Light the Night Season 4: When It Will Be Renewed?

Light the Night,” a Taiwanese TV show, is about two women who own and run a Japanese-themed nightclub in Taipei that caters to wealthy businessmen.

The episode occurs in the 1980s, showing Rose and Sue are close because they are friends. Because of how their pasts and love lives are linked, there are some problems between the two people.

Even though the show, called “Blue Hour,” seems soapy and slow-paced compared to other shows in the same genre, the exciting murder mystery more than makes up for it.

Reviewers have mostly good things to say about it, and it also has a large group of loyal fans that keeps growing. Since its first episode on November 26, 2021, the crime drama has been on the air for three seasons.

Let us show you everything we’ve found if you’re interested in learning about a possible fourth season.

Expected Release Date

We don’t know anything else about the fourth round of the reality show. According to michigansportszone, The entire third season of “Light the Night” became available on Netflix on March 18, 2022. There are eight episodes in the third season. Each one lasts between 46 and 55 minutes.

Netflix says there has been no official announcement about whether or not the show will continue or end. We all know that Netflix usually gives a show a few months to get used to its format before deciding what to do with the next one. This is no different.

light the night season 4

The ratings for past episodes of “Light the Night” show that many people like the show and watch it regularly.

From what her diary says, this is what Ruby Lin (Rose) did in February 2022. She said that the show might come back for a fourth season if the writers could develop a story that was even more interesting than the first three seasons. If the team decides to make a fourth season, it would be best to come out simultaneously as a movie spinoff to get the most attention.

It looks like the mystery show will be back on the air, which is excellent news for fans of the genre. Netflix may say in the next few months, if not sooner, that the show will be back. If that happens, the fourth season of “Light the Night” might come out sometime in the second quarter of 2023.

Light the Night Season 4 Twitter

Take a look at the Light the Night Season 4 Twitter account.


The second chapter of the suspense thriller is about Sue’s death. It takes the investigation into her death to its logical end. The relationship between Rose and Sue is looked into, as is a terrible thing that happens between Sue and Rose’s father, which is also looked into.

During the season, Rose realizes she is in a dangerous situation because all of the evidence points to her as the likely killer of Sue. At the end of season 2, Yaya tells Rose she was wrong to accuse her of killing Sue. The team of Light then celebrates their success as a result of their hard work.

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In the last few minutes of the season, Chiang Han finds an audiotape that shows a woman looking worried about the possible death of another woman. Later, as he is getting ready to see Rose, a car hits him and seriously hurts him.

light the night season 4

When the show returns for a third season, it will likely cover many essential topics. Before we can move on, we need to find out if Chiang Han is still alive or not. Also, nobody knows the recording or who drove the car that hit Chiang Han and killed him. The investigation is still going on.

Wen-cheng has been keeping a close eye on Chiang Han, who, along with Chiang Han himself, has already been named as a suspect in Sue’s murder. In the wake of the disaster, it may significantly affect how things go from here on out.


In the movie, Ruby Lin is the main character. She plays Rose, the manager of the nightclub Hikari. Sue owns Hikari, and she is good friends with Rose. If the show is picked up for a fourth season, she will almost certainly be back in the same role. In the future, Cheryl Yang might play Sue again in flashback scenes.

Yo Yang (Pan Wen-cheng), essential to the drama, will probably also be in Round Four. If “Light the Night” gets a fourth season, another cast member might come back, but that’s not a given.

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This group includes Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-Hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai-lien AKA Aiko), Cherry Hsieh (Chi Man-ju AKA Ah-chi), Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh (Ah-chi). Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai- (Huang Pai-he AKA Yuri). So, the fourth edition may have some new characters or at least some new faces.


The investigation into Sue’s death continues in Season 3 of “Light the Night.” The show follows the detectives as they dig deeper into the case and try to figure out who killed Sue.

At this time of year, many secrets come out into the open. We get to see how each person deals with the facts in their way. Since it is a murder mystery, confessions and questions are always a part of the plot.

In the season finale, many people try to protect their loved ones. There are also times when some of the characters go back in time. Ultimately, the truth comes out, and almost everyone does their best to deal with it.

light the night season 4

The show might go in a different direction if there is a fourth season. It’s possible that the end of the third season sparked this.

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Ruby Lin also said that the writers wanted to make the fourth season, likely to start in February 2022, have a more substantial plot.

In this case, they don’t want to repeat someone else’s death to keep the story going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Light the Night Have the Fourth Season?

Tu says plans are still being made for the fourth season of Light The Night or maybe a movie based on the show.

Is there a third season of Light the Night?

Review of Netflix dramas: Light the Night season 3 is a great show that ends with a big reveal about who killed the Taipei hostess.

Who was in charge of the Series?

Light the Night, which used to be called Blue Hour, is a Taiwanese Netflix original series that will debut in 2021. It was made by Ryan Tu and Lien Yi-chi and was previously called Blue Hour.

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