Love Island Season 4: When It Will Be Renewed?

The new season of “Love Island” USA has new islanders, new drama, and a new villa in California.

In Season 4, streaming on Peacock and being filmed in real-time, about a dozen islanders live together in a Santa Barbara villa for six weeks. They pair up, compete in challenges with no stakes, and deal with the drama of living with many prominent personalities.

During Week 1, five couples were on the island, but two broke up when “bombshells” Mady McLanahan and Valerie Bragg arrived. One islander was kicked out of the villa after the first recoupling.

Here is a summary of what happened in the first six episodes, which aired from July 19 to 24.

Love Island Season 4 Release Date

Love Island USA, your favorite summer dating show, is back with a new group of young men and women ready to seek love. Ten new singles have already come to the party of a lifetime in the villa in the United States. This time, actress Sarah Hyland is in charge of the show.

Love Island Season 4

The second week of Season 4 of Love Island will be available to stream on Peacock tomorrow, July 26, at midnight PT/ET. Who will come along? And who will live long enough to meet their soul mate along the way? Watch the “Meet the Islanders” trailer above to learn more about the people participating.

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With Peacock ($4.95/month), Amazon Prime Video ($19.95), or Apple TV ($1.99 per episode), you can watch Love Island Season 4 for free. If you want to watch without ads, you can pay $9.99/month for Peacock’s Premium Plus tier.

Who Are the Starting Cast Members of Love Island Season 4

Meet the cast: Here are the first people on “Love Island” Season 4.


  • Sydney Paige
  • Courtney Boerner
  • Deb Chubb
  • Sereniti Springs
  • Zeta Morrison


  • Isaiah Campbell
  • Jesse Bray
  • Timmy Pandolfi
  • Felipe Gomez
  • Andy Voyen

Love Island Season 4 Star Cast Instagram

take a look at Love Island Season 4 Star Cast Instagram and their followers on Instagram.


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What is the Episode Schedule for Love Island Season 4?

  • Episodes 1-6: Tuesday, July 19 to Sunday, July 24
  • Episodes 7-13: Tuesday, July 26 to Sunday, July 31
  • Episodes 14-20: Tuesday, August 2 to Sunday, August 7
  • Episodes 21-27: Tuesday, August 9 to Sunday, August 14
  • Episodes 28-33: Tuesday, August 16 to Sunday, August 21
  • Episodes 34-39: Tuesday, August 23 to Sunday, August 28
  • Episode 40: Tuesday, August 30

Red Flags Go Up Early for the Islanders

Some relationships start better than others.

Jesse says he feels an “instant connection” with Deb, and Deb agrees with the woman wholeheartedly: “He’s my type to a T. “He has beautiful eyes,” she tells them.

After Andy says he is in business with his mom and they are also best friends, Courtney tells the woman, “He’s like, so cute. But he loves his mother.” She says that’s a “red flag.

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“We just don’t go together at all,” she says.

Andy feels better about his relationship when the guys talk about their partners.

Valerie Bragg Was the First Islander to Get Dumped From ‘love Island USA’ Season 4

Valerie was one of the two Day 1 Bombshell when she came on the show, and she quickly got to know Jesse Bray, Felipe Gomes, and Isaiah Campbell. When Valerie and fellow Bombshell Mady McLanahan were asked to recouple with two of the boys, Mady chose Andy Voyen, and Valerie went with her gut and chose Jesse.

Jesse was initially interested in getting to know Valerie, but he soon realized that he was closer to Deb Chubb, the person he was with when he met her.

Love Island Season 4

Valerie went on a date with Tyler Radziszewski, the first male Bombshell of the season. However, he was more interested in Sereniti Springs.

During the season’s first full-cast recoupling, Andy surprised the other islanders by choosing Sydney Paight (instead of Mady, who he was already coupled up with). When Sydney was taken, Isaiah was put on the spot. At the last minute, he chose Mady.

Once Tyler chose Sereniti to make his relationship with her official, Valerie was the only woman he hadn’t paired up with.

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The nutritionist was sad that her time on Love Island USA didn’t last long.

“I’m just sad that it was over so quickly. I’m leaving with a lot of growth, a lot of friends, “Valerie said as she was leaving the villa. “I feel like a completely different person, and I can’t wait to use everything I’ve learned from this experience in the real world. I’m single, so don’t be afraid to slide into my direct messages, boys. I’m still trying to find the one.

Are Things Getting Hotter?

After moving from CBS to Peacock, the people in charge of Love Island USA said that the show would be much sexier and less edited. According to the official Love Island Twitter account, the change will reflect the “explicit nature” of the show.

Love Island Season 4

A press release from June 8 says that the new season will have “sexier challenges and naughtier games.

Where Does It Get Filmed?

Season 4 of Peacock is being filmed somewhere along the California coast. Even though it’s not a natural island like Ninole, Hawaii, where season 3 took place, the new season will have the same beachy feel.

How Can Fans Take Part?

Viewers can keep Islanders from being kicked out of the villa. Fans can also vote for their favorite couples, try to get long-term couples to break up, and choose the winning team at the end of the season.

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