Rake Season 6 Release Date: Will There Be a Revival for the Following Season?

One of the most popular television shows of the last decade was first aired in Australia a decade ago. Rake, a comedy-drama show that premiered on November 4, 2010, is today’s subject of our discussion. Despite its modest visuals, this series has become a critical and popular success.

Since the first season, there have been five seasons, and each one has exceeded expectations. First impressions weren’t great, but things changed dramatically due to increased viewership. Fans were delighted with Rake’s insightful depiction of Australian life. With a long controversy surrounding the show’s creators (Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, and Charles Waterstreet), Rake is still making people wonder about the show’s future.

Actor Richard Roxburgh has greatly appreciated his work, including by the series’ critics. After the first season aired, Rake was in a mediocre state until a few years later, when it began to gain traction. There is still a place in the hearts of viewers for this Australian series. Thus season 6 is the most pressing issue.

Rake 6th Season Premiere Date

Rake Season 6

From September 6 to October 25, 2012, the whole second season of The Walking Dead was broadcast on television. The subsequent seasons, which aired nearly two years apart, debuted in 2014, 2016, and 2018, respectively. Rake has made many appearances during the show’s five seasons, from the first to the final.

In addition to India, Ireland, and Thailand, the show is now available on Netflix in several other countries. In the ratings, Rake had a large following, which boosted its TRP and ratings. Although there were hopes for a continuation of the series, it has now been announced that there would be no further seasons, and season 6 has been canceled.

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In 2020, it felt like a void without the last season. Even though everyone knew season 6 would not be coming, all the fans hoped that the pandemic would arrive in 2020 and they would be able to watch the following season. However, this is quite unlikely, given that Rake season 6 is already confirmed to be canceled.

The Cast of Rake Season 6

  • Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh)
  • Russell Dykstra plays Barney Meagher.
  • Scarlet Meagher (Danielle Cormack)
  • Cathy Brazer, in the role of Wendy
  • As Fuzz Greene, Keegan Joyce takes the position.
  • Pickering’s Missy Partridge in Missy Partridge
  • Nicole Vargas, played by Kate Box

The Plotline of Rake Season 6

Rake Season 6

Cleaver Greene is a criminal defense attorney representing the unjustly incarcerated, including bigamists, cannibals, and everything in between. In both the courtroom and the bedroom, he is a savior of the downtrodden.

A talented but self-destructive Sydney barrister (Richard Roxburgh) plays rake Cleaver Green in this film. Rake is an Australian television series produced by Essential Media and Entertainment that premiered on ABC1 in 2010. Audience Network is DirecTV’s home for the show in the US, where it airs.

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The second season it premiered on September 6, 2012, for those who missed it. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has also renewed the show for a third season. No Keegan Deane (Greg Kinnear) is the lead character in a new American adaptation of Rake commissioned by Fox, which will air in the United States. Throughout the series, Greene defends a new client.

Age Rating of Rake

Rake has yet to be rated. At the moment, there is no way to access the rating. The parental rating will be updated soon. In general, parents should presume that the content is not suitable for children under 13.

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Is It Worth It to Watch Rake Season 6?

Rake Season 6

Season six of the Rake is here; as always, it’s worth keeping an eye out for. The Rake has been a show that has been able to live up to people’s expectations and maintain its relevance to this day. And this year’s Rake is even more spectacular than the last one, leaving you wishing for more!

Season 6 Trailer for Rake

There has been no trailer for Rake Season 6 since its formal cancellation. You may binge-watch previous Netflix episodes, but only in certain countries.


Is Rake Canceled?

Rake has officially been canceled. There will be no sixth season.

When did Rake Originally Come Out?

The Rake was first released on Wednesday, July 13, 2011.

How Many Seasons of Rake are There?

There have been a total of five seasons.

Is Rake on Netflix?

We do not track Netflix release dates; however, you may find out if Rake is available on Netflix by visiting NetflixDates.

What Time does Rake Come on?

Rake premiered on ABC at TBA ET / TBA PT. Rake air timings can also be found in different time zones.


On July 13, 2011, ABC aired the debut episode of Rake. Richard Roxburgh, Peter Duncan, and Charles Waterstreet devised Rake’s comic TV show. Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Kate Box, and Caroline Brazier star in the show. There have been five seasons so far. The series presently has an IMDb rating of 8.6 out of 10 based on 5,454 user votes.

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