My Dead Ex Season 2: When Can We Expect the Season 2 of the Series?

‘My Dead Ex’ tells the story of two people whose lives have been forever altered by a horrific twist of fate. Charley Albright and Ben, her hopeless admirer, are the focus of the series. The millionth time Ben asks Charley out, she finally gives in, not because she wants to show her appreciation for his persistence but because she wants the ordeal to be over.

Sadly, Ben falls to his death while planning a grand gesture to impress Charley on the date. She then wears the necklace Ben had given her as a token of his affection. As a result, he unexpectedly returns to life. Despite its ominous title, this is a lighthearted teen drama that will keep you entertained for the entire season.

You’re probably curious about the upcoming second season of ‘My Dead Ex,’ now that the first has come to a close. So, that’s all we can tell you for now.

When Can We Expect the Season 2 of My Dead Ex?

As of February 1st, 2021, the whole first season of ‘My Dead Ex’ will be available on Netflix. There are eight episodes, each lasting between 21 and 27 minutes, in the series. It premiered at SXSW on March 11th and then on go90 on March 20th before finally making its way to the streaming service. Because Netflix’s home network fell out of business, they decided to acquire it. It was praised for its original plot and well-developed characters.

Here’s all we know thus far about Season 2. The first season’s finale does an excellent job of tying up all the loose ends. Even though the story ends with a fairytale-like climax, the makers haven’t provided any updates on the show’s future. ‘My Dead Ex’ season 2 is unlikely to be made due to these factors.

Who’s in My Dead Ex Cast?

My Dead Ex Season 2

Katherine C. Hughes, who plays Charley’s lead character, leads the cast of ‘My Dead Ex.’ A rare spark of magic transforms her life. Ben, played by Ryan Lee, is a devoted fan of Charley. Ryan Malaty plays Charley’s long-distance fling, Luke. In the role of Charley’s best buddy, Medalion Rahimi plays Wren.

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Along with Audrey Wasilewski and Marc Evan Jackson as Mary Bloom, Laurel, and Officer Mitch Maloof, additional cast members include Beth Littleford and Matt Braunger.

What’s the Story Behind My Dead Ex?

My Dead Ex Season 2

While Charley Albright has a soft spot for Luke, she is constantly courted by Ben, who is adamant about asking her out. She finally agrees to go on a date with him if he promises to leave her alone afterward. It is only until Ben, a romantic idiot takes matters into his own hands and declares his love in an Instagram post that ends in his death.

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In the show, these two people come together and share their stories. Bewildered and ashamed, Charley recalls their childhood connection and wears a necklace Ben gave her when they were both 10. Ben returns to life when he puts on the chain, but he is now bound by a spell (or curse) that forbids him from leaving 30 feet of Charley.

Explanation of My Dead Ex Season 1 Ending

My Dead Ex Season 2

Child, you’re being harsh. A simple necklace Ben gave Charley as a child sets the stage for an unexpected visit from him. With the help of the two mystical chains, he was almost brought back to life. He’s alive and kicking, but he’s also wholly undead. As if nothing had happened in the wake, Charley is ecstatic about providing her number to her true love.

He can never be more than thirty feet away from Charley without enduring tremendous pain. The rest of the show focuses on tracing the necklace’s history, Ben’s discovery, and the fun of using the word “zombie” as if it were politically incorrect. However, the relationship between Hughes and Lee drew me into this absurd show.

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Even while Charley has every right to be angry with Ben, she can’t help but feel grateful because no one before Ben has ever believed in her the way she believes in herself now that Ben does. They also have the familiarity of having known someone for most of one’s lifetime.

As a result of Ben’s honest response to Charley’s self-deprecation, I admire him. Charley’s journey from being superficial to recognizing what is truly important in life was enlightening. There’s also a great subplot about Wren’s obsession and how difficult it is to come out as gay, even if the world seems to be becoming more tolerant.

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