Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 : When Will It Air on Paramount?

The Mayor of Kingstown is coming back for another season of crime, corruption, and injustice. In this case, the mayor has been “re-elected” for another term. If you’ve been looking forward to spending some time in the office with Jeremy Renner, this is the right place for you.

It’s true that the “Mayor of Kingstown” isn’t about a real mayor, and the show has a lot more to do with the prison industrial complex than just local politics. But that’s not a good thing to make fun of.

What’s more, if you want to find out what’s going on in Kingstown, where there are seven prisons less than ten miles away, and if you’re going to see how Renner is doing, keep reading. We’ve got all the tasty information you want.

The Release Date of Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2
Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2

After Season 1 ended on January 31, 2022, Variety said that “Mayor of Kingstown” would be back for another season on February 1, 2022. This is true, but the announcement didn’t say when it would be released. This was less than one month after the Season 1 finale.

This left the production timeline up to people to guess.

As of now, the film “Kansas City,” which stars Sylvester Stallone as an NYC mobster who takes over the organization’s western territory, will start filming in March. The multi-hyphenate artist, who has worked on one season of a show at a time, is giving up some control over his projects.

However, he’s still writing episodes for two other shows, including “Lioness,” a female CIA agent, and “Land Man,” which is about the oil boom in West Texas.

Because “Yellowstone” hasn’t yet had a fifth season, Deadline also said production would start in May. Even though “Mayor of Kingstown” isn’t a big hit with critics, it has an average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes of 86%.

According to Variety, the show’s first episode was watched by 2.6 million people. This shows some interest in the show’s return when it comes back soon. With all that said, “Mayor of Kingstown” could start filming in late summer or fall 2022. At the very least, new episodes could begin airing in 2023.

The Cast Of Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2
Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

As the show’s heart, it’s a given that Jeremy Renner will reprise his role as Mike McLusky with his on-screen mother, Dianne Wiest. We can also expect Taylor Handley to return as Mike’s younger brother to round out the McLusky family. Tobi Bamtefa and Emma Laird will also return as Iris, an s*x worker and Mike’s love interest.

  • Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky
  • Dianne Wiest as Miriam McLusky
  • Taylor Handley as Kyle McLusky
  • Hamish Allan-Headley as Robert
  • Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter
  • Hugh Dillon as Ian
  • Emma Laird as Iris
  • Tobi Bamtefa as Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington
  • Derek Webster as Stevie

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What Is the Story of Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2
Mayor of Kingstown Season 2


Backstories for the primary characters in “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 1 are more implied than detailed. While early episodes introduce Mike and Mitch as self-proclaimed advocates for inmates, this idea is quickly abandoned as Mike struggles with countless ongoing vendettas.

How did the McLuskys come to have so much power and influence? Mike’s previous relationship with Milo Sunter (Aidan Gillen) was like? How can Mike, a convicted felon, get unrestricted access to crime scenes? Other than their choice of profession, what motivates Miriam to cut relations with her eldest sons?

How can Mike possibly avoid the ramifications of murdering a house full of criminal bikers? How does the town recover from the terrible consequences of the prison insurrection, and how is Mike to blame? These are the questions that Season 2 should address rather than simply stringing together a series of violent encounters between those who wield power and those who are subjugated.

“Yellowstone” motivates heinous deeds through family, land, legacy, and loyalty. However, aside from vengeance, the motivations behind the characters of “Mayor of Kingstown” remain unexplored in this Taylor Sheridan-verse episode. It appears that Sheridan has laid the seeds for future plot arcs; fans will have to wait and watch how they grow.


Is Kingstown a real place?

Kingstown is based on the hometown of co-creator Hugh Dillon.

“Mayor of Kingstown” is set in a fictional Michigan town called Kingstown. However, the “actual” Kingstown is located north of the border in Canada.

Will the Mayor of Kingstown be available on Netflix?

 Sorry, Netflix and Hulu subscribers: Mayor of Kingstown is not currently available on either service. The crime drama is licensed to the Paramount Network and is only available via Paramount+.

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