Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Shomin Sample, based on Takatfumi Nanatsuki’s light novel series, was adapted for television in 2015. “I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner” is the abbreviation for Shemin Sample. The story of Kimito Kagurazaka, a high school student, sent to an all-girls school, Seikain, to teach the girls about life as a commoner, is told in this comic harem series.

A homosexual with a penchant for muscle, Kimito is introduced to the girls. Even though none of this is true, Kimito is compelled to accept his fate or face castration or exile. Later, he meets Aika Tenbukashi, a shy and complacent young woman eager to learn more about the world beyond her small village in northern Japan.

As Kimito develops feelings for him romantically, they form a close friendship that goes beyond the traditional master-disciple relationship. In general, the series provides viewers with light-hearted pleasure.

The creators of the 12-episode harem sitcom haven’t said anything about a sequel since the show concluded in 2015. However, the series’ devotees are hoping for a sequel. So, when can we expect the second episode of Shomin Sample to be released? Please continue reading to learn where to look for it.

The Renewal Status of the Shomin Sample Season 2

Shomin Sample Season 2

Shomin Sample Season 2 has yet to be announced by Silver Link Studios, the team behind the show’s inaugural season. If the studio decides to develop a sequel or there is still a great demand from fans, the following anime season will likely be compared to other anime. When making a sequel, six years is a long time to wait for the studio.

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It is based on a light novel that spans eleven volumes. Shomin Sample’s first season only had 12 episodes. Hence it only covered a small portion of the manga’s chapters. There is a lot of material, and the story can be carried from the beginning to the next season. A return to the Melo-dramatic narrative is possible for the producers if there is sufficient demand from fans. Please check back for further information if it becomes official.

Release Date of Shomin Sample Season 2

Shomin Sample Season 2

Shomin Sample Season 2’s premiere dates have yet to be determined, which is a shame. However, our best estimate is that it will be released in late 2022 or early 2023. To maintain the story’s momentum, we expect the show to stick with its standard 12-episode run.

According to numerous reports, the second season of Shomin Sample has been canceled. Even if it is withdrawn, there has been no official notification, so we can only hope for a return of the anime series with a new season 2 or some update.

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The first season of Shomin Sample is accessible on Funimation for anyone who wishes to see it. You can go back to the previous season and have some fun till further information about the anime becomes available.

The Cast of Shomin Sample Season 2

According to the source, original cast members are expected back in season two. Rina Hidaka will portray Hakua Shiodome, Sachika Misawa will portray Karen Jinry, Aoi Yuki will portray Miyuki Kujo, and Yumi Hara will portray Eri Hanae. Aika Tenkubashi, a Commoner Club disciple, will be voiced by Yu Serizawa, while Rika Tachibana will portray Reiko Arisugawa. Yuka Aisaka will portray Yuka Aisaka, while Risae Matsud

Recap of Season 1 of Shomin Sample

Shomin Sample Season 2

Kimito Kagurazaka, the protagonist, is a high school student. As a high school student, he must attend the All-Girls School Seiken. To maintain their purity, the kids at this school are segregated from the rest of society.

Hikikomori, the term for graduates who cannot adjust to life outside of school, refers to this phenomenon. Because they don’t regularly engage with people of the other s*x, these young ladies cannot be authentic versions of themselves. To solve this issue, the school enlisted the help of the commoner Kimito.

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In this way, the “average person” can help the girl learn about the actual world outside her home. In light of the school’s belief that Kimito was a homos*xual preoccupied with muscles, Kimito felt let down. It’s a sad boy, for sure. Kimito does not pose a threat to the innocence of the young girls, according to the school.

After learning that he faces either asylum or castration if he continues to deny his sexual orientation, he reluctantly consents to come out as gay. He met Aika Tenkubashi shortly after he started school. Aika tends to be bashful, stubborn, or frightening, depending on her feelings. Aika is awestruck by the wonders of the world around her. We’ll learn more about the girls’ interpersonal dynamics as time goes on.

Where Can I Stream Shomin Sample Season 1?

The first season of Shomin Sample, available on Hulu, can be seen.


Is Shomin Sample Season 2 canceled?

Shomin Sample’s second season has yet to be officially canceled, but no official statement has been made.

Will there be Shomin Sample Season 2?

Shomin Sample Season 2 has yet to get an official release date. However, Shomin Sample Season 2 is expected to premiere in late 2021 or early 2021.

Did Shomin Sample end?

Without an official statement, the series has not been canceled.

How old is Kimito?

Boy of the age of fifteen, Kimito.


To wrap things up here, I’d like to say that Shomin Sample is one of the best comedic anime series. The show has only had one season, and fans are impatiently awaiting the release of more episodes. However, it’s been about five years since the Shomin Sample Season 2 release date was announced. Shomin Sample, if you’re looking for a new comedy-romance anime series to watch, is your best bet.

It’s possible that Shomin Sample Season 2 could air in late 2022 or early 2023, considering there has been no formal notice of the show’s cancellation. Enjoy the first season of Shomin Sample while you wait. And don’t forget to check back for updates on the series.

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