Snowfall Season 5 Episodes: How Many Episodes Does Season 5 Have?

Just like the previous four seasons, Snowfall Season 5 episodes are going to be intriguing and interesting.

Snowfall is an American crime drama television series, that first premiered on FX in July 2017. Based in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, the series revolves around the first crack epidemic and the impact of drugs on the culture of the city. It focuses on Franklin Saint’s years-long journey from a 20-year-old part-time weed dealer to a full-fledged cocaine drug lord.

Ever since the first season’s premiere in 2017, the show has achieved immense popularity and gained love and applause from the audience and critics alike. The reason for such unpredictable success can be attributed to its amazing plot, dynamic characters, and raw elements.

As the show has been renewed for a fifth season, fans are curious to know what the future holds for Franklin.

So, for all the latest updates on Snowfall Season 5, follow this space.

Snowfall Season 5 Release Date

The new season aired its first two episodes- ‘Comets’ and ‘Commitment’ on 23 February 2022. After that, the subsequent episodes were released weekly i.e. every Wednesday until the season finale on 20 April.

The fifth season is set in the summers of 1986 and centers on Franklin Saint and his entire family, who are now wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, They are on the verge of getting everything they have ever wanted, but then, everything falls apart.

Just like the previous four seasons, Snowfall Season 5 episodes are going to be intriguing and interesting.

The sudden and tragic demise of basketball star Len Bias makes the rock cocaine epidemic hit headlines and the target of both Democratic and Republican lawmakers. The American lawmakers and enforcers realize that the drug menace has reached epic proportions in the country and to curb it, brutal force is needed, so LAPD is weaponized.

And hence, the action shifts to South Central LA streets, where the Saint family is completely surrounded by enemies such as rival gangs, the CIA, and perhaps each other too.

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Snowfall Season 5 Episode Count

The first season comprised 10 episodes and the second, third, and fourth seasons followed suit. Season 5 is also going to have 10 episodes, as was the case with the previous four seasons, with the finale episode airing on April 20, 2022.

 Plot Synopsis of Snowfall Season 5 Final Episode- ‘Fault Lines’

A lot of things change in Snowfall Season 5 ninth episode, with Idris’s character making the tough decision to part ways with Teddy. He decides to do so after learning that he has been betrayed by his Aunt Louie and Uncle Jerome. The situation soon worsens for him after he discovers that Teddy had taken much of his entire fortune. Franklin has to think out of the box to topple Teddy, given that the former doesn’t have any financial benefit on his side.

The fifth season ends on a cliffhanger with Franklin Saint, finally going to war against all his rivals.

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 Snowfall Season 5 Cast and Character Guide: Who’s playing Who?

No point in guessing that Damson Idris (Franklin Saint) will be returning in season 5 for a new chapter in his life. The character will be facing one of the biggest fights for survival as evident from the trailer.

Just like the previous four seasons, Snowfall Season 5 episodes are going to be intriguing and interesting.

Other characters who are likely to reprise their roles are Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald), Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Michael Hyatt (Cissy Saint), Angela Louis (Aunt Louie), and Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint), and Isaiah John (Leon Simmons).

Given that we didn’t see Kevil Caroll (Alton Williams) die in the fourth season, he would be back for season 5. We can also expect some new faces to come up in the new season.

 How to Watch Snowfall Season 5: Where Is It Streaming?

Snowfall is an FX original.

Snowfall Season 5

You can access FX on live TV streaming services such as Hulu. Hulu and FX have a partnership and the episodes stream on Hulu, one day after the broadcast on the FX network. All the previous four seasons are also available on Hulu. The streaming platform also provides a free trial to new users.

Indian viewers can stream all seasons of Snowfall on Disney+ Hotstar

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Will There Be a Snowfall Season 6?

Since Season 5 concluded recently, fans are already excited for the next season, wondering will there be a Snowfall Season 6?

So, here’s what we know about next season. We have got our hands on some bittersweet news for all Snowfall fans out there. Snowfall Season 6 has officially been renewed by FX earlier this month. But it is going to be the final season of popular crime drama series.

The renewal was not at all surprising as Season 4 was FX’s most-watched series of 2021 as per Deadline. And the fifth season is the most-watched season of the series. It has also set up the perfect base for the sixth season to commence. 

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