National Treasure Season 2 Release Date, Recap, Rating And More!!

National Treasure: Edge of History is an American Action – adventure television series. It is based on Characters by Jim Kouf, Oren Aviv & Charles Segars. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and ABC Signature.

The Talented Stars are Lisette Olivera, Antonio Cipriano, Zuri Reed, Jordan Rodrigues, Jake Austin Walker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Lyndon Smith. Music is given by Trevor Rabin. The producers of the series are Joan Cunningham, Jeremy Beim, and Dwain Worrell.  

National Treasure: Age of History is a fresh and new adventure action series that has good potential and scope. The series was released recently, and with the gradual progress of the story, fans are eager to know about the renewal status of the series for season 2.

If you want to know more about National Treasure: Age of History, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the series.

When Will National Treasure Season 2 Come Out?

A new season of National Treasure: Edge of History is hard to anticipate for now as the studio has to evaluate the performance of Season 1 before taking any action on the future of National Treasure: Edge of History. That is the reason there is no Offical announced release date and time for National Treasure: Age of History Season 2.

Who Is The Cast Member Of National Treasure Season 2?

National Treasure Season 2

  • Lisette Olivera plays the main role as Jess Valenzuela, a young DACA woman living in Baton Rouge who finds out that her dead father is part of a secret network of treasure protectors
  • Zuri Reed plays the main role as Tasha Rivers, Jess’ roommate, and best friend.
  • Antonio Cipriano plays the main role as Oren Bradley, another friend, roommate of Ethan, and sneakerhead; Tasha’s on-and-off boyfriend
  • Jordan Rodrigues  plays the main role as Ethan Chao, Jess’ oldest friend who has feelings for her; Oren’s roommate
  • Jake Austin Walker  plays the main role as Liam Sadusky, musician and bar worker, Peter Sadusky’s grandson; later Jess’s love interest
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the main role of Billie Pearce, a wealthy and ruthless black-market antiquities dealer
  • Lyndon Smith plays the main role of Agent Ross, an FBI agent who recently transferred to the Bureau’s Baton Rouge field office. It is later revealed her full name is Hannah Betsy Ross. 

What Happened in The Previous Season 1 of National Treasure?

In 2001, a renowned treasure hunter named Rafael Rios started on a perilous expedition, leading him to discover a hidden artifact of immense historical significance. However, his moment of triumph quickly turns tragic as he is pursued by a ruthless antagonist named Salazar.

In a desperate bid to protect his family, Rafael sends them into hiding but tragically loses his life at the hands of Salazar.

Fast forward to the present day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Rafael’s daughter, Jess Rios, now resides in the city as a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) resident. She leads a quiet life alongside her close friend Tasha, who supports her in navigating the challenges and uncertainties of her situation.

National Treasure Season 2

Meanwhile, two of their other friends, Oren and Ethan, reside nearby, each with their own unique passions and aspirations.

While trying to piece together her father’s mysterious past, Jess stumbles upon a hidden clue left behind by Rafael. Intrigued and sensing that this discovery could be the key to uncovering her father’s legacy, she enlists the help of her friends.

Determined to find the truth, the group embarks on a thrilling adventure, following a trail of cryptic symbols and historical references.

As Jess and her friends delve deeper into the secrets left by Rafael, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Salazar, the same man responsible for her father’s demise, resurfaces, relentless in his pursuit of the hidden artifact and determined to prevent Jess from unraveling the truth.

Facing numerous obstacles, including hidden traps and rival treasure hunters, the group must stay one step ahead to protect themselves and unearth the secrets of the artifact.

Throughout their journey, Jess and her friends encounter unexpected allies who possess their own knowledge and skills that prove instrumental in their quest.

However, they must also navigate a world filled with deception and betrayal, unsure of whom they can truly trust. Unraveling the truth becomes not only a search for treasure but also a test of loyalty and friendship.

As the group uncovers the final pieces of the puzzle, they find themselves on the brink of discovering an extraordinary secret that could change history. In a climactic showdown, Jess, Tasha, Oren, and Ethan confront Salazar in a high-stakes battle of wits and courage.

Drawing upon their collective strength and the lessons learned throughout their journey, they must outsmart their nemesis and protect the artifact’s true power.

National Treasure Season 2

In the aftermath of their adventure, Jess and her friends not only unravel the secrets of the artifact but also unveil a larger legacy left by Rafael Rios. The truth of his discoveries and the sacrifices he made for his family and the world is finally revealed.

Armed with newfound knowledge and a sense of purpose, Jess and her friends stand ready to continue Rafael’s work, preserving history and unearthing treasures hidden within the annals of time.

“National Treasure: Edge of History” Season 1 takes viewers on a thrilling journey of discovery, friendship, and the pursuit of truth. Through danger and adversity, Jess and her friends prove that the strength of the human spirit and the power of unity can overcome even the most formidable challenges.

Where To Watch National Treasure Season 2?

National Treasure: Edge of History Season 2 will be available on Disney+. The production team has remained tight-lipped regarding the exact date, heightening the sense of mystery surrounding the show.

However, considering the typical production timeline for television series, it is reasonable to expect that the second season may premiere sometime in the coming year.

Rating Of National Treasure Series

The official ratings and reviews of any show or movie play a very important role in estimating the quality of the content of the show. National Treasure: Edge of History is rated 4.9 out of 10 stars on IMDb which could only get better with time.

Review Of National Treasure Series

The amazing performance is just what National Treasure needed: a longer TV series to make things more appealing, and hopefully all over the world, pending funding.

National Treasure Season 2

We need more adventure TV shows and movies about Treasure because this is the best and second best Final Frontier. 


As the release date for “National Treasure: Edge of History” Season 2 remains shrouded in mystery, the anticipation among fans continues to grow.

The television series has carved a niche for itself by seamlessly blending history, mystery, and adventure, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this captivating saga.

While we eagerly await the official announcement of the release date, it is safe to say that “National Treasure: Edge of History” Season 2 promises to be a thrilling continuation of the journey. 

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