RPDR Uk Season 4: Episode 2 Ranking, And Release Date!

This is the UK version of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Power Rankings. In this weekly feature, we’ll discuss the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 and name the winning queens and the ones in need of she-mergency care.

Le Fil

(last week: 9)

Le Fil would have been my choice for this week’s victor if only one could be declared. His rap for the assignment was great (“Le Fil-osophical!”), and his neon runway outfit, which he described as “Naomi Campbell doing community service,” was spot on.

RPDR Uk Season 4

It managed to be both funny and horribly depressing. I’m glad he won this week, especially after all the hard work he put into the choreography, but the fact that he shared the victory with his teammates makes the RuPeter Badge seem less meaningful. But I am confident that Le Fil will rise again to the top. I’m a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, therefore feel free to call me a Le Fillion.


(last week: 6)

Baby may not have won the week, but I still have good reasons to rank her so highly. First of all, she was the focus of the episode’s narrative throughout, both because of her relationship with special guest judge FKA twigs and because of her dissatisfaction with her team’s performance.

Moreover, the judges were so impressed with her own performance that they laughed off any little criticisms they may have had of her runway ensemble. For Baby, it seemed like a setback that would be made up for in the next episode. Who knows? I’m currently riding high on Baby’s success.

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Dakota Schiffer

(last week: 11)

For Dakota, this was a remarkable recovery. She did a fantastic job putting together her crew, and she made the right call in entrusting choreography to Le Fil. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy reading her rap, I thought she sounded wonderful and looked beautiful in her Elesa from Pokémon Black and White–inspired catwalk ensemble.

Like Bimini before her, I think Dakota’s bottom finish in the first episode was merely a temporary setback. Her only option is to improve, and she is doing just that.

The Perfect Amount of Cheesy Beauty

(last week: 4)

Cheddar, who seems to be putting a lot of stock in the alien queen premise, is becoming more and more intriguing to me. Her stanza in “Come Alive” had a haunting, lyrical rhythm that set it apart from the rest of the group.

In a stunning outfit that was clearly inspired by mushrooms, she glided down the runway. Cheddar has done an excellent job this week, and she would be towards the top of the list if she received a little more tale emphasis. Sadly, she is located at place #4, just on the edge of the territory.

Daniel Beard

(last week: 5)

A lot of the show’s focus has been on Danny because of all the confessionals she’s been getting and because she seems to be the most willing to dish the dirt for the cameras. That’s a great trait to have on any reality show, but I doubt it’s what Drag Race UK is looking for in its champions.

The fact that Starlet was eliminated this week raises the possibility that the standards for a winner are shifting. And if Danny can maintain up a high level of performance and some degree of runway variety, she’ll be in this fight for a while.

Black Peppa

(last week: 1)

Critiques issued soon after an early triumph, especially if they are primarily couched in positive terms, are a favourable indicator for a frontrunner. In another reality, Peppa, as team leader, might have been held much more accountable for the team’s loss. (Ask Synthia Kiss.)

The judges, however, paid less attention to her supporting role and more to her rap and the Diana Ross-inspired catwalk. Even when they criticised her dancing in the challenge for being excessive, they did so in a way that made her talent seem even brighter by proposing just minor adjustments. That’s a strong indication that the judges intend to keep Peppa around for the rest of the season.

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Unicorn Courtesy

(last week: 8)

Pixie, more than anybody else on the winning team, saw her victory as the zenith of her drag career, and hence as the most fertile source for future narratives. My only qualm is whether or not we’re reaching this climax too quickly.

Play out the rest of the season however you choose, Pixie! In any case, Pixie has quickly become one of my favourite cartoon characters, and I just adored her hand-painted coat from this week. She elevated the ensemble by matching the hat and shoes to it. In my eyes, she is on the up-and-up, but her ultimate success is yet to be determined.

Copper Topp

(last week: 10)

Due to the team-judging system, all the anticipation that this would be Copper’s chance at redemption after last week’s bottom three finish was for naught. Although Copper did achieve victory, so did five other queens.

In addition, I had assumed she was the least capable member of her team, which meant she would gain the most from the set-up of the competition. In any case, on the bright side, I like her “New Romantic era meets pantomime” style. FKA twigs’s characterization of it as “the Marge Simpson spring collection” just added to my enjoyment.

Sminty Drop

(last week: 2)

Drop After coming so close to winning last week, Sminty crashed and finished ninth this time around. She admitted to Baby and the rest of her team that she had made a mistake and took responsibility for it. At least her problem sprang from ambition rather than cowardice.

RPDR Uk Season 4

Another thing that worries me about Sminty is that the judges have already called her out for using the same silhouettes over and over again. If she doesn’t quickly produce an explanation, Michelle Visage will make a point of bringing it up every time she dons a similar dress.

Jonbers Blonde

(last week: 7)

I find it hilarious that Ru has taken to calling Jonbers by a shorter form, and I hope this becomes a running gag where she eventually has to clarify the full name. There must be a fantastic justification behind it! Ru’s internal reaction, though, has comic potential.

On the basis of this week’s performance alone, there was no doubt that Jonbers deserved to be in the bottom two. It’s great that she was able to salvage the competition with her lip sync, but she’ll need more than that to win.


(last week: 3)—ELIMINATED

Really shocked that Starlet came in second after Ru’s high praise for her in the pilot episode. But, as I hinted at in my summary, I think that’s probably a positive thing in the long term. After Season 3, the queens on Drag Race UK had become predictable, but with Ru’s apparent chosen one out of the picture, the stage is set for a wider variety of queens to shine.

Starlet’s overly cautious challenge performance and her overly serious delivery of her neon demon runway both lacked any sense of fun, so Ru made the right move in cancelling both of them. I’m sorry to see Starlet go, but I think this will make for a much more interesting season overall.

Release Date

On October 27, 2021, BBC Three made the announcement on Instagram that they would be airing a fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. The call for auditions went out that very day, and it will close on November 10, 2021.

As of September 7, 2022, the cast was unveiled. “Hometown” was the slogan for the campaign. The news of Cherry Valentine’s death on September 18, 2022, was reported on September 23 and the second episode of the season was devoted to her.

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