Partner Track Season 2: Has Netflix Cancelled the Series in 2022?

Numerous individuals are interested in the new Netflix show Partner Track. After seeing the first season of Partner Track, they are eager to learn when the second season will be announced. Please read this article in its entirety if you are a fan of the second season of Partner Track and are interested in the most current developments.


The plot of the courtroom drama series Partner Track was influenced by Helen Wan’s novel of the same name. This series will demonstrate that Ingrid Yun is an independent, idealistic attorney.

She hopes to become a successful attorney in New York City, where she will fight for her moral principles and beliefs.

Partner Track Season 2

In Partner Track, the protagonist is a Chinese-American attorney with aspirations of becoming a partner in a prestigious New York City law firm.

And now, Ingrid Yun, a leader who has always adhered to her morals and beliefs, is almost in a position to realise her dream of becoming a partner at Parsons Valentine & Hunt. However, she must risk abandoning her own principles in order to achieve her goal.


If Teen Wolf returns, it’s a fair bet that Arden Cho will reprise her role as Ingrid Yun. It’s too early to know who will return, but it’s a good bet that Arden Cho will reprise her role as Ingrid Yun.

Lastly, there is Dominic Sherwood, who portrays Jeff Murphy. It appears he will be present as well.

Partner Track Season 2

Nolan Gerard Funk, who portrays the rival attorney Dan Fallon, as well as Alexandra Turshen and Bradley Gibson, who play Ingrid’s coworkers Rachel and Tyler, should also return to the office.

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Release Date

Following in the footsteps of The Lincoln Lawyer, Netflix’s latest legal drama is now streaming, adapts a well-known novel, and is almost certainly aiming for a second season, but fate had other plans. The series was cancelled by Netflix in November of 2022.


We are aware that the whole Partner Track fanbase is impatiently awaiting the publication of the season 2 trailer, but neither the second season of Partner Track nor the release date of the trailer has been announced. You can currently watch the trailer for the previous season.


Partner Track has only been on the air for a short time, but its first season has already amassed a large number of fans, positive reviews, and an IMDb rating of 6.8 out of 10.

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Not every Netflix drama is excellent. Sometimes the melodrama is overpowering, as in Emily in Paris, while social commentary is executed with the dexterity of a catcher’s mitt signature, as in Ginny & Georgia. The recent Netflix drama Partner Track strikes a near-perfect balance between drama oddities and genuine workplace commentary for a group of attorneys who are unlike their counterparts.

Georgia Lee is the series’ showrunner and writer, and Tanya Wexler, Adam Brooks, Lily Mariye, and Kevin Berlandi are the series’ directors. Arden Cho, Bradley Gibson, Alexandra Turshen, Rob Heaps, Matthew Rauch, Nolan Gerard Funk, Dominic Sherwood, and Roby Attal feature in this television series.

Partner Track follows Ingrid Yun, the first lawyer in her family and a first-generation Korean-American, as she aspires to become a Partner at her famous law firm. Audiences are privy to Ingrid’s struggles to excel at Parsons Valentine, where she must repeatedly prove her value, talent, and intelligence to the males.

On her route to Partner, she is able to overcome workplace barriers and break through the glass ceiling with the assistance of her friends. Ingrid must consequently not only advance her job as a lawyer but also make room for romance in her life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Second Season of Partner Track Be Produced?

Following in the footsteps of The Lincoln Lawyer, Netflix’s next legal drama is now streaming, adapts a famous book, and is almost surely targeting a second season, but it was not meant to be. Netflix cancelled the series in November of 2022.

What Does the Discontinuation of Partner Track Imply?

Marty acknowledged at the end of the season that he was aware Ingrid was arrested, and her failure to inform him was one of the primary reasons she was not chosen. Jeff betrayed Ingrid and notified Marty about her arrest, as he was the only other person who knew about it.


Partner Track was cancelled by Netflix in 2022. Ardenim Cho is likely to reprise her role as Ingrid Yun. Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Alexandra Turshen and Bradley Gibson should also return. The release date of the trailer has not yet been announced.

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