Luna Park Netflix Season 2: Is Luna Park Based on a True Story?

Critics have mostly liked what they’ve read about the romantic series. Isabella Aguilar made the Italian drama show “Luna Park,” about two young women named Nora and Rosa. As they look around the mysterious Luna Park, they find surprising things about themselves and the amusement park.

If you watched the first season of “Luna Park” in one sitting and want to know if there will be a second one, here’s everything we know about it! The show’s story, which is already full of mystery and suspense, is made more visually appealing by the show’s setting in Rome in the 1960s. Users can’t get enough of the exciting performance, which makes sense.

Release Date of Season 2 of Luna Park

luna park netflix season 2

The first season of ‘Luna Park‘ was launched on Netflix on September 30, 2021. The service released all six episodes of the first season on the same day. Each episode lasts 44-54 minutes.

So far, there has been no confirmation of a second season from the network. However, in an interview, creator Isabella Aguilar revealed that she had plotted the story spanning three seasons, but the decision to make them rests with Netflix.

The streaming service has yet to renew the program formally, but fans should not be concerned because the decision is still being made. Netflix usually waits about a month before approving a new season. As a result, the streamer is most likely reviewing the show’s performance.

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A sequel could be announced if it exceeds viewership predictions in the coming months. The first season’s conclusion also leaves the tale open for continuation in a new season, indicating that the developer has firm plans for a sequel.

The first season is expected to begin production in October 2020, with the series premiering a year later. If the show is recommissioned shortly and the second season is produced at a similar rate, fans may have to wait more than a year for a new chapter. As a result, we can anticipate the release of ‘Luna Park‘ season 2 in November 2022, at the very least.

Who Could Appear in Luna Park Season 2?

luna park netflix season 2

Rosa Gabrielli and Nora Marini, two ladies who share a secret relationship, are played by Lia Grieco and Simona Tabasco in ‘Luna Park.Edoardo Coen (Matteo), Mario Sgueglia (Ettore), Ludovica Martino (Stella), Milvia Marigliano (Nonna Mirande), Lorenza Indovina (Doriana), and Alessio Lapice join them as important cast members (Simone).

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Michele Bevilacqua (Lando), Guglielmo Poggi (Giggi), and Fabrizia Sacchi (Lucia) play important parts as well. The majority of the cast members are likely to return for the second season. Season 2 is also expected to bring some new cast members to the show.

What Is the Plot of Luna Park Season 2?

luna park netflix season 2

Season 1 of ‘Luna Park‘ reveals that Nora is Rosa’s long-lost sister. Antonio discovers the truth about Nora’s parentage in the season finale. Meanwhile, Nora and Simone are having a passionate moment. Rosa and Lucia argue about Nora and discover that Tullio keeps secrets from them.

Lucia expresses a desire to meet Nora. Nora and Simone flee from two men hunting them in the final seconds and end up on a rollercoaster. The rollercoaster breaks down and crashes to the ground. The episode concludes with the fate of the newlywed pair unknown.

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The fate of Nora and Simone may be revealed in the second season, and they are likely to have survived. The encounter, though, will most likely change them and their relationship. Rosa may strive to uncover Tullio’s secrets, while Lucia may try to become a part of Nora’s life. We could also notice the sisters growing closer to one another.

Is the Story of Luna Park True?

On the other hand, ‘Luna Park‘ is not based on a true story. The series’ writer-creator, Isabella Aguilar, came up with the concept. While the plot and characters in the show are made up, the setting is based on truth. To obtain background information, contact the Philippines’ local government.

According to The Conversation, ‘Luna Park exploits the Philippine setting to convey its story because it was fascinating.

How Many Episodes Are There in Luna Park?

luna park netflix season 2

Ten episodes were released, lasting approximately 40-50 minutes—with show ratings. In a primetime position on ABS-CBN, the Philippine telecoms company Smart, Luna Park averaged 4.4 percent in its first week, 4.4 percent in its second week, and 5.8 percent in its third week (a network owned by the same parent company).

After that, it decreased in ratings, but three was not enough to re-qualify it for “Primetime Bida.”

Due to its low rating, the show was withdrawn from the channel’s schedule. The show aired new episodes till February 25, 2010. A new season of Luna Park cannot be predicted at this time. Isabella Aguiler recently mentioned in an interview that she has thoroughly planned the next four episodes, but it is up to Netflix to film them.

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