Sex Education Season 4: When Will the Season 4 Come Out?

One of Netflix’s most popular smash hits, Sex Education, has us eager to see what season three contains.

It’s a relief to know that Season 4 has already been confirmed. But is this the beginning of the end of the series? Who knows where they’ll go next after the cliffhanger season three finale.

Whatever the case, we can bet on a few awkward sexual experiences as the young people attempt (and frequently fail miserably) to make sense of their lives and find love in the best possible way.

Everything we know so far about when we’ll be back in Moordale may be found in this article.

Spoilers for Sex Education 4: What can we expect?

sex education season 4
sex education season 4

Moordale Secondary School is being sold to developers at the end of Sex Education season 3. Thus the sixth graders will have to find other schools and institutions for their last year. Season 4’s cast will undoubtedly be drastically altered if all kids decide to go separate ways. What are the chances that Moordale isn’t saved?

Season 3 ended with some relationships in limbo, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens to our favorite characters. When Maeve returns from her trip to the United States, will she and Otis be reunited? Eric and Adam may reconcile.

Will Aimee be able to achieve her full potential as a single woman? Lily and Ola’s romance will likely evolve beyond alien sex to more “real-life sex” in the future. The future of Jackson and Cal’s friendship is unknown.

Then there’s Jean’s baby bombshell, which is fun. A paternity test may have come back differently after she gave birth to a baby girl (and nearly died). Are Joy and Jakob not related?

The Cast Of Sex Education Season 4

sex education season 4
sex education season 4

Otis and Eric will be back. Asa Butterfield and Ncuti Gatwa will be back as our favorite duo. A lot of people will see Gillian Anderson again. She’ll play Jean Milburn, too.

Probably, we’ll also see a lot of Otis and Eric’s classmates return at the end of their last school year. They include Aimee (Patricia Allison), Ola (Patricia Allison), Lily (Tanya Reynolds), Adam (Connor Swindells), Viv Odusanya (Chinenye Ezeudu), Ruby, Anwar (Chanel Kular), Kyle (Jojo Macari), Rahim, Cal (Dua Saleh), Dex (Lino Facioli) and more.

All three of the actors who played Jakob and Maureen Groff will also be back. Alistair Petrie will play Michael Groff, and Samantha Spiro will play Maureen Groff.

The show is also said to be adding two more trans characters to the cast in season 4. Not yet, but keep an eye out.

The Release Date of Sex Education Season 4

sex education season 4
sex education season 4

There is no word on the release date of season 4. When the show starts filming, it all comes into play.

In April 2022, Sex Education season 4 will begin production, which could premiere in late 2022 or next year. Assuming there are no COVID-19 delays this time, the wait for season 4 will be significantly shorter than during the third season’s production.

Is Simone Ashley Going to Leave Sex Education?


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Sex Education is going away, according to RadioTimes. The bad news is that Simone Ashley won’t be back as Olivia in Sex Education season 4. She won’t be coming back to the teen show at all. Simone is going to focus on Bridgerton instead.

On April 12, she appeared on this Morning’s British talk show and talked about her Sex Education plans. How often do you get asked this question? I get asked that all the time. There is no way I’m still a “Bridgerton girl.”

She played Kate Sharma in the second season of Bridgerton and was the show’s star. Bridgerton season 3 is coming up soon, and she and her on-screen husband Jonathan Bailey will both be back in their roles.

Because Simone won’t be in future seasons of Sex Education, we understand that she has to move on to other things that are better than this one.

Is Emma Mackey Going to Be Leaving Sex Education Season 4?


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Season 3 of Sex Education ends with Maeve leaving Moordale for school in the United States. After kissing Otis and finally giving in to their feelings, Maeve decides to do something for herself.

In the last scene of the season, Maeve says goodbye to Otis and Eric and then leaves Moordale to fly to the United States. She said her goodbye was more like a “see you soon,” even though it felt like a solid goodbye.

Maeve’s stay in the US was said to be for only a few months, which means that she could return to Moordale shortly.

If Emma Mackey comes back, we won’t know for sure until closer to the show’s end. Maeve and Otis’ relationship can’t be left on a cliffhanger like that again.

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