Last of Us Hbo Release Date: Who plays Joel and Ellie Role?

The Last of Us TV show’s first trailer has finally arrived. In August, HBO Max released a teaser teasing a number of its upcoming shows, including Succession season 3, The White Lotus season 2, and The Idol. At the end of the trailer were a few moments that appeared to be extremely similar to the impending video game adaptation.

It won’t air until the beginning of 2023 when Game of Thrones actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will portray Joel and Ellie for the first time. We’ve compiled all the information available about it, including the cast members, the plot as it is currently known, images and videos from the set, and much more, to help you pass the time.

So, scroll down to see our comprehensive guide to getting ready for The Last of Us TV show. However, if you haven’t played The Last of Us or The Last of Us: Part II, beware that the information below contains minor spoilers.

Who plays Joel and Ellie on the television series in The Last of Us?

The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal, also known as television’s favourite dad, will play the series’ lead male role. Troy Baker, the actor who played Joel in the computer game, has given the casting choice his OK. “THE way IS THIS. full backing. Stop there. I’m forward to see a side of Joel you’ll introduce to me, Pedro “He made an Instagram post.

Since he wants to maintain a “healthy distance” from the television series, the actor has admitted he hasn’t played the video games. The pair’s first image was made public as part of Outbreak Day festivities (see below), while the second image was made public for Summer Game Fest 2022.

The voice actors who portrayed Joel and Ellie in the video games will also make an unspecified appearance. Four letters that have been redacted on a character could be a hint at what will happen in the game’s sequel.

Last of Us Hbo Release Date

It has been “improved,” but will The Last of Us TV show adapt both games?

Only a synopsis has thus far been made public by HBO: “Twenty years after the destruction of contemporary civilisation, the plot is set. A seasoned survivor named Joel is paid to transport a 14-year-old girl named Ellie out of a stifling quarantine zone. A simple job quickly turns into a treacherous, agonising journey as they both travel across the United States and are dependent on one another to survive.”

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The series will “follow the events of the original game… with the prospect of extra content based on the upcoming video game sequel [The Last of Us 2]” beginning in early March 2020.

Craig Mazin, a co-creator, has also said that the TV show might be a more accurate telling of the game’s plot. The phrase “future seasons” suggests that this will likely be a long-running series rather than a miniseries in the Chernobyl vein.

One of the most played video games ever is “The Last of Us.” The actor who portrays Joel in the game and its follow-up, Troy Baker, has complete faith in the literary adaptation. You must determine how a TV show conveys ideas or tells stories, according to Druckmann.

Last of Us Hbo Release Date

Release Date

HBO has now stated that we shouldn’t anticipate The Last of Us to touch our screens until 2023, even if we don’t yet have a specific release date.

According to HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys, the release window is “closer to early 2023” (opens in new tab). That supports his earlier statements to Deadline(opens in new tab) as follows: “They are still filming in Canada, so it won’t be on television in 2022. You’ll probably see it in 23.” In spite of prior director positions and other rumours pointing to 2022, that is.

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After a 13-month production that started in April 2021 and transformed Calgary, Alberta into a (temporary) dystopian nightmare, filming in Canada came to an end in June 2022. This keeps the release date for 2023 on track.

HBO has stated that the premiere date of The Last of Us will be in 2023.


The Last of Us will feature Game of Thrones actors Pedro Pascal and Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. Beginning in April 2021, a 13-month production transformed Calgary, Alberta into a (temporary) dystopian nightmare. The release timeline for HBO Max, according to Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys, is “closer to early 2023.” This maintains the 2023 release date despite previous director roles pointing to 2022. The video game characters Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker and Pedro Pascal, will star.

The events of the first computer game and its sequel will be followed in the series. Daniel Druckmann, the game’s co-creator, thinks it will be a more authentic depiction of the story.

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