Isn’t ‘On My Block’ not returning for Season 5 On Netflix?

On My Block Season 5: I’m not ready to say goodbye to Freeridge! Don’t worry, there’s a reason behind it!

It’s time to say goodbye to Netflix’s On My Block, as much as we want to stay with our gnomies forever. The series was a surprising hit for the streaming service, and with so much riding on the fourth and final season, we’re not sure we’re ready to leave Freeridge just yet.

Netflix, fortunately for us, has a few tricks under its sleeve, and it appears that things are only getting started. What does this mean for our favourite gang, though? Is this to suggest that On My Block isn’t going away after all?

Here’s what we know about why On My Block won’t be renewed for a fifth season, and what the replacement plan is.

Will There Be a Fifth Season of on My Block?

On My Block Season 5

Regrettably, when Netflix announced On My Block season 4, the streaming service also disclosed that it would be the series’ final season.

As a result, there will be no fifth season of On My Block. Fans of the programme will undoubtedly be disappointed. We all know how much Netflix fans adore this programme, its characters, and its actors, so it’s always bittersweet when a show like this comes to an end.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though!

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Does This Imply That We’ve Said Our Goodbyes to the on My Block Universe?

We’re not leaving Freeridge for good just because we don’t see our favourite crew anymore. Freeridge, the On My Block sequel series, was previously revealed by Netflix, and it appears that we got our first glimpse of it at the series finale, when a group of novices were peeking into the backyard during the show’s closing minutes.

According to Netflix’s press release, the sequel show will follow a new Core Four who live in town, and it will be a more female-driven show.

“In this On My Block offshoot, the adventures of Freeridge continue with a fresh band of pals who may or may not have unleashed a fatal curse, launching off an incredible adventure,” the streamer announced.

There’s no information on a release date or casting, but we’re holding our hopes that it means appearances from the original cast will appear at some point in the future!

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