Shetland Season 7 Release Date: It Will Renewed on September 2022!

Douglas Henshall played DI Jimmy Perez for the last time in season 7 of Shetland. The series ended with a dramatic episode where Jimmy had to make a decision that would change his life.

The famous actor said this was the last time he would ever play a cop. But fans will be happy to hear that the show will go on with a different actor in the lead role.

Henshall says, “After the fifth season of Shetland, David Kane and I decided that we wanted to do two more seasons to finish Jimmy Perez’s story. So, series 6 and 7 were ordered simultaneously so that we could spend the Perez story in a good way.

“One of the best parts of my career has been playing Jimmy Perez for almost ten years, working with many great people in front of and behind the camera, and spending so much time in Shetland. So much of our show and Perez himself was about the Isles. Both he and the place will be missed. I hope that whatever comes next goes well for everyone.

Before starting this one, you should watch the last one because the story will continue from there.

So, if you haven’t seen Season 6, there are spoilers ahead!! OK, now you know…

Duncan (Mark Bonnar), the father of Jimmy’s stepdaughter Cassie, was arrested for the death of lousy guy Donna Killick at the end of the last season (Fiona Bell).

And Jimmy was also arrested because it was said that he tried to hide his friend’s crime. After a year, this series picks up the story.


shetland season 7

Before the finale, everyone was wondering: Will Jimmy get a happy ending? Or will something terrible happen to him?

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Since Lucianne McEvoy’s (Meg Pattison) first appearance in the sixth season of Shetland as the nurse giving palliative care to Donna Killick, who was dying, there has been a spark between her and Jimmy. Could they go together into the Shetland sunset…

Lucianne tells us, as a tease for the end, that she thinks they’re a good match. “I do! I don’t think either will make things too easy for the other. I was thrilled with how the writers and directors handled the scenes. I liked that they gave Meg a voice and let her say, “Actually, I think you’re wrong, I don’t agree” — not many people say that to Perez because he’s usually right!”

Shetland Season 7 Release Date

According to whattowatch, The seventh season of Shetland ended on September 14, 2022, at 9 p.m. on BBC1. But the good news is that you can still watch all the episodes on BBC iPlayer.

Shetland Season 7 Release Date

In the United States, the show is likely to go back to BritBox.

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Shetland Season 7 Plot

At the end of the last season, Duncan went to the police and turned himself in. Jimmy tried to stop him by saying, “You don’t need to do this,” but Duncan said, “Yes, I do.”

But this plot doesn’t take up most of this series. At the start of the series, Douglas tells us that time has moved ahead a year, and Jimmy is back at work.

shetland season 7

“All those things, like the year-long suspension he’s been on, are ending, and then he’ll be back at work. It all wraps up pretty quickly. We could use a proper arc because we had seasons six and seven to wrap up the show, and I think he’s just getting to the point where he’s not sure if he still thinks it’s worth it. I think he realizes there’s more to life than being a police officer.

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In this series, the team is looking for Connor, a “vulnerable young man” who has gone missing on the island of Shetland.

Danny Cairns, who plays Connor’s father and is played by Andrew Whipp, isn’t really who he says he is, and as the story goes on, it starts to get a little bit more political. He also says: “The family has its history, which we begin to piece together. It’s put together very well, and I think it will keep people guessing until the end.

Is Julie Graham Back in Shetland Season 7?

Yes, it was great to see Julie Graham back as procurator fiscal Rhona Kelly, who is in charge of the police investigations.

About Rhona’s return at a critical point in the investigation, Julie said, “She comes back right in the middle of it, that’s right! She comes back at a great time to make things right, or at least try to make things right. It’s a very unusual crime, especially for Shetland, but the story behind it is very plausible: eco-warriors or eco-terrorists, depending on your point of view.

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“So, yeah, it’s a big mess up there, and I think that’s why this season is so interesting. It’s a perfect plot because it’s very accurate and vital.

Shetland Cast

Douglas Henshall, who played Perez, is back, as are Alison O’Donnell, who played DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh, and Steven Roberston, who played DC Sandy Wilson. Mark Bonnar also played the part of Duncan.

shetland season 7

Here is the complete list of actors:

  • Douglas Henshall – DI Jimmy Perez
  • Alison O’Donnell – DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh
  • Steven Robertson – DC Sandy Wilson
  • Mark Bonnar – Duncan Hunter
  • Julie Graham – Rhona Kelly
  • Erin Armstrong – Cassie Perez

Lewis Howden – Sgt Billy McCabe

  • Anne Kidd – Cora McLean
  • Angus Miller – Donnie
  • Lucianne McEvoy – Meg Pattison
  • Conor McCarry – PC Alex Grant
  • Anneika Rose – Maggie Kean
  • Shauna Macdonald – Rachel Cairns
  • Laurie Brett – Alison Woods
  • Patrick Robinson – Lloyd Anderson
  • Andrew Whipp – Danny Cairns
  • Nicholas Nunn – Connor Cairns
  • Lauren Conroy – Abbie Cairns
  • Sorcha Groundsell – Bryd Fleming
  • Stuart McQuarrie – Murry Rankin
  • Antony Strachan – Ally Flett
  • Grant O’Rourke – Jamie Narey
  • Pauline Turner – Sheena Davidson

Will Shetland Be Back for Another Season?

Yes! Even though Douglas Henshall has left, the BBC says there will be a new season. In the spring of 2023, season 8 of Shetland will begin filming on the Shetland Isles and in other parts of Scotland.

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How Do I Find Old Episodes of Shetland?

Season 6 of Shetland can be watched on BritBox in the US and iPlayer in the UK.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Can I Find Shetland Season 7?

You can now stream “Shetland – Season 7” on BritBox, BritBox Amazon Channel, and BritBox.

Is Shetland Season 7 on Britbox?

BritBox got season 7 of Shetland on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, just before the season finale, which was a touching farewell to Shetland by the main character.

Where in Australia Can I Watch Season 7 of Shetland?

  • Kayo Sports.
  • Kayo, this is Telstra.
  • Foxtel from Telstra.
  • Main Event.
  • Optus Sport.
  • DAZN.

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