Log Horizon Season 3: 2022| An Anime Review of the Continuing Worldbuilding!

I had all but given up hope that Log Horizon would return for a third season, so you can imagine my delight when it did. Despite the fact that it’s just another isekai anime series like Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, the first two seasons drew me in with their intricate world-building.

log horizon season 3

I watched this season with bated breath to see if it could live up to the reputation established by the previous ones.


Log Horizon’s slower pace and focus on political themes related to a large population suddenly being transported to another world has been established over the course of the show’s two seasons. When I first started watching, this was all in keeping with my expectations, but it’s taking a lot longer than it should.

Given the importance of the Round Table in establishing the Adventurers’ place in the Elder Tales world, I gather that its dissolution is one of the show’s most significant moments. I can see why they would want to devote a lot of time to this.

To be honest, it didn’t seem all that interesting on screen: in one episode, various characters plan out what they’ll do the following week, and in the next episode, they actually do it, only to plan out the following week’s actions once more.

In my opinion, the impact of these alterations was not conveyed as well as it could have been, particularly to those of us in the audience who are not the most savvy. I was seriously considering putting this down because of the slow pace. But I’m glad I stuck with it.

While the first half of the show was marred by politics, the second half returned to form as the Log Horizon I had come to enjoy. I was a little disappointed that they hurried through Krusty’s storyline, but I’m still happy to see it.

However, I wasn’t convinced by their puppet show’s interpretation of the story. I suppose it was meant to lighten up the otherwise heavy subject matter of the series thus far. After this arc, however, I’m optimistic about the show’s future prospects now that new servers have been introduced.

Moreover, the final episodes that focused on Minori were a lot of fun to watch, even though she isn’t the character I like the most. Even though I didn’t fully understand the game strategy orders being thrown around, the raid scenes were still a lot of fun to watch.

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After a year of being trapped in the Elder Tale MMORPG world, the third season picks up right where the second left off. There is growing unrest in Akiba as a result of Krusty’s disappearance, the emergence of new monsters known as “Geniuses,” and a struggle for control between the Adventurers and the aristocrats of the People of the Earth.

log horizon season 3

The Round Table must make a tough choice for the town’s continued stability and prosperity.


While there were some new faces in the story, I didn’t find any of the People of the Land or Adventurers to be particularly memorable (maybe apart from the Mofur sisters). To me, it was more interesting to see how recurring characters evolved over time.


I was a little miffed that Krusty vanished without a trace at the end of the show’s final season. He and Princess Rayneshia were getting along well until he abruptly separated from her. The princess, however, benefited more from that resolution.

She evolved from a person who needed Krusty’s help to one who could decide for herself. Though Shiroe and the Adventurers still held her hand quite a bit, it was heartening to see her start to break out of her shell. To that end, I’d like for her search for Krusty to continue to take her in that general.

Litka and Lellia Mofur, Two Sisters

The sisters’ history was the main reason I remember them. The story about the scales mission and how it related to the conflict between the two Genius fighters over their recollections was fantastic.

The incorporation of these young women emphasises the importance of accepting and living alongside those who were once considered mere non-player characters. This is why I like Log Horizon so much: the storytelling and world-building.

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No longer an infatuated trainee. Since I’ve always been a fan of Shiro and Akatsuki’s relationship, I didn’t like that a love triangle developed involving Minori. Regardless, she’s made steady progress ever since her debut.

While I find it annoying that she seems to be trying to be just like Shiroe, I can see why she might be doing so out of admiration and obsession with him. That last admission: I get it, girl. The way she handled the raid and her confession to Shiroe about how she felt made me feel conflicted about the impending departure of my ShiroexAkatsuki ship.

Creative Expressions: Animation and the Arts

As you can see, there is little to comment on. There haven’t been any noteworthy shifts from previous seasons, at least, that I’ve noticed. The brighter colours worn by Akatsuki in this scene are a nice touch. The best is for my sweetheart.


I haven’t been particularly impressed by the Log Horizon theme songs, and the ones featured in this season are no exception.

Overall Result

On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate this season a 7. When this first came out, I was very excited, but the first few episodes were a letdown. Although I had lost interest in the series, the second half did a great job of rekindling my enthusiasm, so I look forward to reading the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Log Horizon Returning for a Fourth Season?

Despite the show’s popularity, a renewal for Season 2 of Log Horizon has not been announced. However, while the first two seasons were released a year apart, the third season did not arrive until about seven years later.

Should I Give the New Season of Log Horizon a Try?

So long as you don’t mind what I’m about to discuss, the answer is yes. Among the many anime adaptations of media, Log Horizon is among the earliest to feature characters who become trapped in a role-playing game (RPG) like world. That in and of itself is a big reason why so many people like LH, but if you still need more of a reason to read on, I have more.

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The third season picks up right where the second left off. There is little to comment on in this season of Log Horizon. The final episodes focused on Minori were a lot of fun to watch, even though she isn’t the character I like the most. A renewal for Season 2 has been announced, but no word yet on Season 3.

That’s it for now, you can know the price, release date, and some exciting features that are coming up in Log Horizon season 3.

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