Lost Ollie: When and Where It Will Be Renewed?

This article talks about the new Netflix show Lost Ollie. It talks about when it will come out, who will be in it, how it will be made, what the show is about, and other details.

A new adventure story is coming to Netflix. You might not have heard about it, but if you like Toy Story and good old-fashioned adventure fantasy stories, this could be the series for you, no matter how old you are.

About the Movie

Lost Ollie is based on Ollie’s Odyssey, a book by William Joyce in 2016. The show’s central character is Ollie, a stuffed rabbit that gets taken away from his owner, Billy, at school by a bully. Ollie promises to find his way back to Billy when he wakes up in a completely different place. Ollie faces risks and makes friends with other toys along the way.

Shannon Tindle, who made Lost Ollie, told Entertainment Weekly, “I wanted it to be an adventure and fun, but I also wanted it to be about loss.” “I don’t think it gets enough attention. I wanted him to wear something about it right up front.”

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Tindle said later, “It was important to me from the start that these characters aren’t toys. They are… people. They act and move like people and can get hurt just like people.”

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Tindle and Ramsey worked together before on the movie Rise of the Guardians, based on Joyce’s book series The Guardians of Childhood. Tindle did more than write the series; he was also the show’s executive producer. Peter Ramsay led the project. Lost Ollie also had Shawn Levy, Emily Morris, and Josh Barry as executive producers.

Release Date

On Wednesday, August 24, Lost Ollie will be on Netflix. The episodes will be added to the streaming service at midnight PT, which is 3 a.m. for people on the east coast. When Lost Ollie comes out, fans will need an active Netflix account to watch it.


Every four episodes of Lost Ollie will be about 45 minutes long. All four episodes will come out at once, so watching them all in one sitting should be easy.

Lost Ollie premieres on Netflix on August 24.

Lost Ollie Instagram

Take a look at the Lost Ollie Instagram account.


The small cast of Lost Ollie is made up of both live-action and voice actors. Billy is played by Kesler Talbot, who has been in shows like Nancy Drew and When Calls the Heart in the past. Ollie’s voice is done by Jonathan Groff, who was in Frozen and Hamilton.

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Gina Rodriguez of Someone Great and Jane the Virgin and Jake Johnson of New Girl will play Billy’s parents. Lastly, Mary J. Blige and Tim Blake Nelson both play with toys named Rosy and Zozo. IMDb also lists BJ Harrison, Everett Andres, and Paul Anthony as being in the cast of Lost Ollie.


This story is about two people trying to get back together, and it seems like everything in the world is trying to get in their way. Ollie’s young owner loses him, but Ollie is more than just a toy. He is a best friend and has been with his owner his whole life. The series will show how hard it is for Ollie and his owner to get back together.

Our Opinion of the Premise

It’s hard to like this idea, and the trailer shows a mix of live-action and animation that makes it different from other properties with similar views. The fast-paced trailer makes the show look exciting and heartwarming, and it seems like a show that families enjoy.

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If it’s done right, this could be a classic story that people of all ages can enjoy, and we hope there’s enough here to set it apart from Toy Story, which is what it will be compared to.

Production Team

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer: Shannon Tindle

Director: Peter Ramsay

Executive Producers: Shawn Levy, Emily Morris, Josh Barry

The show is based on a book written by William Joyce in 2016. Ollie’s Odyssey is the name of the book by Joyce, who is a well-known author and artist. Even though the series will be compared to Toy Story, the trailer shows a darker approach to the story.

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It mixes live-action and animation and has more of a dark fairy tale feel than the bright colors and humor of the Toy Story franchise. The show has four 45-minute episodes; the first will air on August 24. Tindle worked as a designer on Coraline. He turned the story into a Netflix show.

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Industrial Lights and Magic made the CGI characters in the movie Lost Ollie. It looks like filming took over a month, and the production probably ended on March 18, 2022.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Date That Lost Ollie Will Be Out?

The day Lost Ollie comes out is August 24, 2022.

Who Plays the Main Roles in Lost Ollie?

Jonathan Groff, Mary J. Blige, Tim Blake Nelson, Jake Johnson, Gina Rodriguez, and Kesler Talbot are the stars of Lost Ollie.

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