Michelle Lewin Net Worth: Who She Is ?

Bodybuilder and fitness model Michelle Lewin is well-known in Venezuela. It wasn’t long before she recognized she had the potential to do more than just walk down the catwalk and entered many competitions, including the NCP bikini contest. She then went to the gym to work on her physique.

It wasn’t long before fashion photographers started asking her about doing endorsements and modeling work for well-known brands in the fitness and modeling industries. As a result, she was featured on the cover of numerous publications, including ‘Playboy.‘ She has become one of the world’s most sought-after fitness models.

As of April 2018, Michelle has more than 9 million Facebook page likes, 13 million Social media followers, 430k followers on Twitter, and 346k YouTube subscribers on her channel. As much as she enjoys posing in tiny bikinis and booty shorts, she doesn’t enjoy posing in the nude.

Michelle Lewin Career

Michelle Lewin Net Worth

Michelle Lewin was born into poverty and endured a challenging childhood; however, once she wed a bodybuilder, her life began to turn around and she began to see positive changes. She began pursuing a career in modeling after receiving support and encouragement from her husband.

She went to Milan, Rome, and Barcelona and contacted a number of different fashion agencies while she was there. However, due to her little stature, she was repeatedly rejected for the position (5 foot 4 inches). They were also offended by the freckles that she possessed on her chest and requested that she get them erased.

After that, she made the decision to start bodybuilding and eventually become a bodybuilder. In 2013, she competed in a total of five different NPC contests, and the following year, she competed in a total of five different IFBB competitions. She triumphed in a number of contests, one of which was the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup.

She also became known as the Latin Queen of the fitness scene, and she has been featured on the cover of more than 30 different fitness magazines, such as “Playboy,” “Oxygen,” “Inside Fitness,” and “Muscle & Fitness.” Her robust presence throughout social media contributed significantly to the rise in her popularity.

Personal Life of Michelle Lewin

The birth date of Michelle Lewin is 25 February 1986. She’s not sure who her biological father is.  When she was 14, her stepfather abandoned her mother and she was left to raise alone. Both of them lost lots of weight since they couldn’t afford to eat.

Working with her mother as well as taking in money and food from the neighbors helped her get by. She was exceedingly tiny as a child, weighing no more than 85 pounds. Her mom took her to a fitness center when she was 17 years old. It was at this point that she began her journey toward physical fitness.
Michelle first met Jimmy Lewin, a Swedish bodybuilder, in 2008. In 2010 they got married. As a result, he serves as her personal trainer, agent, and social media manager today. He showed her how to strengthen the muscles in her upper body so that she could obtain a more attractive physique. Her modeling and bodybuilding career took off when they relocated to Miami, Florida, in 2012.

Who Is Michelle Lewin’s Boyfriend?

Michelle Lewin Net Worth

Michelle Lewin, a model who is 33 years old and has been married for a while, is a married woman. In 2010, she said “I do” to the man she had been inseparable from her entire life, Jimmy Lewin. Lewin is a Swedish national who is both a fitness teacher and a bodybuilder in addition to having Swedish citizenship.

According to the rumors, Michelle and Jimmy first got together in 2008 and have been dating since. Michelle and Jimmy Lewin, her boyfriend at the time who would later become her husband, tied the knot after having been in a love relationship for almost two years.

It has also come to our attention that she was courted by a number of dashing gentlemen, but that she ultimately decided to marry Jimmy.

Social Media Status of Michelle Lewin

In her social media accounts, the stunning model posts updates about her personal life on a daily basis.

She is very active on several social networking sites. Her Instagram account, which is referred to as Michelle Lewin, has more than 13.9 million followers, while her Twitter account, which is referred to as @Michelle Lewin, has more than 462,000 followers.

In addition to that, you can find her posting frequently on Facebook. There are more than 8.7 million people who follow Michelle Lewin’s profile on Facebook.


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Networth of Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin, who is 32 years old and is a fitness model and bodybuilder, has accumulated a net worth of £3.2 million throughout the course of her career. Her millions of members, who follow her fitness workout sessions and use her fitness apps, are the source of her income. The author of “The Hot Body Diet” has a huge number of followers all over the world, and she makes enormous sums of money by making appearances at events in a variety of nations, including the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Spain, and other places.


What Nationality Is Michelle Lewin?


How Much Money Does Michelle Lewin Make in a Year?

Michelle Lewin earns well over $250,000 a year.

How did Jimmy Lewin meet Michelle?

Both Michelle and Jimmy are involved in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. Jimmy is originally from Sweden, whereas Michelle is a native of Venezuela. The two were strangers when they first met in Venezuela, but now they’ve become one of the most famous gym couples on social networks.


As a child, Michelle was raised by her mother and stepfather in Maracay, Venezuela. After that, Michelle and her mother had little choice but to relocate into a cramped apartment where there were more bugs than there was food.

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