Solo Leveling Release Date: Is an Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling Confirmed?

Sunday, July 3 at the Anime Expo, Crunchyroll announced that the Korean web novel Solo Leveling will be adapted into an anime.

The comic, written by Chugong and illustrated by DUBU of the Redice Studio, is a phenomenon in South Korea, and in February 2021, Yen Press adapted it into English.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming anime at this time.


Solo Leveling has all the characteristics of a great story: a protagonist who went from being the weakest hunter in the world to the strongest, a lengthy plot with an intricate past, and an entertaining modern reworking of a popular fantasy subgenre. The protagonist is rank-E hunter Sung Jinwoo, who is called “the weakest of humanity.”

In a world where hunters are humanity’s heroes against the invasion of ‘Gates’ monsters, Jinwoo’s future appears gloomy. However, Jinwoo encounters a lucky occurrence: a rare double dungeon with fatal rewards. The frail Hunter of Rank E miraculously survives after being left for dead.

Solo Leveling Release Date

Jinwoo is now the enigmatic Player of the System. In the end, Jinwoo’s wealth improves, but he must work for it. After earning new talents and capabilities, Jinwoo embarks on an arduous journey to uncover the dungeons’ mysteries and their incomprehensible genesis.

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Sung Jin-Woo was able to slay Legia Baran with a single hit. Legia was unlike any previous Monarch since he was a spirit without a physical body, and in order to manage him, the Rulers bound him with chains. The Architect resurrects Baran, who now sits on the one hundredth floor of the Demon Castle, ages later. At the time, Baran could have easily killed Jin-Woo, but Esil Radiru’s distraction allowed Jin-Woo to defeat the Monarch.

Sung Jin-Woo Shadow’s army destroyed Iron Body Monarch, Bellion and Beru in the Final Battle Arc of Solo Leveling.

The Beast Monarch was the most cowardly and hypocritical character in the Solo Leveling series. He joined forces with the Frost Monarch and Querehsha to battle Jin-Woo. Sung II Hwan, a vessel belonging to the Ruler, fought against the Monarchs. The Frost Monarch planned to remove Jin-woo before he could fully comprehend Ashborn’s capabilities. Sung Jin-woo, the most dominant S-Class Hunter in Solo Leveling, defeats Antares, the Dragon King and Lord of Destruction.

Solo Leveling Release Date

Ashborn, the only Monarch capable of standing against Antares’ power, flees as Beast and Baran turn against him. The Ashborn vessel requires assistance from the Rulers in order to beat the most powerful Monarch in Solo Leveling.

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Release Date

It was confirmed that Solo Leveling would premiere on television in 2023 as part of the announcement and reveal trailer for the anime adaptation.

The series will be broadcast simultaneously in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States by Crunchyroll.

A more precise release date has not yet been announced. Despite this, we do know that pre-production began at least several months ago due to the domain registration leak previously mentioned.

After an official announcement, new anime adaptations typically take between seven and thirteen months to premiere in Japan. Due to the high fidelity of the animation required to properly adapt the Webcomic, Solo Leveling’s premiere window could begin as early as July 2023, if it is assumed that Solo Leveling will premiere at the earlier end of that range.

Given the high bar, let’s give A-1 Pictures a chance to do the Webcomic justice, even though a more realistic release date would be October 2023 as part of the Fall lineup.

Also unknown is the number of episodes in the first season of Solo Leveling, but fingers crossed for a two-course broadcast of twenty-four episodes.

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The tale is unexceptional. Typical tale of a weak person’s metamorphosis into a strong one that can be found practically anywhere. A weak person, Sung-Jinwoo, has a near-death experience and is granted the ability to cheat. Consider these terms and apply them to every manga, Manhua, and Manhwa that employs this notion.

A number of correct? True, this story’s concept is not original, but its execution is absolutely original. The execution is, at most, decent. When he acquires these cheat powers, he is instructed to begin training by his cheat. Then, as if by magic, he advances two positions without ever leaving the hospital. After that, he only does one dungeon, and he’s already comparable to a B-Rank hunter (if you’ve read solo levelling, you’ll know that B to A rank hunters are nothing compared to Sung Jinwoo, but these guys are supposed to be the Main High Ranking Hunters of hunter guilds, and he just became one in what, a month, or less?).

In chapter 57, he is barely an S-rank by the time he clears a few floors in the Demon Dungeon after clearing a few floors in the Demon Dungeon via Job mission. This tale consists primarily of Sung-Jinwoo discreetly kicking asses. Do I like it? The only reason I like it is because I want to see Sung-Jinwoo grow stronger and observe his future actions.

Other than that, this work contains minimal character development. After achieving his objective regarding his mother, he is literally just on a mission to kick asses and chew bubble gum, and he’s out of gum. The artwork is consistent and incredibly detailed, and the story is packed with badass moments that leave you wanting more. That concludes the discussion; there is nothing else to add.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solo Leveling Nearing Its End?

After three years and 179 chapters, Solo Leveling, the webcomic that captivated the world with its stunning action sequences and great artwork, has closed. Jinwoo has encountered everything imaginable, from knights to orcs, on his path to becoming the world’s best Hunter.

Is an Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling Confirmed?

The anime version of Solo Leveling will be helmed by some of the industry’s most renowned figures. At this year’s Anime Expo, an anime adaptation of the popular webcomic Solo Leveling was announced. The webtoon is based on Chugong’s web book, which finished in December 2021.

Who Performs Solo Leveling?

A-1 Productions, a subsidiary of Aniplex, will produce Solo Leveling, it was announced during Aniplex Online Fest 2022. Among the famous works produced by the firm are Your Lie in April, 1986, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Sword Art Online.


Solo Leveling, the webcomic that captivated the world with its stunning action sequences and great artwork, has closed. At this year’s Anime Expo, an anime adaptation was announced. The webtoon is based on Chugong’s web book, which finished in December 2021.

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