Season 2 Tell Me Lies: 2022| Is Hulu Continuing the Season 2 or Not?

The second Season Tell Me Lies is a retelling of three classic princess stories, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, set in Nashville, Tennessee. Hulu has not yet decided whether or not to pick up the show for a second season. Also, Lovering hasn’t written a sequel to the novel, but White insists that this has nothing to do with whether or not the series will be taken up.

Season 2 Tell Me Lies


Since it seems like Season 1 doesn’t go past that time period, other than the brief flash ahead to Bree’s wedding, perhaps a future season might cover Lucy and Stephen’s complicated lives beyond college.

The second-to-last episode also serves as a setup episode for other storylines. After Lucy leaves a note in the dean’s office with the instruction to “Ask Drew Wrigley about the night Macy Campbell died,” campus police begin looking into Drew’s whereabouts on that fateful evening. The note Lucy wrote to shield Stephen sets off a chain reaction.

Drew’s paranoia causes him to fight with his brother during a party, and Wrigley breaks his leg when he falls off the balcony. The breakup occurs after Wrigley falsely accuses Pippa of delivering the letter. Pippa subsequently has a confrontation with Lucy, claiming that Lucy’s thoughts are clouded when it comes to Stephen and that Pippa can no longer trust her.

In addition, Stephen drives out to the spot where Macy was killed. He breaks down in tears for a moment, giving off the impression that he knows more than he is letting on about what happened that night.

At the same time, he expresses satisfaction towards the episode’s end, suggesting he may be okay with letting Drew take the fall for whatever he did. Wrigley gets drunk at Bree’s wedding after someone mentions his brother in the pilot, so we may assume the worst for Drew.

At last, Lucy tells CJ how she feels about her cheating on Lucy’s dying dad. Nearing a reconciliation, Lucy’s anger at Stephen’s arrival shatters the moment, and CJ’s apparent dislike of Stephen’s makes it clear that he is not liked.

Lucy erupts and runs off when CJ tells her that she’s back with the man she cheated with. This argument, like the one with Pippa, seems to suggest that Lucy’s time spent with Stephen has made her more prone to explosive outbursts and a lack of trustworthiness, neither of which bode well for their future together.

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The rest of Lucy and Stephen’s pals, including Bree (Catherine Missal), Pippa (Sonia Mena), Wrigley (Spencer House), and Evan (Evan Peters), will all be back, with Van Patten and White (Branden Cook).

CJ (Jessica Capshaw), Lucy’s mother, will also appear, after she and Lucy had a heated argument in the last episode. It’s possible that Alicia Crowder’s Diana and Benjamin Wadsworth’s Drew will make a return as well, however this would just cause additional tension between Lucy and Stephen if they did.

Tell Me Lies: Will Hulu Bring Back Season 2?

As of this writing, Hulu has not picked up Tell Me Lies for a second season. Grace Van Patten told Screen Rant exclusively that she has not yet been informed of her status for season 2 of Tell Me Lies, despite the fact that she very much hopes to be renewed for the show.

Season 2 Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies’ success on Hulu and elsewhere hinges on its streaming volume, as well as external factors like the show’s reception on social media and other platforms. While the audience score for Tell Me Lies is only 56%, critics give movie an 86% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Release Date

If Tell Me Lies gets picked up for a second season, its return might come sooner than fans think. The first season of Tell Me Lies didn’t even release on Hulu until September of 2022, despite having only begun filming in February of that year. A season 2 launch on Hulu in the fall of 2023 is possible if the show is renewed for a second season and production begins in the first half of that year.


People are incredibly interested in the upcoming second season of Tell Me Lies and can’t wait to find out what happens. But alas, there has been no word from the show’s producers about a second season, and there are still no spoilers for the next Tell Me Lies season.

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All eyes are on the ratings when evaluating a programme. When it comes to determining whether or not a show will be cancelled, ratings are usually the most reliable indicator. If you have good ratings, you have a better chance of making it. The programme has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, earning a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb and a 56% average rating on Rottentomatoes.

Season 2 Tell Me Lies

To my knowledge, this is the first television show to accurately depict what it’s like to date or interact with a narcissist. Some of the reviews I read remarked on how out of the ordinary and even terrifying Stephen was. If you’ve never been in a toxic relationship, consider yourself lucky; if you have, this may not be for you. To get an idea of Amazfeed’s opinion of the show, imagine a score of 6.8 out of 10.


Honestly, I was taken aback by how deeply I had come to care for this show. The idea of the timeline, which spans from the middle of the 2000s into the past, is fantastic, and I love it. Indeed, that is a wonderful plan. In addition, I appreciate the emphasis placed on hiring new faces. The performance is superb, and I feel compelled to say so.

It’s both extremely provoking and appealing. The show’s soundtrack is well-timed and fits the various scenes well. The songs are absolutely fantastic. Cinematography, costume design, and set design are all noteworthy as well. The flawless acting and intricate plot are what stand out to me the most.

There’s elation, deception both big and tiny, and something more I can’t quite place here. Wow, awesome job coming up with something original and stylish.


Checkout the trailer season 1:-

Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episodes

  • S1E1: Lightning Strikes
  • S1E2: Hot-Blooded
  • S1E3: We Don’t Touch, We Collide
  • S1E4: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
  • S1E5: Merry F*cking Christmas
  • S1E6: And I’m Sorry if I dissed you
  • S1E7: Castle on a Cloud
  • S1E8: Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion
  • S1E9: Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging
  • S1E10: The Bedroom of our Friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Second Season of Tell Me a Story Is Based on What Stories?

The second season is a retelling of three classic princess stories, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, set in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tell Me Lies Was Shot in What Locations?

The Atlanta Metropolitan Area in Georgia is said to have been the setting for some scenes in the film Tell My Lies. Most of the series takes place on the campus of Agnes Scott College because Baird College is fictitious (though there was a real all-Baird women’s College in Missouri in the late 1800s).

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