KSI Girlfriend: What You Know About His Ex Girlfriend and Current Girlfriend?

On the Sidemen Reddit show, KSI talked about how he and his girlfriend broke up.

During a chat with the members of his YouTube group, Sidemen, the YouTuber, dropped hints about his breakup.

The 28-year-old star was head over heels in love until recently. In early November, a mysterious Instagram post led to rumors that she was breaking up with her boyfriend. On the center, which has since been taken down, the words “single and alone” were written.

KSI’s Ex-Girlfriends

Even though the YouTuber does his best to keep his dating life private, his fans find out who he is dating.

The star hinted that he had recently broken up with the members of the Sidemen, but no one knows who KSI was dating in 2021.

But we do know some things about his past relationships and ex-girlfriends. A lot is known about KSI’s relationship with Seana Cuthbert, who he says was his high school sweetheart and an English internet star.

ksi girlfriend

It is said that the couple dated since high school, but they broke up in 2014.

In 2017, it looked like the star was still married. This time, though, there was a lot of mystery about who his new girlfriend was.

A Metro report says that someone Lois Sharpe was in KSI’s “Mauritius With My Girlfriend” video, which has since been taken down.

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The YouTuber was also briefly linked to Nia Pickering, a model, and social media star. It is said that they dated from 2018 to 2019. But neither one of them has ever confirmed or denied the relationship.

KSI Instagram

Take a look at the Ksi Instagram account.


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Star Opens Up About 2021 Relationship

KSI told Vikram Singh Barn, TBJZL, and Ethan Payne of Sidemen that he had a hamster.

The co-hosts talked about their pets when the YouTuber said he had a hamster. Then TBJZL, whose real name is Tobit John Brown, makes a subtle comment about how KSI lost custody of his hamster.

Fans immediately noticed that the co-hosts referred to the recent breakup between the star and his ex-girlfriend.

What is the Youtuber Up to These Days?

On Instagram, KSI is still very busy. The star posts sponsored content to promote brands like Adidas and XIX Vodka, which his YouTube group, Sidemen, made.

He is working hard on his music career right now. In July 2021, he released his second album, All Over the Place. He worked on the album with artists like 21 Savage, Future, Lil Durk, and others.

Does Ksi Have a Girlfriend in 2022?

It looks like KSI does not have a girlfriend in the year 2022.

Last year, the Holiday singer’s cryptic Instagram story, “single and alone,” made people think that he and his girlfriend had broken up.

The rapper then said in a YouTube video that he and his girlfriend were no longer together: “My girlfriend and I are no longer together.”

ksi girlfriend

t didn’t work out. No one did anything wrong; it just didn’t work out.”

“But it’s okay. “That was a long time ago, “KSI revealed.

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“Drunk me decided to do this like a f***ing idiot f***ing, and yeah,” he said, referring to the mysterious social media post. I’m not sure. What it is, is.

“It’s out there in the world, and I knew the internet would go nuts.

Ksi Break Up With His Girlfriend

He also confirmed that he had broken up with his girlfriend, which puts the “single and alone” message in context.

“My girlfriend and I are no longer together,” he said. “Nothing worked out. No one is to blame; it just didn’t work out.”

But it’s all right,” he said. “It took place a long time ago. I did this because I was drunk and a f**king idiot. I’m not sure. What it is, is. It’s out in the world, and I knew the internet would go crazy.”

KSI said he is doing well and surrounded by friends and family. He also thanked his fans for getting in touch with him after the post he had deleted went viral in his community.

ksi girlfriend

Many people thought KSI was dating Anne Marie because she was in a few of his songs, like “Farm Animals” and “Little Bit of Fun.” However, KSI has never revealed who his girlfriend is online.

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Even though they broke up, it doesn’t look like KSI will tell anyone about the secret soon. However, fans seem happy that their favorite influencer is doing well in the wake of the shocking news.

Frequently Asked Question

Who Has Ksi Been With?

“ksi girlfriend” KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji and who is often called “JJ,” dated fellow YouTuber Seana Cuthbert from 2012 to 2014. She hasn’t been on YouTube as much in the last few years, but her most recent video, which came out in 2018, talks in depth about her relationship with KSI.

What Happened to Ksi’s Feelings?

Deji said that KSI had, among other things, throwing things at him. Deji then told a story that he said took place in 2015. He said he fell in love with a girl he didn’t know and made several videos with her. But it looks like KSI slept with her, which made Deji very upset and sad.

Who is Ksi’s, Closest Pal?

Simon “Miniminter” Minter is one of KSI’s oldest friends, which is not a secret. After all, they met in school and have been close friends ever since. Since then, Simon has helped JJ become one of the best YouTubers in the world.

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