Reginald the Vampire Season 1: Date, Time, and Where to Watch the Upcoming Episode 4?

Reginald The Vampire, based on the books by Johnny Truant, flips the script on the usual vampire fare. Reginald, just changed, finds himself in a world populated by vain and attractive vampires. Because of this, Reginald faces new challenges, such as dealing with a bullying boss, developing feelings for a human female, and evading the assassination attempts of the vampire chieftain.

Reginald the Vampire Season

When Will Episode 4 of Season 1 of “Reginald the Vampire” Air? The fourth episode of Reginald the Vampire Season 1 is currently under production. Most viewers are eager to find out when the fourth episode of Season 1 of Reginald The Vampire will air, as well as who will be in it. This page has been revised to include the most recent information about Reginald the Vampire, Episode 4 of Season 1.


Episode 1

A vampire witnesses a man mistreating a woman and decides to confront him. After concluding that the man is, in fact, a jerk, he launches an assault on him. The virtual reality world now features a motivational speaker, who is revealed to be Reginald.

On the job, Reginald is met with mild abuse from his supervisor because of his size. The atmosphere here is best described as slushy. Vampire dude walks into slushie stand, places an order. Reginald pauses for a moment to talk to himself aloud.

Vampire man enters and identifies himself as Maurice. Reginald ignores Maurice’s encouragement to ask Sarah out on a date. Then, Maurice uses vampire powers to make him want to ask her out on a date.

He makes the first move by asking her out, and she gladly accepts. The next time her employer tries to ask her out, she rejects him. With the date looming large, Reginald enlists Maurice’s assistance.

The two are just friends, but Maurice is curious about Reginald’s lack of dating experience, so he asks him a few questions. They are trying to help Reginald have a nice time on his date, but other vampires have shown up in the pub. When Maurice walks outside to speak with them, he brings Reginald along, but the female vampires are intent on attacking him.

They strike in a frenzy, biting Reginald in the neck, and Maurice joins in. A single stabbing with a plank of wood reduces his victim to dust. When Reginald accepts Maurice’s offer to save him (transform him), Maurice forces him to swallow his blood. Reginald begins to doubt himself and his vampire status.

Maurice tells Reginald that he will be trapped inside his body forever and that a huge vampire is extremely rare and hence may not be accepted. Reginald faces the consequences of being a vampire the following day, including his inability to go out in the sunlight. He dresses warmly for his commute to the office.

He developed a craving for the blood of his coworkers due to his job, but he restrains himself. After a long day at the office, Maurice reminds him of the importance of eating or risking a full-blown hunger attack.

To keep Sarah safe, Reginald ends things with her. Maurice admits that he shares all of Reginald’s emotions. The events leading up to Maurice’s transformation into a vampire are revealed in a flashback scene.

Reginald wants Maurice to be his friend and guide him through the transition to life as a vampire, and Maurice reluctantly accepts. It seems that the woman who transformed Maurice is the current leader of the vampires. In search of Reginald, she says.

Since becoming a vampire, Reginald has been curious about his new abilities. Sarah comes knocking at Reginald’s door to declare her love for him, but all he can think about is the blood she’s been spilling. With a yelp, his teeth come out.

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Episode 2

Reginald Episode 2 of The Vampire premiered on October 12, 2022, and was titled “The Hunger.” In this episode, we saw that Reginald had a hard time mastering feeding himself. Reginald has a serious hunger problem, yet he is a lousy self-feeder. While he is feeling great after his first meal, he is aware of Maurice’s precarious situation due to their close bond. In Angela’s mind, the name Reginald is derogatory.

As it stands, Reginald doesn’t match the description. Angela believes Maurice is to blame for her mistake, therefore she intends to burn him alive. However, once he eats, Reginald changes his mind and rushes to help. In the course of this, Reginald discovers a latent talent of his own. To sum up, he was a success. Meanwhile, Mike and Maurice go to Angela’s house after he invites them there to learn more about them before he asks her out on a date.


Jacob Batalon, as was previously announced, will play the primary role of Reginald. Batalon makes his television debut in Reginald the Vampire, despite his widespread recognition from his portrayal of Ned Leeds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man flicks.

Reginald the Vampire Season

Batalon is joined by Mandela van Peebles, who plays Maurice Miller in the series as Mayor of Kingstown. As Reginald’s “vampire life coach,” Maurice has the difficult task of guiding him through the transition to the vampire lifestyle. Sarah Kinney, Reginald’s human coworker, plays Em Haine in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. It’s up to her, with Reginald’s help, to learn to stand up for what’s right.

 Total Episode

1 Dead Weight

Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 60 Minutes, 

Before his transformation into a vampire, Reginald Andres lives a life of postponed ambitions.

 2 The Hunger

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.,

In this chapter, Reginald attempts to learn how to feed himself. But as he goes, he unearths a hidden ability.

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3 Hypnosis

October 19, 2022 Wednesday 60 mins

The first date for Reginald and Sarah. Chaos reigns!

4 All The Time In The World

Wed, October 26, 2022 60 mins

The transformation begins in 1972, when Angela meets Maurice in Oakland, California.

5 Fools In Love

2 November 2022 60 mins

Angela commissions a notorious vampire killer with Reginald in mind. Reginald won’t be able to spot her coming.

6 Halfway To A Threeway

Wed, Nov. 9, 2022, 60 mins

Reginald and Sarah are about to have the night of their lives. Except if one or both of them pass away before morning.

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Release Date

Released for the first time on October 5, 2022, Reginald The Vampire is one of the most successful American television series. The first few episodes of this show were so well received that the producers decided to give it an entire new season.

Yes! Season 1 of Reginald the Vampire has finally premiered, and a few episodes have already been shown. After the success of the previous episode, viewers have been wondering when they can tune in to Reginald The Vampire Season 1 Episode 4. Episode 4, when will it be released?

It looks like October 26, 2022 will be the day that you can watch Reginald the Vampire, Season 1, Episode 4.

 Now Available On Streaming Services

Online platforms are paving the way for the OTT release of television shows and movies, and as a result, they are quickly becoming some of the most popular places to watch TV shows.

These numerous online platforms make it simple for binge watchers to access these programmes with minimal effort, which has contributed to the rise in viewing rates. Reginald the Vampire, Episode 4 from Season 1 is also available for streaming.


Checkout the trailer Vampire season 1 episode 1:-

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will We Get to See More of Reginald the Vampire?

There will be 10 episodes in the premiere season of Reginald the Vampire. That means there are only six more episodes to go after this one.

The Vampire Reginald: Where Can I Find It?

Syfy is the only U.S. network where new episodes of Reginald the Vampire will air. There is currently no debut date announced for audiences in the UK and elsewhere. However, similar Syfy shows have shown on Sky Max in the past, so it seems likely that this will happen as well.

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