF Chapter 3

Since its publication, KGF 3 has been a hot topic on Twitter. It is revealed in the film’s post-credits sequence that a third portion of the film is now under production. The brand will also be extending to other nations, which was another significant development.

Making a new chapter of KGF is clearly on the makers’ minds, and the Path to a new chapter is still wide open. According to our sources, KGF Chapter 3 is now in production despite lacking official confirmation.

Work on this project will commence following the success of KGF Chapter 2.

The way KGF Chapter 2 ended left a lot of unanswered issues, so even though I won’t give any details here, I hope this will assist. Initially, Part 1 was published. Because of this, we’ll have to wait until Chapter 3 is out before moving on to Part 2.

Even if Chapter 3 is generated, we can expect it to be published in 2024 or later, depending on when it is written. In my opinion, Prasanth Neel’s Chapter 3 will be significantly more significant and better than the previous two installments of the series.

Film crew members Bhuvan Gowda and Ravi Basrur have been with Prashant Neel since his debut film, and it appears that he is committed to having them on board for KGF 3. If Vijay Kiragandur funds the third sequel through his Hombale Films banner, we may expect Bhuvan and Ravi to be involved.

Please bookmark this page for future reference, even though we will keep you updated as new information about KGF 3 becomes available.

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KGF Chapter 1 Storyline

One of 2018’s most financially successful Kannada films was a two-part, multilingual epic that debuted with its first chapter last year. An orphan who rises from poverty to the throne of a gold mine in the film KGF, which stands for Kolar Gold Fields (Karnataka), tells of his journey in the movie.

Raveen Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, and a host of other Bollywood stars are included in the film.

Directed by Prashanth Neel
Written by Prashanth Neel
Produced by Vijay Kiragandur
  • Yash
  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Srinidhi Shetty
  • Raveena Tandon
  • Prakash Raj
Cinematography Bhuvan Gowda
Edited by Ujwal Kulkarni
Music by Ravi Basrur


In the End

Kannada film that won two prizes at 66 Filmfare Awards South has to follow up with a second installment. The information about its second sequel, KGF 3, has been provided. You can count on us to keep this page up-to-date whenever new information becomes available.


Will there be a KGF Chapter 3?

The third installment of KGF is now in the works! Yes, KGF 2 is getting a third installment. KGF 2, one of the year’s most famous films, is already in the works for a third installment in the EP series. To learn more about Yash and Srinidhi’s relationship, reached out to them.

Is Rocky Alive or Dead?

Although the Indian Army attacks Rocky’s ship at the film’s ending and we witness him sinking into the ocean, there is no evidence that Rocky has died. After the credits roll, we see a draught of KGF Chapter 3, which suggests Rocky is still alive, and all of this was part of His plan, which we learned about in the movie’s post-credit sequence.

How much did KGF 2 earn?

Worldwide, KGF: CHAPTER 2 makes more than 500 crore rupees.

In 2020, the film was scheduled to open in theatres. However, production and release were repeatedly delayed because of the unique coronavirus epidemic.

How much did KGF Chapter 2 earn in one day?

Net 134.50 crores in India on its first day of release for KGF: Chapter 2. According to trade expert Ramesh Bala, the Hindi version of KGF 2 made a net 53.95 on its first day, making it India’s highest opener ever.

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