Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 2 Release Date: It Might Premier in October 2022!

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Seasons 2 and 3 will be out on a specific date, and stars Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin has told us what to expect from the new season. There should be more mysteries, more action, and maybe more romance. Plus, learn how to watch entire Season 1 episodes online. Read on and hold on tight!

Release Date

According to PBS, Mark your calendars! The Duke and Miss Scarlet The second season will start on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 8 p.m./7 c. on MASTERPIECE on PBS. Season 3 will be coming soon! The first episode of Season 3 will be shown on TV for the first time on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 8 p.m. And more good news…

miss scarlet and the duke season 2

Check out our unique feature for all the information about the Season 2 and 3 premieres. Want to watch Season 1 for the first, second, tenth, or hundredth time? From now until October 16, 2022, you can stream every episode of Season 1. (ET). (Full episodes can only be watched in the U.S.) With PBS Passport, a perk of being a member, you can watch the whole season whenever you want.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 2 Instagram

Take a look at Miss Scarlet and the Duke Season 2 Instagram account.

The Inside Scoop from Kate Phillips on Eliza Scarlet

An Independent Woman: Eliza Scarlet is back and as sassy as ever, ready to solve more crimes and show the men how to do it. Kate Phillips was thrilled to play Eliza again. She said it was “a perfect fit” because she loves the role very much.

“I still can’t believe I get to do it because the way the role was given to me was a bit too magical!” Eliza is still a strong, independent woman who won’t let anyone tell her what she can and can’t do.

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“Hattie, played by Jessie Cave, says something in the first episode of the new season that I like,” Phillips said. “‘You know who you are and what you want,’ she tells Eliza. Something about Eliza makes me feel like I can do anything. People may not like it, but you don’t care. I’d say that’s freedom, for sure…

It’s great to see a character try to do well and always keep a smile on their face, even if they fail. Even if her feelings were growing, Eliza Scarlet wouldn’t be Eliza Scarlet if she quit her job for love (even with a particular prickly Inspector).

“Eliza is still trying to make it as a private investigator, and as much as she wants him in her life, her job is still the most important thing,” Phillips said. “She’s still trying to show the world what she’s made of, and she won’t let anything stop her. Even the Duke.” The new season can be described as funny, lively, and romantic.

Stuart Martin on Going Deeper With the Duke in Season 2

Learning More About the Duke: Stuart Martin is back as William “The Duke” Wellington. His rough personality is a strange match for Eliza Scarlet, who is lively, charming, and optimistic. He may complain, but he loves his job and does everything by the book. But we’ll soon discover that there’s more to William than we know.

miss scarlet and the duke season 2

Martin said, “In this new season, you get to see so much more, and you get a much deeper look at what makes him tick and where he comes from on an emotional level.” Martin likes The Duke the most because of his attitude, his wit, and how honest he is.

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“I have a lot of respect for him because I like how he says things exactly as they are. He said, “I probably wouldn’t have the courage to do that.” “I like that he will fight for what he thinks is right, and if he’s wrong after the fact, he’ll always say sorry.” Fun is the best way to describe the new season.

Romance in Season 2: Will They or Won’t They?

Kate Phillips: Even though Eliza doesn’t need a man or anyone else, it was clear that she and the Duke wanted each other last season. Since the end of Season 1, that’s the question we’ve all been asking. Even though the show’s two stars wouldn’t give anything away, they gave fans a few hints.

This is still true, but their relationship has never been easy, that’s for sure. Phillips said, “I feel like [Eliza and William] don’t talk about many things this season.” “By the end of Season 1, it’s easy to see the romantic tension. They are in a similar situation in Season 2, but it’s not surprising that they face many of the same problems.

This year, though, it seems like they know each other better and hurt each other more. But don’t worry, she told him. Not everything hurts. “Fans will also be glad to hear that there is just as much fighting and comedy as before.

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Stuart Martin says that at the end of Season 1, things between the two people who solve crimes look good, and we can see that at the beginning of Season 2. But not too much has changed. “They care more about each other emotionally, but they also fight a lot, which is a lot of fun to watch,” he said.

“They don’t apologize for it, and that’s where I find a lot of the humor and fun in this show. But things aren’t always easy (they never are!). Early on, when Eliza opens an old case of William’s, it reminds them of the biggest problem that still stands in their way.

miss scarlet and the duke season 2

“William thinks she is challenging him and calling his position into question,” Martin said. “His job is also being put to the test because of her. Because she gets so involved in the cases, it’s a big question whether they can work together in the future.

Creator and Showrunner Rachael New on Season 2

Giving the Fans What They Want: In an interview with MASTERPIECE, Rachael New, the show’s creator, talked about the show’s inspiration and the history of the name “The Duke.” She also spoke about what makes her most excited about Season 2.

She said, “I’m looking forward to this season even more than Season 1 because I know what works and what people liked about Season 1: putting the focus on fun.” “If you look at Twitter, you’ll be amazed at how much people love the show… The same premise will be there, which makes the show work: a woman trying to make it in a man’s world. Yes, there will always be a “crime of the week,” but the most important thing about the show is the problems, dilemmas, and obstacles that these crimes cause for our main characters.

The Cast

Even though Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin play the main characters, there’s much more to know and love about the cast. Some of the most popular characters from Season 1 will return for Season 2. Cathy Belton (Philomena) played Eliza’s housekeeper and mother figure, Ivy, and Ansu Kabia, who played street-smart crook turned maybe-ally (and maybe-friend?) Moses, will both be back (Murder on the Orient Express, I May Destroy You).

Season 1 also had characters like Eliza’s dead father, Henry Scarlet, played by Kevin Doyle (Downton Abbey), Eliza’s rejected fiance Rupert Parker, played by Andrew Gower (Outlander, Poldark), and The Duke’s partner in solving crimes, Detective Inspector Frank Jenkins, played by Danny Midwinter (Casualty, EastEnders).

Frequently Asked Question

Does Miss Scarlet and the Duke have a second season?
Date for the second season of “Miss Scarlet and the Duke.”
The second season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke will start on PBS Masterpiece on Sunday, October 16, at 8 p.m. ET.

Where can I watch the second season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke?
Season 2 of MASTERPIECE will air on PBS on Sunday, October 16, at 8/7c, and Season 3 will soon follow on January 8, 2023, at the same time.

Will Miss Scarlet and the Duke have a third season?
The new season will start on PBS on January 8, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. Phillips plays Eliza Scarlet. Grantchester writer Rachael New also ran the show and made the six-episode series.

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