Reprisal Season 2 Release Date: Is Reprisal a Limited Series?

Reprisal is one of the best American streaming TV dramas. No, I’m not a crazy person who watches a lot of dramas. However, if you’ve reached this page, you’re probably at the right place.

An unrelenting femme fatale is left dead in this action thriller about a vengeful assassin. An all-out assault on a band of gearheads concludes the film’s last act.

The second season of Reprisal. There is no more new content on Hulu for the first season of “Reprisal,” which premiered on December 6, 2019. There is a lot of excitement among fans (including mine) about the upcoming release of the new chapter.

This post will provide you with the most recent information about the show, including what will happen in Season 2, who will be cast, and more. Using my tactics, I’ll demonstrate why this is a terrific chance for you.

Season 2 of Reprisal About

Reprisal Season 2

Reprisal Season 2 is eagerly anticipated by fans (including me). The show’s actors and story are to blame for the high enthusiasm.

Reprisal, a fast-paced revenge drama from Hulu, is back for a second season. It is around a brave woman who was a victim of domestic violence. When she is left to die, she launches a campaign of revenge. She sets out to wreak havoc on a bunch of gearheads and succeeds admirably.

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During the first season, there was a lot of action, suspense, and drama to keep you entertained. There was never a dull moment in Reprisal Season 2. Warren Littlefield hosts the show.

Find out what occurs in the second season of Reprisal.

Reprisal’s Season 2 Story

Reprisal Season 2

Reprisal’s first season immersed us in a universe where men rule supreme. Season 2 of Replay featured some of the show’s darker themes. The second season was filled with firearms, bloodshed, drugs, gore, and other ominous elements of the supernatural variety. In practically every episode, there is also murder and treason.

To use a metaphor, the story is about a phoenix that rises from the ashes. Dorris is the new name given to the brave woman who has gained a new identity. Her murderers’ gang was the target of her vengeance, and she and Ethan worked together to get even.

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She murdered Burt in the end. She is still left with nothing despite exacting her delicious, torturous revenge. Despite this, the characters are just flung about. If Reprisal is renewed for a second season, they will have a decent life.

The Premiere Date for Reprisal Season 2

Reprisal Season 2

Let me swing the hammer right away instead of letting it dangle. I’m sorry to have to break the news to you. The season has been canceled. The final episode of Season 1 of Reprisal was shown to the audience. As a result, there will not be a second season.

Hulu confirmed that the show had been canceled. There will not be a second season, Madison Davenport has assured. Count me among the season’s ardent admirers and diehards, as you may be aware. However, despite all of this, the season will not end.

Recap of Season 1 of Reprisal

You, my dear fans of web shows, haven’t yet. Here is a brief synopsis of the series to give you an idea of what you may expect. In a nutshell, the series revolves around a woman on a quest for vengeance against the gangsters who abandoned her to die.

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She fought back when her brother and an outlaw band tried to kill her. Now that they believe she has died, they live a carefree existence. Will they be able to confront her directly since she’s been presumed dead for so long? Is she going to succeed in her mission? Take a look at this spine-tingling series.

The Cast of Reprisal Season 3

Reprisal Season 2


  • Katherine Harlow / Doris Quinn as the supporting characters
  • Rodrigo Santoro portrays Joel Kelly.
  • Mena Massoud shows Ethan Hart.
  • Madison Davenport portrays Meredith Harlow.
  • David Dastmalchian plays Johnson.
  • Rhys Wakefield plays Matty.
  • Earl Wavy Jonez (Craig Tate) and Cordell (Wavy Jonez)
  • Shane Callahan in the role of Brutus
  • Cochrane portrays Burt in the film.
  • Lee DeLaria portraying Queenie
  • Bethany, It is Molly Quinn, played by Anne Lind, who has taken Jack’s life for the past few years.
  • Gilbert Owuor portrays Bash Brannigan.

Trailer for Reprisal Season 2

For your viewing pleasure, here is the trailer. In addition, other trailers for the same season are available on YouTube and elsewhere. There is no Season 2 Trailer. However, there are a few videos out there that explain why the show was canceled. You should check it out if you’re so inclined.


Who is the actress in Reprisal?

Lea DeLaria stars in the television drama Reprisal.

What does Reprisal mean?

Many people like this form of retaliation.

Is Reprisal a limited series?

December 6, 2019, was the premiere date for Reprisal, an American streaming television drama series. After only one season, the show was abruptly canceled in June 2020.


With 3,477 votes, Reprisal has an IMDb audience rating of 7.5/10. There’s no doubt that the game’s popularity has risen among all of its devotees.

Reprisal’s second season is one of the best in recent memory, yet the show has been canceled. The show has been officially terminated following its debut season.

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