Senor De Los Cielos Season 8 Release Date: Is Aurelio Casillas Returning?

“El Senor de Los Cielos” (Lord of the Skies) is an American television show that won an International Emmy Award. This Telenovela-style Spanish telenovela tells the actual narrative of Mexico City. The drug kingpin Aurelio Casillas is at the center of the action-packed plot.

He aspired to be the king of the drug trade. El Seor de Los Cielos’ upcoming eighth season will premiere very soon on television. That’s correct, as you may have suspected. Season 8 of El Senor de Los Cielos has yet to be announced, which has piqued fans’ interest.

The Casillas family is always there for Aurelio. Casillas has the support of his brother, Chacorta, throughout his business endeavors. His wife is Ximena. Rutila, Heriberto, and Luz Marina are their three lovely children. On April 15, 2013, El Seor de los Cielos premiered its first season. There are several mysteries in El Senor de Los Cielos Season 8. First, let’s find out when El Senor de Los Cielos Season 8 will premiere.

Cast and Crew of El Senor de los Cielos season 8

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

When it comes to El Senor de Los Cielos Season 8, we can witness a slew of returning cast members from seasons 6 and 7. Let’s see who else will be appearing in this show.

Rafael Amaya, who portrays Aurelio Casillas in El Senor de Los Cielos, is the show’s most prominent cast member. On the other hand, El Senor de Los Cielos supporters can no longer anticipate him returning for the upcoming season.

When the show’s seventh season premiered, he made a brief appearance. Season 7 of El Senor de Los Cielos was diminished by Rafael’s absence. But he did make a cameo in the spin-off series ‘El Chema,’ where he played himself.

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In the next eighth season, viewers can expect to see a lot of Robinson Daz. Although he appeared in the first season as Miltón Jiménez, it wasn’t until the sixth and seventh seasons that we saw him again. Rutila Casillas’ children have grown up with each new season, and Carmen Aub now plays Rutila Casillas. She’ll play a lot more daring character than she has in previous seasons in the upcoming season.

Season 8 of El Senor de Los Cielos will undoubtedly feature Matas Novoa as Amado Casillas, another notorious drug lord and head of the Juárez cartel. Apart from the major players, only a few characters will be added to the cast for an extra dose of brilliance to this brilliant crime thriller.

El Senor De Los Cielos Season 8 Premiere Date

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

Telemundo announced on February 15, 2022, the streaming house for the series El Senor de Los Cielos, that the show would be renewed for its eighth season in 2022. As a result, El Senor de Los Cielos fans were disappointed when the streaming service revealed that Season 7 was the final season and that there would be no Season 8 in 2018.

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As a result of the show’s renewal for a second season, viewers’ enthusiasm is high. Currently, no date has been set for the premiere of El Senor de Los Cielos Season 8. However, production on Season 8 is scheduled to begin in 2022 and be completed in 2023. As a result, we may see this incredible series again in the year 2023.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Season 8?

El Senor de Los Cielos, a famous Spanish crime drama, is known for airing lengthy episodes. It was the third season’s record for most episodes ever, with a total of 104 installments airing on the network. The Spanish crime drama’s seventh and last season debuted on October 14, 2019, and concluded on January 31, 2020.

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The episodes were aired daily on weekdays, with Saturday and Sunday being the only days they were not aired. Despite this, this season of El Senor de Los Cielos ran 75 episodes. As a result, the forthcoming season is expected to contain at least 75 episodes.

Recap of Season 7 of El Seor de Los Cielos

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

There were several unexpected twists and turns with so much going on in Season 7 of El Senor de Los Cielos. In this season of El Senor de Los Cielos, Amado turned on himself and attempted to resurrect Aurelio and many painful scenes. The supporters were heartbroken by the deaths of Pulque and Doa Alba, but their assistance to Aurelio in a problematic situation left a lasting impression on the fans.

Revival by Aurelio Casillas

Doa Alba seeks to revive Aurelio with the help of a specialist at the start of season 7 of El Senor de Los Cielos. At the same time, the Casillas save Amado from American and Mexican forces. However, as he was dying, their efforts did not appear to bear fruit.

Amado’s Rescue Strategy

Nothing goes in the Casillas’ favor. They devise an escape strategy from Amdo, but the heavy forces and security concern them. Their attempts to save Amado were disastrous. Under strict guard, he was transported to the United States of America.

Bid by Casillas Aurelio, farewell

Po José Valdivia, one of the Casillas clan’s most fearsome foes, enters the picture. He begins carrying out his plans for vengeance against the Casillas family. Javi was the first person on his list to be eliminated. While the Casillas family bids farewell to their dear Aurelio and returns to the game stronger to safeguard their family,

Luz Marina Is Protected by Amado

Between Amado and Renzo, a war begins. Amado learns that his niece, Luz Marina, is in danger, and he attempts to inform his family of the threat. Po José, on the other hand, is after his stolen 300kg of cocaine and has dispatched a kidnapper to Diana’s mother and sister.

With various ups and downs in the Casillas family, Season 8 of El Senor de Los Cielos will answer many outstanding questions. Keep an eye out for El Senor de Los Cielos Season 8’s release date. El Senor de Los Cielos is the right watch for you if you enjoy crime, drama, and long-form series!


Is Aurelio Casillas returning?

El Senor de Los Cielos (Lord of the Skies), the international Emmy award-winning series, will return for a ninth season, with actor Rafael Amaya reprising his role as Aurelio Casillas.

How Many Seasons Does Senor De Los Cielos Have?

Currently, there is 7 season.

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