Psychic Princess Season 2 Release Date Latest Updates

This comedy-drama animated series from China has become a household brand because to the success of its second season. It’s up to Jeremy Chen to do the camera work. Based on popular games like PUBG, Tencent Animation and Comics developed the series.

The anime series was released by Haoliners Animation Studios. Tong Ling Fie is the series’ Chinese title.

This is the storey of a little girl who has been blessed with a unique set of abilities. During the first season, there are only 16 episodes, each of which clocks in at around 20 minutes long.

The series ran from November 2018 to April 2019. A second season of the show is in the works because of the tremendous reception it has received from viewers. Look at what the series has in store for us and what fans can expect. Psychic Princess’ second season will be discussed at length.

When Will the Season 2 of Psychic Princess Be Released?

More than two years after the first season aired, the show’s creators have not announced plans for a second.
As reported by a number of media publications, the show was delayed because to the pandemic, which prevented any animation or production work from being completed at the time.

Assuming the studio hasn’t released any official information, we’re left to make our own educated guesses. As a result, keep an eye out for any additional information on this subject. Setting their sights on the goal. Psychic Princess Season 2’s release date has not yet been announced.

There is no set date for the second season’s release, but fans may expect it to arrive before the end of 2022, when the first season concludes in its current form. Season 2 of the psychic princess

Season 2 of Psychic Princess Plotline

There will be a continuation of the first season’s storyline in the second season. The main character of Psychic Princess is a little girl named Qian Yun Xi. Her father’s eldest daughter happens to be the country’s prime minister. He took her there at just eight years old because she was born with unique gifts.

When she turns 16, her father informs her that Prince Ye You Ming has already been arranged for her marriage. Prince, her father’s archenemy and the nemesis of her father’s, is a cruel guy. In order to save her younger sister, she agrees to marry him.

At this point in the storey, the spotlight changes to prince Ye and Qian Yunxi. When Prince Ye is taken to a spooky house to scare the Queen, this is all part of the plan. Watching these two interact in a variety of settings is always entertaining. Everything goes downhill from there when it is revealed that Princess has psychic abilities.

At the conclusion of the season, the younger sister of Psychic Princess brings a Taoist master with her to banish the ghosts from the palace.

After seeing this, Qian Yunxi destroyed all of the Taoist master’s spells. The Taoist Master promises to teach the Psychic Princess when she impresses him. Yet Prince Ye shows up and asserts that Qian Yun Xi is his sole possession.

A List Of Anime Characters With Psychic Abilities

Ye You Ming, Qian Yunxi’s wife, is also a Psychic Princess. Eventually, though, it’s discovered that our prince charming is more than just a cruel and wicked villain. Instinctively, he suspects that the princess has ulterior motives.

Since then, the Rice Ball has accompanied the young master on his ascent of Mount Lin Yun.

When it comes to “Sesame Seed,” his persona is, well, sketchy at best. Although it’s implied in the beginning that this is some sort of ghost, he has since been proven to be nothing more than a demon in disguise. YunXi’s friend later becomes his best friend.

The more you know about the characters, the more engaged you’ll be with the storey.


To date, neither the production company nor the creators have made an official announcement, but a teaser trailer may be on the way to build interest in the upcoming second season. So be sure to come back with us for the latest specific updates on Psychic Princess 2.

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