Selling Sunset Season 5: Here Is Everything We Know About!

Selling Sunset is returning for a fifth season, and we only have one month left until the premiere. Get ready for plenty of drama and high-end real estate.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, Netflix announced that the reality television series would be returning with the release of a series of photographs, one of which included Chrishell Stause and her now ex-husband Jason Oppenheim, who was previously married to Chrishell.

Despite the fact that we don’t yet know the entire plot of season 5, we do know that it will include details of Chrishell and Jason’s romance, as well as the introduction of a new agent.

So, when is it going to be back? And, if they ever were friends, are Chrishell and Christine back together again?

This page contains all of the information you have to know about Selling Sunset season 5 as the series begins to Netflix, including the cast and where the show left off in the previous season.

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What’s the Storyline Sunset’s Season 5?

Reality TV doesn’t slow down, as the upcoming season of Chrishell Stause & the Real Housewives of Orange County will make their romance public for the first time.

By sharing images from their vacation to Capri with Mary Fitzgerald and her spouse Romain Bonnet and Jason’s twin brother Brett, Chrishell and Jason made their romance public in July 2021. They’ll all go on vacation to Greece as soon as they hear the news, with Amanza Smith and Heather Rae El Moussa both noting it’s “crazy” to them and “insane to her.”

From Instagram, this content has been re-posted here. Their website may have the same content in a different format, or it may have even more information about the subject matter. Chrishell dismisses the accusations by declaring, “We’re not criminals, we didn’t commit a crime,” before kissing her beau.

The pair announced their separation in December 2021, around the time season five ended, so it’s unclear if the show will depict the rise and fall of their romance in the same set of episodes.

Sadly, Maya Vander, who revealed her third baby during season four, confirmed in December that her baby was stillborn. She’ll still be pregnant and getting ready for the baby’s arrival in the next episodes. The crew has yet to decide how to handle this, so it’s possible they’ll cut Maya’s story entirely to save her any further grief over her loss.

Heather’s wedding to Tarek El Moussa in October is likely to be removed from the next episodes because of recording agreements with a competitor show. Real-life celebrity couple Tarek and Heather tied the knot at Paradise Springs vineyard in Santa Barbara, where they shot a Discovery+ show on their wedding preparations.

From Instagram, this content has been re-posted here. Their website may have the same content in a different format, or it may have even more information about the subject matter. They first refused to allow any filming for either show at their wedding, but they later changed their minds.

“It took Tarek and I months to determine whether or not we were going to video our wedding but all of the preparations, events, etc leading up to it,” Heather subsequently said on Instagram. In the end, we did want all of you to be a part of our wedding because “a marriage is something so personal to us and we didn’t want to have any hate or anyone weighting down on our love.”

Amanza and Christine were also absent from the Big Day. Maya, however, was present.

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Who’s in the Cast of Selling Sunset Season 5?

Christine Quinn, whose status at the Oppenheim Group was placed into question in the season four finale, will be back for season five.

Christine has guaranteed that she will appear in “every single episode” of the upcoming season, despite the fact that she and her husband Christian drove off in their Lamborghini following a friendship-ending argument with Mary. That doesn’t guarantee that her relationship with the other girls will be much better, however.

Her displeasure with her co-stars were vented on Twitter in October 2021, when she accused them of excluding her from group shots and making fans believe she had quit the programme. It’s been a long time since she had to deal with it, she stated in an email.

“Seasons 4 and 5 of Selling Sunset feature me in every scene. The girls don’t include me in their pictures. “I’m not going to sit on my phone all day trying to establish that I’m filming a TV show because I have real work to accomplish. I’ll see you all there.” An accompanying video showed her in the Oppenheim offices, where she sat behind her coworkers as they snapped photos together while she sat at her desk.

There will be a significant portion of the series without newcomer Vanessa Vilella due to her battle with Long Covid during the lengthy production. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her, but Page Six recently caught up with her, and she addressed her upcoming absence from half the season 4 action: “I was sick for five of the 11 weeks of filming that I worked on. We began filming as soon as I received my COVID in August, so they clearly didn’t want to wait for me.”

She said she was taken home from the scene because she was having dizzy episodes, and that she had to take a break because of it “It’s still a problem for me. I was unwell for too lengthy and you’re going to witness a little bit of trouble with Vanessa in work.”

Instagram content has been used to populate this page. At their website, you may be able to access the same content in a different format or extra information. Chelsea Lazkani, the Oppenheim Firm’s first on-screen Black cast member, will join the team as a British real estate agent. Previously, Chelsea worked for a competing firm, Rodeo Realty, after receiving her real estate licence in 2017. She’s happily married with two children and eager to return to the professional world after a little hiatus.

According to what she told the media, she said: “Great opportunities, I believe, come with far greater responsibilities. This was an opportunity for me to give back, educate, mentor, and encourage the advancement of Black women in the luxury real estate industry.

I was able to deal with this because I knew that I had a higher mission in life.

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Is There a Release Date for Season 5 of Selling Sunset

‘Selling Sunset’ fans had to endure an excruciatingly long hiatus between seasons 3 and 4. The show didn’t return for another year and a half and a half between its August 2020 and November 2021 return dates.

Fortunately, it appears that Season 5 won’t be too far off. An exciting statement was made by Chrishell Stause on November 26 in the Instagram comments of a post honouring the show’s great global Netflix audience. In response to a comment from Cheyanne Chevalier, one of our fans, we wrote: “When will Season 5 be released so that the cast and crew may begin production on Seasons 6 through 10? “Season 5 won’t be too lengthy of a wait! Finally, we’re done filming!”

Mary Fitzgerald corroborated this in a subsequent Instagram post a few weeks later as well. On December 19, 2021, Mary uploaded an image of her ringing the show’s distinctive golden bell with the comment “Lots of today because we have been officially completed with Season 5!” We have no idea why there was a three-week lag between these two posts, but the important thing is that Season 5 is officially over. According to the same Netflix press release, fresh episodes of the show will be available on April 22.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Selling Sunset getting a 5th season?

Selling Sunset season 5 is now! Season 4 hit the streaming service this winter, and the cast has announced that season 5 is on the way.

Is Christine in Season 5?

Christine resorted to social media after fans realised she was missing from most public trips with her coworkers to clarify her participation on the show. “I’m sick of talking about it.” I am in every episode of Selling Sunset seasons 4 and 5.

Where can I find the fifth season of Selling Sunset?

April 22 is the release date for the fifth season of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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