Netflix Looks to Be “Rapidly Expanding” More Into Games

Netflix is on the move again. This time, they are looking to expand their gaming division rapidly. They have already started to make some big moves in this area, and it seems like they are planning to do even more in the future.

This could be a massive opportunity for them, as the gaming industry is growing at an incredible rate. In this blog post, we will look closely at what Netflix has been doing in this area and explore what they may have planned for the future.

What Netflix is Doing to Expand its Gaming Presence

Netflix has taken some big steps in expanding its video games inventory from 24 to over 50 by the end of the year.

In 2019, they acquired the rights to produce a TV series based on The Witcher, one of the most popular video games in recent years. This showed their willingness to invest in the gaming industry, and we will likely see more of this in the future.

In addition, Netflix partnered with Ubisoft to produce a series based on the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise. This is another huge step forward for them, and it is clear that they are serious about expanding their gaming offerings.

Some of the Games that Netflix is Considering Releasing

Netflix announced during their Geeked Week 2022 that they are working on several new video games that are set to be released soon. The games will be available on multiple platforms, including consoles and PC. Some of the titles that have been announced include;

Shadow And Bone: Destinies

Netflix has released new information on the upcoming season 2 of Shadow and Bone. On the fifth day, the company disclosed that the game modification process is currently underway and it will be available on Netflix in 2023.

The game is programmed to occur within ‘the Grishaverse,’ an imaginary universe. There seem to exist many different characters from this universe who could potentially play an important role during your adventure.

Too Hot To Handle

Too hot to handle has premiered on Netflix for three seasons, and a fourth season has been announced to be under development.

The game is a dating sim that follows the Too Hot to Handle reality TV show. Players can choose their avatar and compete in mini-games to win dates with other Too Hot to Handle cast members. The game is set to release sometime in 2023.

La Casa De Papel: The Game

It is an upcoming video game inspired by the popular Netflix series La Casa De Papel. The Game is being developed by a Colombian studio, KillaSoft.

The game will be a cooperative stealth game where players will take on the role of one of the show’s characters and attempt to rob a devious billionaire’s casino in Monaco.

In the current online gambling world, there are also devious casinos that do tend to take a higher advantage over players. Finding a secured casino with a player’s interest at heart is essential. Luckily, you can participate in the lowest house edge games, giving you an advantage over the casino. You can play such games and win various rewards while waiting for La Casa De Papel’s release.

Lucky Luna: Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna is an upcoming game announced at the Netflix Geeked Week 2022 event. The game is being developed by an independent studio called Lucky Luna Games. Lucky Luna is a two-dimensional puzzle game with an art style inspired by traditional Chinese art.

The game’s goal is to help Lucky, a young rabbit, escape a series of cages built by the evil Moon Rabbit. Lucky Luna is yet to be decided.

The Queen’s Gambit: Chess

This game is set in the world of The Queen’s Gambit, the critically-acclaimed limited series currently available on Netflix. The series follows the life of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who battles her way to the top of the competitive chess world.

The game will allow players to experience Beth’s story firsthand as they make their way through a series of thrilling matches against some of the most talented players in the world.

Benefits of Netflix Expanding Their Gaming Offerings

There are various potential benefits of Netflix expanding its gaming offerings. Some of the benefits of this expansion may include:

  • Increased library of games; Netflix will now have access to a much larger pool of games, including some of the most popular titles. This will give subscribers more choices regarding what they want to play.
  • Better quality games; Partnering with major gaming studios will allow Netflix to offer higher quality games than they could previously.
  • Enhanced features; Netflix’s new partners will also bring with them enhanced features and technologies that can improve the gameplay experience as it will create a big selling point for gamers who are always looking for ways to improve their performance.
  • Greater visibility for independent developers; It will give independent developers greater visibility as it is vital for supporting the industry’s growth as a whole.


Netflix’s expansion into the gaming industry looks to be very promising. They have already partnered with some big names in the gaming industry and have announced several new games that are set to be released soon. This expansion will likely result in an increased library of games, better quality games, and enhanced features for subscribers.

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