Lookism Anime Release Date: Is Lookism Still Going Strong After 400+ Episodes?

The upcoming Netflix Original anime series Lookism is based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name by artist and writer Park Hyeong-seok. Lookism’s serialisation debuted in 2014 and has since amassed 8.7 billion views across the globe.

Studio Mir, who also animated Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher 3: Nightmare of the Wolf, is responsible for the series’ animation.


All seventeen years of Park Hyung Suk’s life have been spent at the very bottom of society. He is used to being picked on and treated unfairly because of his appearance—he is short, overweight, and unattractive. To get away from Lee Tae Sung, his worst tormentor, he transfers to Jae Won High School in Seoul, a vocational preparatory school notorious for its liberal education system and carefree students.

Lookism Anime Release Date

Hyung Suk wakes up a few days before his transfer to find that, instead of his usual pudgy body, he has a flawless one! Hyung Suk has transformed into the ideal version of himself—tall, handsome, and physically fit. The only catch is that his “real” body is still there, sleeping beside him, so that whenever one of them wakes up, he has to start all over again.

Hyung Suk, who now possesses two radically different bodies, must adjust to his new, more popular life at J High while also trying to determine the origin of his second, nearly superhuman form.

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There is currently no information available about the actors featured in Lookism. The series will have a large cast of characters, but neither the original Korean voice actors nor the potential English dub actors have been announced. So you know who to expect to see, here’s a high-level rundown of the characters that will be in the series:

The Daniel Park/Park Hyung Suk 

In the first episode, Logan Lee picks on a naive high school student named Daniel Park, who works in the Fashion Department. Just before he transfers to Jae Won High to escape his bullies, he wakes up one day with a slimmer and more attractive body next to the chubby one.

He meets new people and expands his understanding of the world and himself as a result of his new skill. Thinner proportions are an homage to Korean male model Park Hyung Suk.

Lee Eun Tae / Vasco

Vasco, who works in the Architecture Department, is known as a “Robin Hood” for standing up for the underdog and the victimised. In addition to being the leader of the gang Burn Knuckles, who “punishes the bullies,” he is also one of the most powerful characters in the series.

His rough exterior conceals a soft heart that craves friendship with decent human beings. He also happens to be Jace Park’s old pal. The real-life Korean rapper who shares his name with the fictional character Vasco serves as inspiration for his persona.

Hong Jae Yeol / Jay Hong

The Fashion Department has a mysterious employee named Jay Hong. He’s well off, practises systema and kali martial arts, and helps those in his circle.

After he adopts one of Enu’s puppies, buys him too many expensive clothes, and acts “awkward” around Cristal Choi and Daniel Park in a clothing store, many readers conclude that Jay has “romantic feelings” for Daniel Park throughout the series.

Lee Jin Sung /Zack Lee

Zack Lee, a member of the Fashion Department, has a crush on his childhood friend Mira Kim and is generally a very aggressive boxer. He wants to be her boyfriend, but he knows that she can’t have anyone in her life who is violent.

In the wake of Mira’s influence, Zack refrains from bullying others, picks fewer fights, exhibits more patience, and develops into a more responsible young man. His friend Johan Seong vanished after the God Dog cult incident, but they had been close.

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Mira Kim / Kim Mi Jin

As a member of the Fashion Department, Mira Kim exemplifies kindness, empathy, and patience. She has keen insight into human nature and is able to appreciate the best in everyone. Zack’s fights make her angry because she doesn’t enjoy fighting and thinks there are better ways to solve problems.

Lookism Anime Release Date (

She has known both Johan Seong and Zack Lee since they were young. The feelings were mutual between them for her, but they were never quite returned. Because of her stunning good looks, she has been repeatedly targeted for sexual assault.

Park Ha Neul’s /Zoe Park

Beautiful Zoe Park, who works in the Fashion Department, at first tries to use her good looks to get what she wants. She initially cared a lot about how she looked, but after Daniel’s original body rescued her from a stalker, she began to develop feelings for him in his original body.

Crystal Choi / Choi Soo Jung

The second character to have two bodies is revealed to be Crystal Choi, the daughter of the HNH company president. When we first meet her, she’s an overweight transfer student in Daniel’s school’s Fashion Department. Crystal Choi, in contrast to Daniel Park, has opted to spend the daytime in her biological form.

This demonstrates that she has some fondness for her debut physical manifestation. She has come to the conclusion that “all men are equal” and that the world unfairly judges those with different appearances as a result of the way her two bodies have been treated. That’s a lovely explanation for why she didn’t like Daniel at first, but her subsequent treatment of him as a selfish bully belies her pretences. She also finds Daniel’s natural form attractive.

Release Date

The world premiere of Lookism on Netflix was set for this past Friday, November 4. However, following the tragic Halloween crush tragedy in Itaewon, the streaming giant has decided to delay the worldwide release of Lookism as South Korea enters a period of national mourning.

Netflix and Studio Mir, the animation studio responsible for the Lookism adaptation, have not yet announced a new premiere date for the show. On October 29, 156 people were killed and more than 170 were injured when a large crowd gathered in the city’s narrow streets.

Yoon Suk-yeol, the president of South Korea, said, via The Washington Post, “I’m devastated” during a press conference. A terrible tragedy and disaster occurred on Halloween night in the heart of Seoul.

As soon as more details about the release of Lookism are made available by official sources, we will update this article accordingly.

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Since Lookism’s premiere date is set for November , 2022, it stands to reason that at least one trailer will be released before then. It was inevitable, given Netflix‘s release policies, and the only trailer we have is the first one, which you can watch (as per usual) below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes of Lookism Are Planned?

It has taken four additional chapters for the English translation to catch up to the original webtoon. Lookism has aired 400+ episodes and is still going strong in the year 2022.

Is There Such a Thing as “Lookism” in the Real World?

One of the most popular webtoons on Naver is one in which the protagonists are based on actual Korean celebrities. Lookism is by the well-known webcomic creator Park Tae Jun.


Netflix has delayed the release of Lookism following the tragic tragedy in Itaewon, South Korea. 156 people were killed and more than 170 injured when a large crowd gathered in the city’s narrow streets. Netflix has not yet announced a new premiere date for the show.

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