Starstruck Season 3: What Will Be the Plotline?

In the Netflix series Starstruck, one of the main characters is a millennial living in London juggling two dead-end jobs while navigating the awkward nothing-after-the-night-before phase. At the same time, she is dealing with the complications that arise from sleeping with a film star by accident.

Rose Matafeo is the mind behind the television series Starstruck. Rose Matafeo, Nikesh Patel, and Emma Sidi are the actors who appear in it. Karen Maine and Jamie Jay Johnson are responsible for directing it. Rose Matafeo, Alice Snedden, and Nic Sampson contributed to its writing.

Starstruck Season 3

There are six episodes in the first season of the television series Starstruck. These episodes are New Year’s Eve, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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There are six episodes in the second season of the television series . These episodes are titled Stay, Christmas – Again, Housewarming, Funeral, and Valentine’s. We anticipate that the following third season of the television show will similarly consist of ten episodes. There has been no disclosure made on the amount of content that will be included in the third season of the television show Starstruck.

Reviews of Starstruck Season 2

Critics gave Season 2 of Starstruck positive reviews. If third season is announced, the audience will respond enthusiastically. We saw that Tom plans a New Year’s housewarming celebration after the second season of the television show Starstruck.

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When Vinay shows up unexpectedly, he causes chaos by attempting to prevent his drunken brother from meeting his new girlfriend. Jessie later struggles to shake the idea that she doesn’t belong when their worlds cross. Tom then works to connect with Jessie while he is away filming.

Starstruck Season 3
Later, when Jessie attends a funeral, a ghost from her past reappears in her present. After that, Jessie and Tom are offered excellent employment prospects, which strains their recently formed relationship. The pre-wedding festivities of Sarah and Steve, on the other side, bring Tom back into Jessie’s life. Later, with Tom’s impending departure for the United States, Jessie muses over their breakup. Watch the progression of events.

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Since no information was released on the third season of the television show Starstruck, the plot from the second season may be maintained. If there are any updates to the third season plot, we will post them here. So be sure to check this website frequently. Check out when the third season of the movie Starstruck will be released.

Cast of Starstruck Season 3

The Starstruck Season 3 cast is listed down below.

  • Rose Matafeo portrays Tom Kapoor, and Nikesh Patel plays Jessie
  • Vee as Sindhu and Emma Sidi as Kate
  • Al Roberts as Ian and Jon Pointing as Dan
  • As Joe Barnes,
  • Nic Sampson portrays Steve, and Shivani is described by Lola-Rose Maxwell, Sarah Abraham Popoola, Ambreen Razia, and
  • Sophie Diller, Nadia Parkes.
  • Liz Kingsman plays Liz Russell Tovey.
  • Cath, played by Minnie Driver

Plotline of Starstruck Season 3

After sleeping with a stranger, Jessie, a millennial working two dead-end jobs in London, finds herself in a tricky predicament. Once she understands the stranger is a movie star, she must work around their schedule. Their previous relationship histories get in their way, and she finds the fame, cameras, and simple celebrity life too much for her.

Starstruck Season 3

The excellent humor blend keeps the film intriguing throughout all of the episodes. Each of the six epic episodes in seasons one and two lasted roughly 21 minutes. Although there hasn’t been any formal announcement yet, season three is likewise anticipated to include six episodes. Given that this could be the show’s final season, there may be more episodes this season. The two lovebirds’ story will continue from season two.

Release Date

The third season of Starstruck has not yet been given a release date. After the third season’s confirmation, we anticipate it will be announced very soon.

In 2023, we may anticipate Season 3. Perhaps it will debut on BBC One as Starstruck Seasons 1 and 2 did.

The first season of the BBC One television show premiered on April 25, 2021. The second season of the BBC One television show Starstruck premiered on February 7th, 2022. See what happens after that.

Trailer: Starstruck Season 3

Starstruck Season 3’s trailer hasn’t yet been made public. After the third season of Starstruck was announced, it appeared to arrive shortly. Watch the second season’s trailer for the television show . Look at it below:


We will update this post if we receive any additional information regarding the third season of the television show Starstruck’s release date. Watch the third season’s trailer for the television show Starstruck.

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