No Good Nick Season 3: Who Will Be the Cast in Season 3?

No Good Nick Season 3 is a hit comedy-drama series on American television. The main character of this series is a 13-year-old girl raised by a single parent. David H. Steinberg and Keetgi Kogan are the people who came up with this series. Pixie Wespiser is in charge of making the show. John Simmons was in the order of the movie’s camera work. Iron triangle productions were in charge of making this show.

Thompson, who was in business with her father, took advantage of him. Then, Nick was raised by a lousy couple who taught him how to trick people. And Nick is smart enough to get back at the Thompsons for his father. She has trouble carrying out her plan because she loves Thompsons. Adults liked the funny family drama. But there are also bad reviews of this series from people under 18.

No Good Nick Season 3 Release Date

The first part of No Good Nick was made available on Netflix on April 15, 2019. Everyone loved it, and it got to a rate of. On August 5, 2019, the second season of this show came out. There is no news about when season 3 will be out. Production has not yet begun. And there is news that the show will end because many parents didn’t think it was suitable for kids.

no good nick season 3

Nick No Good Story of Season 3

Ed took Molly and Nick to the bank to work for the day. Liz and Jeremy were asked some questions at the social service office. Nick stacked the cards at the charity poker tournament, and a good-looking volunteer questioned Molly’s ability to lead.

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On a 90s-themed day at school, Liz’s destiny brings her face to face with a rival. Nick gave her a plan to scam Ed’s wealthiest bank customer, but Molly found out, so he started following her. Nick then decided to teach Molly a vital lesson for following her.

no good nick season 3

Liz gets the job as a chef because she wants to help Ed and Jeremy. When the top chef sent a camera crew to a crescendo, Nick made a plan to let the rats out. The scandal returned to the restaurant, and Jeremy’s job as president was in danger. Nick robs a bank to pay off her father’s debt. Jeremy made plans for a perfect and memorable night. Nick now rolls up her sleeves to act.

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As the makers of the show have decided to end it. Due to low ratings, they decided not to bring the show back for a third season. But if it does come, it won’t be the same as a society since Thompson has a gay son. Gay kiss will be a part of the series that is very different from the rest. It could get more attention in season 3.

Season 3 of No Good Nick Cast

Season 3 of No Good Nick
Nick, the main character, was played by Siena Agudong. Nick is a thirteen-year-old con artist who wants to rob Thompsons to return to her father. He used what he knew about social media and wrote terrible reviews about Franzelli restaurant to ruin the whole place. Molly, one of Thompson’s children, was played by Lauren Lindsey Donzis. Kalama Epstein played Thompson’s oldest son, Jeremy.

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He also helped Thompson bring the restaurant’s reputation down. He came out as gay at the end of the season. Sean Astin worked at Overton Bank as an education loan officer. Mellissa John Hart worked as a chef and restaurant owner named Liz.

no good nick season 3

Becky, the leader of the squad, was played by Kyla Drew. Alex Poncio played Jeremy’s friend Jim at work. Nick’s friend Todd, played by Jerry Trainor, had a job. Gavin Lewis played Omar, who was Sam’s second son. Jonathan Silverman played the mob boss Paul. As a guest star, Ana Rey played the role of Sheri. Elaine Kao had the job of Ms. She also had a part in the show as a guest star.

The Third Trailer for No Good Nick

On March 28, 2019, the first trailer for Season 1 came out. On July 15, 2019, the trailer for the second season came out. Since there is no plan for making season 3, there is no trailer for it. There’s no chance of a third season.

Overall, no date has been set for when the third season will be out.


Unfortunately, the show was quietly canceled during the Emmy nominations frenzy. This shows that Netflix doesn’t think much of the show since their numbers show that not many people watched it. Before they found out the show was ending, the cast and crew of No Good Nick were sure that Netflix would order a third season. Sean Astin has given easy ways to get the show picked up for a second season. Not just the main thing to see.


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