Killing Eve Season 4: What Could Happen in Season 4 of Killing Eve?

If you can’t get enough of Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, like us, you’ll be happy to hear that Killing Eve season 4 has been officially confirmed and will be on TV *this month*.

The movie was shot in the summer of 2021, and fans have been eagerly guessing about the plot, the cast, how it will all end, and more. Here’s what we know about season 4 of Killing Eve and its future.

What Have the Actors Said About Season 4 of Killing Eve?

On February 22, Sandra Oh, who plays Eve Polastri, talked about the last season of Killing Eve on The One Show. She said of Eve and Villanelle, “I’m not going to say too much about [their relationship] because I think what’s so great about the show is that everyone sees it differently, and I want to keep it as open as possible.”

I wanted to change Eve a lot, especially for this last episode. But I will say that Eve is in a very different place at the start of season 4, and so is Villanelle. They are in very different situations.

They always have that push-and-pull thing going on. But because it’s the last episode, you’ll see them in situations you’ve probably always wanted to see.

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Previously, Jodie talked to NBC (via MailOnline) about Villanelle’s last hurrah and said, “I had a little moment where I saw the clapperboard, and I had a lump in my throat.

Killing Eve Season 4

“I can’t allow myself to be sad. I only have two months left. It’s like running a marathon. You can’t think about the end when you are at the beginning. I’ve never run a marathon, though.”

Jodie teased the plot by saying, “We’re off to an inspiring start.” They are pushing the limits now that we know it’s the last season, especially with Villanelle. The way we start with Villanelle is both crazy and brilliant. When it finally comes out, I hope people will enjoy it.”

Is There a Trailer for Season 4 of Killing Eve?

The last Killing Eve season 4 trailer came out at the start of February 2022. In it, Villanelle goes to therapy for her fixation on killing, and Eve keeps trying to find out what’s happening with The 12. It won’t be long until February 27 now.

Midway through December 2021, the BBC released a teaser trailer, some first-look images, and a confirmed release date for season 4 of Killing Eve. Wow.

The first thing is the teaser video posted to the @killingeve Instagram account. It shows several iconic items from the show being burned in a peculiar way that fits with the show.

“Killer Shangri-Lah” by Psychotic Beats is playing over the top, and it’s all very Villanelle. We can see Villanelle’s famous pink dress on fire, the creepy pig mask, and pink teddy bear from the show, and postcards from all over Europe. The clip then made it clear that season 4 would be the last and come out at the end of February.

When Will Season 4 of Killing Eve Come Out?

The good news is that you won’t have to wait very long. We know when season 4 of Killing Eve will come out: February 27, 2022.

The Killing Eve Instagram account posted a new teaser video with the caption, “You deserve this. 2/27/22,” which made the date official (in the US format).

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In the past, each season aired in the US first and then in the UK about two months later. However, it looks like this season will be different.

Killing Eve Season 4

In an Instagram post, the BBC and BBC iPlayer said, “Watch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer in early 2022. There are new weekly episodes right after they air on BBC America.

When Did the Fourth Season of Killing Eve Start Filming?

When she spoke at the BAFTA TV Awards, Jodie Comer said that filming for season four would begin on June 7, 2021. Tom Allen asked Jodie when she would start filming the show, and she said, “Tomorrow!” Yes, don’t worry, I’ve already called my taxi. I won’t be drunk; I’ll be brilliant.

The BBC confirmed that the new series was already in full swing early in October. They did this by releasing an exciting teaser that showed that not only had Killing Eve started filming, but it was already in production.

Will There Be a Fifth Season of Killing Eve?

Ok, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves here since season 4 hasn’t even come out yet. Still, we can’t help but wonder if Villanelle has more in store and if there will be a season 5.

But unfortunately, BBC America has already said that season 4 will be the last one, and Jodie Comer has now said she agrees with that decision. *Cries*.

Jodie told Harper’s Bazaar how she feels about the show’s end, saying, “Honestly, I’m trying not to think about it too much. You know, it’s sad. I’ve been with this character for a long time.

Killing Eve Season 4

Still, she said she agrees with the decision to end the show after four seasons. “I would rather we ended on a good note and kept our integrity,” she said.

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Even though Jodie’s explanation makes perfect sense, the news is still unfortunate.

Jodie went on to talk more about what it was like to play Villanelle. She told the publication, “Villanelle has so many layers. She has many sides, and you can’t put her in one box. She taught me not to be afraid of anything. I’ve had to get over my shyness to play her.

What Do We Know About the Fourth Season of Killing Eve?

Fans already know that Sex Education’s Laura Neal will now be writing the scripts for the show, which is very exciting because Sex Education is so good. She will replace Suzanne Heathcote, who wrote the third season and join Emerald Fennell and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote the second and first seasons, respectively.

Who Be Will in Season 4 of Killing Eve?

Pictures released by the BBC have shown that Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, who play Villanelle and Eve Polastri, will be back. Also, the images show that Fiona Shaw is back as Carolyn Martens, the head of MI5.

Kim Bodnia, who plays Villanelle’s handler Konstantin Vasiliev, is also expected to be there.

We can also expect some new characters. Season 3 brought us the mysterious new Felix, played by Stefan Iancu, and Season 2 brought us Julian (played by The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt), Jess (W1A’s Nina Sosanya), and Hugo (Edward Bluemel).

What Could Happen in Season 4 of Killing Eve?

The first series was based on Luke Jennings’s book Codename Villanelle, but the others have gone in their directions. Without a doubt, Villanelle will keep killing, and Sandra Oh will keep being secretly crazy about her. Or will we finally get the Bonnie and Clyde pair we want so badly? Just wait and see.


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