Wotakoi season 2: Is It Officially Announced or Cancelled?

There is an increasing interest in anime and manga, especially when it comes to slice-of-life shows starring teenagers. It’s a notion that’s turned on its head in the anime “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku,” which has mature characters who are yet quite approachable.

In 2014, Fujita published “Wotakoi” on Pixiv as a webcomic. Comic Pool, a collaborative publication with Ichijinsha before the latter firm began publishing the comic in print a year later, soon included the series. There is an anime and a live-action film version of it. Another TikTok trend may be traced back to the anime’s opening sequence.

Otaku at work at an office is the focus of this show. Narumi is a fan of yaoi doujinshi and likes sketching. Narumi’s relationship with Hirotaka, a fellow gamer, allows her to embrace her geekiness without fear of being rejected.

Kamakura, Hanako’s high school sweetheart, is a manga and anime fanatic who spends his leisure time reading and watching. After becoming friends with the shy Kou, Hirotaka’s younger brother, Nao, gets increasingly interested in gaming and pop culture.

A large number of fans are eagerly awaiting news about the show’s second season. If it does come back, we may expect the following.

What Can We Expect From Wotakoi’s Season 2?

Most likely, the second season will pick off just where the first one left off, with no major changes. As Nao and Kou are eventually able to come to terms with their shared shame, they are able to come to terms and even go on a date that leaves them pondering their relationship in the process.

If the second season has the same number of episodes and OVAs as the first, it is feasible that volumes five through eight of the manga will be adapted.

As a result, there will be a hot springs episode, the first effort at cosplay by Narumi, Nao and Kou’s growing romance, and of course, the romantic moment when Kabakura proposed to Hanako after she misplaces the matching necklaces he gave her back in High School. Laughter, confusion, and, above all, love are guaranteed to be plentiful in this story.

Wotakoi Season 2 Release Date

There has been no word on whether or not the anime will return for a second season. A 4.8 out of 5 ratings based on 451 reviews from Amazon Prime customers is what the series has to offer. As of August 2020, Crunchyroll reports that more than 10 million copies of both physical and digital editions have been released.

There will be no surprise if there is a second season. However, considering the epidemic and the time it takes to produce anime, we may have to wait another year or two before seeing an on-screen.

A-1 Pictures hasn’t announced Season 2, and it’s not certain if there will be a second season. Season 2 has a better likelihood of happening because fresh volumes of the manga series are continually being produced. Wotakoi Season 2 is expected to be released in 2022 at the earliest, based on our best estimation.

The Cast of Wotakoi Season 2

To avoid adding additional otaku characters, this anime will likely stick with its core cast of six main characters alone. There is a good chance the voice actors from the previous season will return.

As Narumi Momose’s voice actress, Arsia Date (Yui Yumekawa in “Idol Time PriPara”) will appear, as will Kent Ito (who made a brief appearance as a police officer in the extended version of “Detective Conan” episode 1) as Hirokata Nifuji, Miyuki Sawashiro (“Kurapika in “Hunter x Hunter”) as Hanako Koyanagi, Tom

There hasn’t been any word on whether “Wotakoi” will have an English dub in the near future. Due to Amazon’s sole distribution rights in the United States, that decision would be up to them.

Where can I see it?

In Japan, the series was broadcast on Fuji TV from April 13 to June 22 this year. There are English subtitles and the original Japanese audio available on Amazon Prime Video. Its global appeal grew thanks to the addition of Amazon Video’s broadcasting rights and English-language programming.


Narumi is a Yaoi fan who works at an office as a covert admirer. Hirotaka, her childhood friend, is beautiful but a video game fanatic when she meets him at a new job. A solid love connection between two geeks is nearly impossible, yet they decide to get to know each other.


What is the best place to watch Wotakoi anime?

It’s now possible to watch the anime Wotakoi: Love Is Difficult for Otaku online. You may view it on Prime Video with a Roku device.

How many chapters are there in the Wotakoi novel?

there are currently 70 chapters in total, including volume 11 (excluding the OVAs), and the anime has adapted up to chapter 22 (excluding the OVAs).

Is Wotakoi worth watching?

In the end, I don’t think this anime achieves its full potential as a great romcom. There isn’t much development in the romance department, and the jokes are weak. This is a show about a couple of otakus and their everyday lives.

Otaku culture is the sole redeeming quality of this animated series, so that’s all we can say about it.

What is it about Wotakoi that makes it so popular?

One of Wotakoi’s distinguishing characteristics is that its characters are all well into their adult years. Adults who love anime, comic books, and video games can’t help but be nerds at heart.

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