Outlander Season 6: Is There a New Opening Credit?

After a two-year delay, Outlander Season 6 has finally begun. Starz broadcast the premiere on March 6 and it was the longest episode in the history of the historical drama. Season 6 of Outlander will be the show’s shortest yet, so how long can viewers expect each episode to be? The season consists of eight episodes, and we’ve got all the details you need to know.

The COVID-19 outbreak forced the postponement of a whole season of the popular show. The producers decided to wait until the Outlander production studio in Scotland had a comprehensive COVID-19 testing lab up and running before attempting to modify the program to have fewer people on set. The crew and cast were tested every day throughout the filming of the show, which lasted from January to June 2021.

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Outlander Season 6: Series storyline

Outlander Season 6

It is the narrative of Claire, a World War II medic who is on vacation in Scotland with her husband Frank in 1945 when the series begins. Claire is mysteriously sent back to the year 1743 while visiting the stone circle, Craigh Na Dun, where she meets and falls in love with Jamie Fraser.

When Claire is eventually allowed to return to her time, she discovers that she is unable to part with Jamie and is forced to remain in the 18th century until the Battle of Culloden threatens her and the couple’s unborn son.

Claire returns to the future for a short period to raise her and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, before time-traveling back to Jamie, who is soon followed by both Brianna and Brianna’s boyfriend, Roger, who are time-travelers too.

Outlander Season 6: Premiere Date

Starz confirmed on May 9, 2018, that the series would be renewed for two more seasons (season 5 and season 6).

As of the Season 5 finale, which aired on May 10, 2020, Droughtlander had the longest season of any of its previous seasons, and the longest episode of the drama was the Season 6 premiere, which clocked in at 90 minutes. (That’s a full-length feature film! A movie based on the Outlander series… now that is an idea.)

Season 6 premiered on March 6, 2022. The majority of Outlander episodes are between 55 minutes and one hour in length. 

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Outlander Season 6: Cast

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall Fraser, Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield, and Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall will all be back in the series finale. Ian Fraser Murray will be played once again by John Bell. However, Duncan Lacroix, who played Jamie’s godfather Murtagh, will not be returning because the character died in season five.

There are some new faces on the horizon, though, as Mark Lewis Jones, Alexander Vlahos, and Jessica Reynolds signed on to feature in the sixth season of the show. The three actors took on the roles of Tom Christie, Allan Christie, and Malva Christie.

Outlander Season 6: Plot

Outlander Season 6

Season 6 of Outlander continues the story of the Fraser family on Fraser’s Ridge as the American Civil War looms large in the background. More than that, new arrivals are also on their way. Meanwhile, Claire, who was brutally abducted and raped at the end of Season 5, will continue to face her demons.

Although Claire has been through a lot, she and Jamie will always have each other’s backs and are “as in love with each other today as they were from the get-go.” When Brianna, played by Skelton, learns at the end of season 5 that her assailant is still alive and maybe out to get her, she will be forced to face her demons in forthcoming episodes.

William, Brianna’s half-brother, was also revealed in the season 5 finale, along with the fact that Jamie’s family isn’t the only time travelers. Whether these storylines will be further developed in season 6 is still up in the air, but it seems likely.

Outlander Season 6: Opening Credit

Yes! Griogair Labhruidh and Raya Yarbrough recorded “Skye Boat Song” as a duet for Season 6’s opening title sequence, which was published in November 2021 by Starz (rather than the Season 5 version, which was performed by a chorus). Check it below:

Outlander Season 6: Episode Schedule

The sixth season of Outlander has eight episodes and began airing in early March and will wrap up in late April.

  • Echoes – 6th March 2022
  • Allegiance – 13th March 2022
  • Temperance – 20th March 2022
  • Hour of the Wolf – 27th March 2022
  • Give Me Liberty – 3rd April 2022
  • The World Turned Upside Down – 10th April 2022
  • Sticks and Stones – 17th April 2022
  • I Am Not Alone – 24th April 2022

Outlander Season 1 had 16 episodes, Seasons 2, 3, and 4 had 13, and Season 5 had 12.

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Outlander Season 6: Trailer

Starz released the trailer for Season 6 on January 19, 2022. The Revolutionary War is about to begin as per the official trailer, which runs for two and a half minutes and shows Claire declaring, “The tide has changed.”

Outlander Season 6: Will there be season 7?

Yes! Season 7 of Starz’s romantic, time-traveling series Outlander has been given the go-light, and there is a possibility of an Outlander spinoff! Starz renewed Outlander for a seventh season in March 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outlander Season 6 based on?

Season 6 will be, at least loosely, based on Diana Gabaldon’s sixth book in the Outlander series: A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Can Jamie Fraser time travel?

Jamie can’t time travel in the world of Outlander. Brianna and Roger have a little daughter named Mandy who can view people as different elements. Jamie is water for her. People she perceives as water can’t travel back in time.

Who knows Claire is a time traveler?

Marsali and Fergus appear to know this in the novels. Although they haven’t been explicitly told, Diana Gabaldon has confirmed that Claire, Bree, and Roger are time travelers.

Is Joanie Jamie’s daughter?

Joan Fraser is Fergus and Marsali Fraser’s second child and Jamie and Claire Fraser’s granddaughter.

Will Jamie Fraser go to the future?

Jamie hasn’t traveled to the future yet, and he won’t. No ghost doesn’t count here. That’s a different story. Of course, many fans want Jamie to go in the future.

Is there a happy ending in Outlander?

It’ll all work out in the end. Yes, there will be a happy ending in the final book. But fully expect it to leave the readers in floods of tears, regardless.


If the last five seasons are any indication, there will be a lot of trauma and emotion in this season’s story.
There’s a chance that this year will be the most challenging yet for the family. In addition, there will be lots of story twists and shocks tossed in for good measure.

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