Rilakkuma Theme Park Adventure: When It Will Be Renewed?

Rilakkuma is everyone’s favorite cute stop-motion bear. The next episode of the animated series, Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure (called in Japan), will be on Netflix in August 2022. Here’s what we know about the Netflix show Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure is a stop-motion animated miniseries coming out soon. It was made by San-X and is part of the popular Rilkakkuma franchise.

Rilakkuma by San-X has been one of the most popular things to come out of Japan in recent years. He is a cute character like Hello Kitty.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Netflix Release Date

The first season of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will be on Netflix on August 25, 2022.

It’s not the only anime coming out in August 2022, either. Kakegurui Twin and Dota: Dragon’s Blood is also worth watching.

Rilakkuma Theme Park Adventure Instagram

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Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure About

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will come out on Netflix at the end of the summer. The Japanese teddy bear is part of a group of characters made by San-X, similar to Sanrio but not the same company.

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Rilakkuma and his friends, a white bear named Korilakkuma and a yellow bird named Kiiroitori, have been on many things, from comics to stationery. In 2019, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, a stop-motion animated show, became their first Netflix show.

Rilakkuma Theme Park Adventure

On August 25, a sequel to Rilakkuma and Kaoru will be available on Netflix. Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and their owner, Kaoru, will be back in the show Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure. Netflix Anime announced the release date and a series of posters showing the characters on rides.

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Cast and Director

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will follow these well-known characters as they go to a theme park that is about to close and get into all kinds of trouble.

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Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure doesn’t have many other plot details known, but there will likely be a lot of fun shenanigans to watch throughout the season. The new posters show some of the rides the characters will go on and give the impression that the whole series will have a charming look.

Rilakkuma Theme Park Adventure

The show will have eight parts. So far, only Kaoru’s voice has been made public. Mikako Tabe will voice the Japanese version again, and Lana Condor, who was in the movie “To All the Boys,” will say the English dub. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will have eight episodes, all of which will be written by Takashi Sumita and Makoto Ueda. Masahito Kobayashi will be in charge of directing.

The Plot of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Kaoru go on an adventure to the theme park. Still, with closing time coming up soon, they have a series of funny mishaps and events as they try to have a fun day in a short amount of time.

The Cast Members of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure

  • Lana Condor, who played Kaoru in the English dub of Rilakkuma and Kaoru, is back to play the part.
  • Mikako Tabe will play her role again in the Japanese dub of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.

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  • We don’t know anything else about the cast of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.

The Episode Count for Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will have 8 episodes, which has been confirmed. The length of each episode will be about 15 minutes.

Rilakkuma Theme Park Adventure

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Filmed

IMDb says that filming took place in Tokyo, Japan, from August 25, 2021, to November 9, 2021.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Rilakkuma and Kaoru an Anime?

Even though Kaoru’s life isn’t fascinating, she gets to go home to a cute, lazy roommate who is a soft toy bear. Advertisement: Rilakkuma and Kaoru is a stop-motion anime based on the popular San-X characters that started streaming on Netflix on April 19, 2019.

How Old is Kaoru in Rilakkuma and Kaoru?

It’s the combination of the silly and the everyday. Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori look like stuffed animals, making the show seem like it’s for kids. However, Kaoru is a young woman in her twenties with problems that young women her age have.

Is Rilakkuma a Girl or Boy?

Korilakkuma is genderless. Korilakkuma has no official gender, which is a fun fact! They are often seen wearing both male and female clothes.

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