Savage Beauty Season 2 Renewal Status: Who Is the Show’s Main Character?

Savage Beauty, a new South African thriller series, made its Netflix debut on May 12, and viewers couldn’t wait to dive in. The first season included a lot of drama and twists and turns, and viewers weren’t disappointed.

Many people have already finished the entire first season and are asking if there will be a second one because there were just six episodes. We’ve outlined what we know so far regarding a coming second season of Savage Beauty below.

Zinhle Manzini, a woman who has suffered a tragic past, seeks revenge on the family of beauty moguls that harmed her in Savage Beauty.

Season 2 of Savage Beauty Cast

Savage Beauty Season 2

The Savage Beauty cast has done an excellent job with their roles, and we can only hope that the show’s creators will keep bringing out the best in each character.

Rosemary Zimu plays Zinhle, a young woman who is the show’s main character. The show tells her life story and reveals deep secrets about her past. Here is a list of all the actors who will be in Season 2 of Savage Beauty:

  • Don Bhengu is a character that Dumisani Mbebe plays.
  • Grace Bhengu is the new name for Nthati Moshesh.
  • Namitha Ben-Mazwi played the role of Linda Bhengu.
  • Thando Bhengu is played by Angela Sithole, who covers the screen.
  • Oros Mampofu returns as Ndu Bhengu.
  • Jesse Suntele is Phile Bhengu

Has Season 2 of Savage Beauty Been Renewed?


Savage Beauty Season 2

Blood and Water, an African original, has been picked up for two more seasons. When this was written, the show Savage Beauty had not been picked up for a second season. Considering how it ends, though, that could easily change.

Not only that, but Blood Sisters is currently trending at number 8 on UK Netflix as I write this, so there’s no reason why Savage Beauty won’t do the same.

Before renewing a show, Netflix usually looks at some factors, like how many people watch it at first and how many stop. Some shows, like Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars, are canceled or renewed quickly. Other times, it can take months before Netflix decides a show’s future.

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So far, critics and audiences have been pretty positive about Savage Beauty. However, some people have said the show has a pretty simple plot. We’re going out on a limb and guessing Savage Beauty will be renewed for a second season based on how the show ended and how people reacted to it.

When we find out more in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sure to add accurate information to this section.

The Plot of Savage Beauty Season 2

Savage Beauty Season 2

Savage Beauty is a fictitious drama about social issues. It centers around the show’s main heroine Zinhle, performed by Rosemary Zimu. Zinhle is a fascinating character, and the series tells the story of her glamorous existence and the terrible secrets that lie beneath it.

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Zinhle is seen carrying the burdens of her terrible past and her journey to exact revenge on the famed and influential Bhengu family. The Bhengu family is incredibly wealthy and compelling, with a global beauty empire.

The Bhengu family’s terrible secret is later disclosed in the episode when it is revealed that the family tests their harmful beauty goods on poor and innocent children.

When Will Savage Beauty Season 2 Come Out?

Savage Beauty Season 2

The first season of Savage Beauty ended a few days ago, on May 12, 2022, on the popular OTT platform Netflix, and the renewal process is on hold. According to recent news, there has been no news about whether or not the series will continue. This African series could be renewed or canceled, but there hasn’t been an official update yet.

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But given how many people have watched since the first season of Savage Beauty came out, we can expect the creators to make a second season. So, we have no news about when season 2 of Savage Beauty will be out.


Is Savage Beauty a Limited Series?

Savage Beauty has not been renewed for a second season as of this writing. Given the finale, that may quickly change. After all, another African Original, Blood, and Water, has been extended for two seasons.

Savage Beauty Has How Many Seasons?

One Season

The thriller series has only one season, which is currently available on Netflix.

Who Created Netflix’s Savage Beauty?

Quizzical Pictures

Savage Beauty, produced by Quizzical Pictures and directed by Lebogang Mogashoa, stars Rosemary Zimu as Zinhle, a fascinating young woman with a tragic history who seeks vengeance on the powerful Bhengu family.

Who Is the Writer of Savage Beauty?

Lebogang Mogashoa

You’ll want to catch the upcoming original program after you learn more about it! Lebogang Mogashoa produced the South African television series Savage Beauty. The series was directed by Denny Y. Miller, Thati Pele, and Rea Rangaka from screenplays co-written by Mogashoa, Nelisa Ngcobo, and Neo Sibiya.


The program Savage beauty is known for shedding focus on different societal challenges that the impoverished and vulnerable face in their daily lives. This show is a fictional account of rich people’s evil deeds towards the poor and vulnerable.

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