Primal Season 3: How Many Awards Has Primal Won?

Most TV series, if not all of them, have a very real fear of being cancelled. Undoubtedly, the axe will fall at some point, but WHEN? We have the most recent information on whether Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal will be cancelled or renewed according to our network of insiders and sources. You can keep track of the cancellation or renewal of “Adult Swim TV show Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal!

About Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal TV Show

Genndy Tartakovsky created and directed the American adult animated action horror television series Primal for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block Adult Swim. Primal is also referred to as Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal. A lot of fantasy, horror, action, and adventure are there in Primal, which is set in a purposefully inaccurate depiction of antiquity and depicts dinosaurs, early hominids, and Iron Age Homo sapiens coexisting inside the same barbaric time period. Primal’s initial 10-episode season was divided into two 5-episode sections.

On October 8, 2019, Adult Swim broadcast the series’ premiere. The next week, new episodes were released every day. One episode from the second half of the season debuted on April 1, 2020, with the final episodes following five weeks later on October 4, 2020. The show received a second season order in August 2020 for a total of 10 episodes with a July 22 premiere and a September 16 finale. Following the completion of the “Spear and Fang” plot in the second season finale, Tartakovsky declared that Primal would start airing as an anthology series in the third season .

Primal Season 3

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Season 3 Cancelled or Renewal Status

According to, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal has yet to be cancelled or renewed for Season 3 on Adult Swim as of October 17th, 2022. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is monitored by us every day, and we’ll update this page as soon as it’s cancelled or renewed. Keep up with the newest developments by bookmarking this page and returning frequently.

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How Many Awards Has Primal Won?

The television programme Primal has received three Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Juried Awards for Storyboard Artist Genndy Tartakovsky, Art Director Scott Wills, and Character Designer Stephen DeStefano.

What Is the Show, Primal, About?

When dinosaurs roamed the earth and early humans had to rely on their instincts and hunting prowess to survive in that harsh, primitive world, that is when Primal is set. Spear, a caveman, and Fang, a female Tyrannosaurus, are the two primary characters.
After Spear’s partner and their kids were slaughtered by a dinosaur species known as Horned Tyrannosaur idea and Fang’s hatchlings were also killed by the same pack of dinosaurs, the two develop an odd relationship. The friends’ connection that was established by tragedy grows stronger, and they start to rely on one another for both companionship and safety.

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Who Are the Characters and Cast Members of the Show, Primal?

The majority of the characters’ sounds in the television programme Primal are grunts, roars, or screams; there is actually very little conversation in the programme. Here are some of the animated characters from Primal, some of whom have multiple roles played by the same voice actor:

  • Aaron LaPlante provides the voice of Spear, Aaron LaPlante provides the voice for Ape Man 3
  • Aaron LaPlante provides the voice of Big Gorilla.
  • Aaron LaPlante provides the voice of the shrieking caveman.
  • Aaron LaPlante provided the voice of Viking.
  • Voiced by Aaron LaPlante, Viking C
  • Aaron LaPlante’s voice is used as Constable.
  • Latitia Edo provides the voice for Mira.
  • Adam Fergus provides the voice of Celtic Chief.
  • Fred Tatasciore provided the voice of the Viking Chieftain.
  • Featuring Fred Tatasciore as Eldar
  • Featuring Fred Tatasciore as Giroud
  • Voiced by Fred Tatasciore, Man-Man
  • voice of MyAnna Buring as Rikka

Primal Season 3

  • Jacob Dudman provides the voice of Charles.
  • Voice of Stevens by Jacob Dudman
  • Jeremy Crutchley provides the voice of Lord Darlington.
  • Voice of Bertie by Jeremy Crutchley
  • Tom Kenny provided the voices for Ape Man 1 and 2.
  • Blakely, who is Giles Matthey’s voice,
  • Jon Olsen provided the voice of Ape Shaman.
  • Jon Olsen’s voice is heard as Krog.
  • Voiced by Darin DePaul, Viking A
  • Voiced by Darin DePaul, Viking B

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  • Voiced by Darin DePaul, Viking D
  • voice of Amanda Troop as Lula
  • Voices of Amanda Troop’s Baba, Haga, Kira, and Deena the witches


The American adult animated action horror television series Primal was produced and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Primal features a lot of fantasy, horror, action, and adventure while taking place in a historically inaccurate time period. Three Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Juried Awards have been given to the programme. In the world of Primal, primal humans had to rely on their innate instincts and hunting skills to survive. The two main characters are Fang, a female Tyrannosaurus, and Spear, a caveman. There isn’t much conversation in the programme; most of the character sounds are grunts, roars, or screams.

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