Is Manifest Season 4 Going to Release on Netflix in 2022?

Netflix has confirmed that Manifest will return for a fourth season. There will be a new episode of the series on August 28, 2021, at 8.28 a.m. ET, which is the same time as Flight 828’s return from Jamaica, which takes place five years after it left the island.

The final episode will feature a large majority of the original cast, including Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh (or two). If August 2021, Netflix and Manifest’s creator NBC were forced to change their minds after Netflix’s combination of Manifest to its service shattered streaming records in the United States.

According to creator Jeff Rake in an Entertainment Weekly interview, “the show’s death and rebirth are very meta, given that this is the story of the series itself.” “Manifest” refers to the show’s titular “manifest,” a group of characters who had all been presumed dead for years until their plane landed in New York City.

Dallas and Roxburgh, a brother and sister duo, are the focus of the show, which follows them as they try to piece together what happened to them.

This comes two months after Netflix ordered the first and second seasons of the NBC show. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show was watched by 25 million Netflix subscribers in the United States and Canada in its first month.

Although it had slipped from the top of the charts, Netflix’s popularity with Manifest had not waned. Nielson confirmed in August of 2021 that Manifest had cracked its streaming-ratings records with much more than a billion views a week for six consecutive weeks.

It was only in September that Manifest became only the third Netflix show in history to remain in the Top 10 for more than 100 days at the same time.

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In the Fourth Season of Manifest, What Can We Expect?


Many things, actually. That means Rake will have to condense all three seasons’ worth of plot into just 20 episodes. In an interview with EW, he stated: “In the end, nothing will change. I am convinced that 20 episodes will allow me to tell the entire story that I originally planned to.”

“Things are going to be a little. different,” Josh Dallas, Ben’s actor, tweeted along with a picture of his new beard. His character has just suffered a major setback, to put it mildly. (Stop! Don’t reveal anything more than necessary.) Dallas responded to a fan’s comment, “Love the beard, but my heart breaks for Ben,” by saying, “To be honest… he’s not in a great place.”

After the occasions of the season three finale, Rake elaborated in an interview with TV Insider on what fans can expect from Ben in season four. In order to make sense of such an unspeakable loss, “A Season 4 of Manifest for Ben” will focus on Ben’s efforts to process, digest, come to terms with his emotions, and seek vengeance in order to “justify” the act. A photo of an on-set funeral, captioned “Brace yourselves,” was also shared.

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In Season 4 of Manifest, Who Are the Cast Members?


Actors were no longer contractually bound after June 2021 as reported by Deadline’s Andreeva. Only two characters from season three did not return for season four: a character who died and another who…unexpectedly aged (don’t worry, there will be no spoilers!).

It has been announced that Vance’s Daryl Edwards will also be a regular cast member on the show.

As a result, the character who suddenly grew older is being overtaken by the older actor who appeared at the end of Season 3. According to Andreeva, the remaining cast will receive “sizable pay increases” for the fourth season of Manifest, which is a shame because the two actors who aren’t returning were crucial to the first three seasons and the show’s success thus far.

It appears that there will be a few new faces introduced in the fourth season, but they will only be minor additions. In addition to the well-known characters, Kyle Boyd and Tela, and June, who were also on Flight 828, will make their debuts.

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Manifest Season 4 Release Date


The fourth season of Manifest will not be released on Netflix at once. Episodes in Season 4 will be released in two halves and at various times throughout the world, a practice that will continue into Season 5. Availability of seasons 1-3 is a matter of when Netflix can acquire the rights to them.

The end of 2021 will be a delivery date for some regions. If you already own the previous three seasons, you’ll be the first to see the new season when it comes out this year (expectedly in 2022.)

Final Words

Last but not least, at the close of season 3, Angelina, a passenger on Flight 828, was freed from the home she’d been forced to live in by her religious parents. Because of her earlier experiences and later connected with a cult of doomsday preppers, she became a victim of brainwashing and enslavement.

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