Queer Eye Season 6 Release Date Latest Updates!

Since the revival of Queer Eye premiered in 2018, the Fab Five have been transforming people’s lives and making Netflix viewers cry happy tears. Nevertheless, like the rest of the entertainment industry, reality television has been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Season 6 of Queer Eye has been postponed, but the streaming service remains steadfast in its commitment to presenting more of the show’s inspiring tales to the masses.

Unlike the original Bravo show’s concentration on fashion, the new Queer Eye remake focuses on improving people’s lives through makeovers, but the new Fab Five go well beyond fashion to aid the average individuals, or “heroes” as the men call them, profiled in each episode.

As a result of the assistance of Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness, the people featured are urged to improve their lives by concentrating on their mental and physical health as well as making improvements to their houses.

From little communities outside Atlanta, Georgia, to Japan, the Fab Five have visited a new place each season. You may expect a new town to be conquered by the lads when season 6 finally starts, but the question of when they can return to work remains open.

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When Will the Season 6 of Queer Eye Air?

In 2018, the reboot premiered, and since then, fans have been treated to two seasons a year: one in the winter, and one in the summer or early fall. According to a typical year, season 6 would have premiered during the next few months of Season 5’s release. Sadly, these extraordinary times are anything but typical.

According to Berk’s PureWow interview from July 2020, the show was in the early phases of filming when Austin, Texas, was put under lockdown due to coronavirus. At the time, he claimed, they were in the middle of filming Season 6. “In Austin, we managed to get through one episode.

As a result, we had to cease filming because everyone had been confined. But we’ll be returning at some point this year.” Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented the team from returning to filming in 2020, and Berk offered an update with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in November that hinted fans may have to wait a long time to see season 6 of Queer Eye.

That’s why we don’t use a studio for our show,” the man said.

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“Whether it’s shopping at a supermarket or dining at a restaurant, we’re out in the real world. Having conversations with strangers in public. There is no way to protect the cast and crew from harm… There is a vaccination in the works and we hope to be able to resume normal operations as soon as possible.”

It turned out that he was correct. The shots have been administered, and according to a tweet from Berk on January 29, the cast is back on location in Austin, Texas, ready to begin production on the new season. It’s apparent that the filming has been going smoothly since then.

The show’s official Instagram account teased fans with a batch of behind-the-scenes photographs at the end of April. While we don’t yet have an official release date, the resumption of production is a promising hint that the group will return to Netflix by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

Will the Entire Cast of Queer Eye Be Back for Season 6?

Although each member of the Fab Five has been working on their own projects during the production pause, the entire group will be back for the finale. They all aim to return to work as soon as it is safe to do so, including Berk, Brown, France, Porowski and Van Ness, who were all filming in Austin when season 6 was cancelled.

It’s too early to speculate on who might appear in the new season’s cast of characters. Fans will always remember the likes of Tammye, the first female hero on the show, and Tom, who reconciled with his ex-wife in season 1. For the time being, fans will have to wait for the show to resume filming so that we can meet the next group of heroes.

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Where Will the Sixth Season of Queer Eye Be Filmed?

Prepare yourself, Queer Eye enthusiasts, for season 6 will take place in Austin, Texas. As Berk previously disclosed, the programme had already established a base in the town prior to production being suspended, and he can’t wait to see more of the city once filming resumes.

“I cannot express how wonderful Austin is,” Berk told PureWow. “Unfortunately, I was only there for about a week and a half before the city was closed, but it is such a lovely city. It’s incredibly green. It’s a really outdoorsy city. It was quite reminiscent of Los Angeles.”

He also waxed lyrical about the cuisine scene, which he’s eager to explore upon his return. “The culinary scene is incredible,” he stated. “I’m originally from Texas — specifically, Houston — and this is not a dig at Houston, even if it is: Austin is simply the best city in Texas. It truly is.”

Of course, Texas has been making headlines recently for some less-than-fantastic reasons. Jonathan Van Ness discussed the recent destruction caused by a severe cold snap that knocked out electricity to millions throughout the Lone Star State in a February interview with Bustle, and how it may factor into their plans for season 6.

“I believe that, particularly in light of recent events in Texas, there will be a large number of homes in need of assistance, as well as a large number of people in need of assistance. Thus, I believe we have our work cut out for us “‘He stated.

“Texas is in desperate need of affection, optimism, and tender loving care. It’s been a difficult period for everyone there, and I’m greatly looking forward to returning when it’s safe to do so. And we do have plans to do so.”

Speaking of trying times, Karomo Brown recently told Deadline in a digital interview that the new season will not shy away from addressing the pandemic and the ramifications for the community, thus season 6 will feature lots of healing.

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Is There a Trailer for Queer Eye Season 6

Season 6 was only about a week into filming when production was halted, hence there is currently no trailer. However, you can know that when the boys resume filming, the season 6 trailer will be especially dramatic.

As Berk noted to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Queer Eye is unique in that it could not possibly exist on a closed set. The boys want to interact with the heroes at their homes and places of work, and to shower them with hugs along the route.

Once things return to normal (or at least the new normal), filming can begin, and the Fab Five and Netflix will finally be able to gift fans with an Austin-set season 6, complete with all the group embraces and happy tears viewers have grown accustomed to from the reality show.

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