Mythic Quest Season 3: Will It Be Available on Apple Tv+ in 2022?

Mythic Quest, a critically acclaimed comedy series about videogames and the brilliant people who make them, was a smashing success for Apple TV Plus when it debuted in 2020. This comedy/drama series is the brainchild of Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney and is loaded with both.

The TV show follows the development studio behind the hit MMO Mythic Quest. Ian (McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao), the game’s co-creative producers, are constantly butting heads, and the rest of the studio employees are frequently dragged into the squabbles. In the first two seasons, we have witnessed office romances, team rivalries, and even illegal insider trading. You may be wondering what will come after the announcement of season 3 of Mythic Quest.

The Digital Fix has gone deep into the Internet and is prepared to spill the beans on this show centred around video games. Grab your headphones and prepare to level up your TV experience. Everything you need to know about the upcoming third season of Mythic Quest, including its premiere date, its cast, its trailer, and more, is covered in this article.


Mythic Quest underwent a radical transformation at the close of season 2. After much deliberation, Ian and Poppy have decided to leave the company and launch a new game. What kind of game is that, you inquire? To compete with their previous game, Poppy plans to turn their Mythic Quest expansion, Hera, into a new property.

Mythic Quest Season 3

Since she and Ian have moved on from Mythic Quest to pursue greater opportunities, Nicdao discussed what the next season will bring for her character in an interview with Forbes.

“In the first season, Ian is the head honcho, and Poppy is more or less his secretary. In Season 2, however, they are on equal footing. In Season 3, we’ll presumably enter a world where Poppy wields considerable influence. “It was her idea,” she declared. That could change the dynamic between them, and I’m curious to see what she does with it.

In addition to Ian and Poppy’s latest adventure, the next season can also feature resolutions to many other loose ends within the MQ team. Rachel is off to Berkeley to pursue her love of writing while GQ contract student Dana is off to school to learn to code. There will be a new long-distance couple in the next season.

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The above teaser revealed that Brad, who was arrested in the previous season for insider trading, would be returning, albeit in a new role as a janitor. However, Brad is involved, so I doubt he will be mopping for very long.

Now that Jo is back working as David’s assistant, we know he won’t be sitting still for very long, because, as regular viewers know, he has to win at all costs. We’re placing our money on a passive-aggressive war starting up soon.

The third season of Mythical Quest will premiere on. Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao)


Creative partners Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao will reprise their roles as Ian and Poppy. Mythic Quest’s executive producer David Brittlesbee, played by David Hornsby, will return, and this time he’ll be joined by his long-lost assistant Jo, played by Jessie Ennis.

Imani Hakim will play Dana, and Ashly Burch will play her girlfriend Rachel. Mythic Quest would be nothing without Danny Pudi’s portrayal of the scheming head of monetization, Brad Bakshi.

Mythic Quest Season 3

A major character will be killed off in the third season, though. F. Murray Abraham announced in April 2022 that he would not reprise his role as the offbeat author C.W. Longbottom (heart-breaking, we know).

  1. David Hornsby as David Brittlesbee
  2. Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi
  3. Jessie Ennis as Jo
  4. Imani Hakim as Dana
  5. Joe Manganiello
  6. Rob McElhenney as Ian Grimm
  7. Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Li
  8. Ashly Burch as Rachel,

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Release Date

The show’s third and fourth seasons were greenlit in October 2021. Apple TV+ has finally confirmed that the third season will premiere on the streaming service on November 11, 2022, after months of speculation, citing, “It appears someone skipped mandatory sensitivity training. That “someone” includes everyone, by the way.


Apple Tv+ has released the first official trailer for the upcoming third season of Mythic Quest. In just a few minutes, you can experience all the excitement and novelty of an exciting new adventure. Check out the terrifying trailer below if you haven’t already.

Since no new previews have been shown, you can sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the first two seasons of Mythic Quest all over again.

Where To Watch?

Season 3 of Mythic Quest can be viewed on Apple TV Plus, an online streaming service. Though it has not yet been confirmed whether or not the show will be made available on any other streaming platforms besides Apple TV Plus, we can only hope that it will. Apple TV Plus users can now access all of the previously released episodes from seasons one and two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an Actual Game That Mythic Quest is Based on?

Premise. The show chronicles the exploits of Mythic Quest’s creator, Ian Grimm, as he manages a fictional video game company responsible for the production of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (Rob McElhenney).

In What Location Does Mythic Quest Take Place?

To the employees of Mythic Quest Studios, Montreal is both a real city and a metaphor for the parent company. Examples of this expression include “Ian called Montreal” and “David Brittlesbee spoke with his superiors.”

How About Love? Does Mythic Quest Have Any Romance?

The strange romance they share, which is not sexual in nature, is made abundantly clear. Something about them becoming genuine best friends and people who support each other warms the heart. Apple TV+ is where you can watch Mythic Quest.


The third season of Mythic Quest will premiere in October 2021. The show’s executive producer David Brittlesbee, played by David Hornsby, will return. Ian and Poppy, the game’s co-creative producers, are leaving MQ to launch a new game.

That’s it for now, you can know the release date, cast, plot, and latest updates that are coming up in Mythic Quest Season 3.

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