Survivor Season 42 Episode 3 Release Date: CBS Confirmed That Next Episode Is on Air This Month!

A long-running TV show called Survivor is back for a brand new season, the show’s 42nd. TV show Survivor season 42 is on CBS in the United States, and it’s being called one of the most intense ones yet.

In season 42, Survivor will again take place on an island in Fiji. It will keep the fast pace and many of the game-changing twists that it brought to the game in season 41, as well as the new format of three tribes of six people. People still have to “outwit, outplay and outlast” each other in order to win the $1 million grand prize. They have to deal with the elements and other people as well as their own mind games to see who will take home the money, though.

Time will show who that person will be this season. Everything we know about season 42 of Survivor until then is in this list below.

The Recap of Survivor Season 42

Survivor Season 42 Episode 1

survivor season 42 episode 1

This episode was made right after Season 41, so the contestants didn’t know what to expect when they arrived on the island. They soon found out. Afterwards, the tribes were split into Vati and Taku and Ika tribes. The contestants had to win a relay race to get their flint, machete, and pots; and right away, the game gets more complicated.

One contestant, Daniel (Vati), fell and dislocated his shoulder. After getting medical attention, he stayed in the game and kept playing. During their part of the relay, Drea (Ika), Hai (Vati), and Lindsay (Taku) are given the chance to form an alliance even though they are all from different tribes and get an early advantage in the game. The trio opted for the advantage. To get back to the challenge at hand, Ika came out on top.

The tribes go to their separate camps. Ika gets to know each other as they build a shelter, while Vati and Taku play another game to earn supplies, each being able to do so. This is how it works:

Drea, Hai, and Lindsay all have their own amulets. You can’t use amulets alone in the game. The trick is to use as few as possible to get more power out of them. Some extra advantages are given to Drea during the first Summit challenge. She can get an extra vote at tribal council, and this gives her a better chance to win.

In fact, the first elimination of this season didn’t come from a tribal meeting. It was revealed that Taku’s Jackson left the show after it was found out that they had recently been weaning off a prescription drug that could cause reactions when under physical and mental stress. Jackson did say that they had felt dizzy the day before the show.

Taku was able to win the first immunity challenge even though he had one less player. Vati came in second. This meant that Ika was going to the first tribal council. In season 42 of Survivor, Zach was the first person to be sent home.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 2

survivor season 42 episode 2

Tomorrow night, the third night of Ika’s Survivor is on the show. Tori had a bad headache because she didn’t eat. It will only get worse. This is the fourth day on Yati, and the tribe is looking for food. She doesn’t like them until they boil them in a pot. Everyone is shocked by how good it tastes.

People who are vegans find it hard to eat crab. Hai won’t join in because it doesn’t want to eat the crab. Having no food is hard, but Hai has a moment. he might have to change and not be true to himself because there isn’t rice. There is no way Hai will live without the meat. He goes ahead and eats it anyway.

At Taku, Omar is a Muslim and he shares his beliefs with the rest of the people in the tribe. Back to Ika, it’s day 4. Drea was happy to get an extra vote last night. There could be a group of girls who work together, and her advantage could make her more powerful. A group of girls is what she wants. She tells the other women about it. Swati doesn’t like that Drea has an extra vote. She thinks it gives her too much power in the game. When Swati wants to get rid of Drea, Tori breathes a big sigh of relief. The target is no longer on her.

When Mike is looking for an immunity idol, he works hard around the camp and stays low-key, but he does it. In the end, he found the three-way share idol. Once all three words have been said, the idol has power.

Jonathan and Omar are getting to know each other very well. They are different, which can be good in this game. Jonathan says that everything Omar is good at, he isn’t good at. When they work together, they are like the perfect person. Marya talks about her brother, who was a nurse and died. She is there for him. Being on Survivor is about coming to terms with things, and for her, that’s worth more than $1 million.

That he found the tri-way immunity idol, and then he tells Daniel. They go to where he found it and then can’t find it again. A long search finally pays off. When Mike plays this idol, Daniel is going to help him. There are a lot of things that move in this idol. The idol Mike opened has cost him his vote until the merge.

It’s time for the Immunity Test. Caller: One person will be the caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded, and they will have to find three bags of puzzle pieces. Once they find them, they must build their own puzzle. The first tribe to finish the task also gets a huge set of fishing gear. In the second tribe, they get a smaller set of fishing gear. The third person goes to the tribal council, where one person will be voted out and they have to give up their flint to keep their place in the group.

It doesn’t matter how the tribes are making the puzzle. They are all blindfolded. Yati wins, Ika comes in second, and they also get their flint back. It’s very close. In tribal council, Taku is going to vote on who gets to stay and who gets to be kicked out. A bad first date, Maryanne says. You go out with a lot of people you like, but you have to dump one at the end.

At Taku, Jonathan tells Omar that he’s there for him. To put Maryanne on the market is not what Jonathan wants. He likes her. Her name and Marya are being mixed up. In order for them not to use the shot in the dark, they have to show both women that they are safe. Marya, on the other hand, is not a fool. She is taking her shot in the dark to the tribal meeting. Maryanne is afraid, so she goes out to look for an idol. Lindsay and Marya find her and take her back to their house. It hurts Omar when Marya comes to find closure for her brother. He doesn’t want to send her home.

Tribal Council is about to start, so everyone grabs a torch and lights it. This is part of the ritual of tribal council. Maryanne is very afraid. One of her legs is shaking. This game has a lot of strength, says Jonathan. It comes in many different forms. Lindsey says you need to balance out your paranoia and keep the rust you already have in order to stay safe. if it is Maryanne, she says she will be sad because she wants to do more. Putting herself first is what Marya says will be very hard if Maryanne goes home, but she has to stop being the mom. The game must be played. Jonathan says that he loves everyone, but there is a game to be played.

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It’s time to vote. There’s an extra vote for Maryanne. Marya wants to take a chance in the dark. There are no immunity idols to pay. It’s not safe for her if Jeff opens the scroll. Vote 1:  Marya is out because there are enough votes.

When Survivor Season 2 Next Episode Release?

A two-hour episode of Survivor season 42 premiered on CBS on Wednesday, March 9,2022 as the show began. Now that the show has started, it will stay on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT, but it will be back to its usual hour-long show.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 2 is Released on March 16 2022
It will be time for the next episode of Survivor season 42 to air on March 23,2022.
It also airs live on CBS on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, but you can also watch it live and on-demand on Paramount Plus and the CBS app.

Survivor Season 42 Host

Survivor season 42 host

Some things may change on Survivor, but one thing that hasn’t changed in the show’s 20-plus years is that host Jeff Probst is in charge of everything. But that doesn’t mean that Probst, who has won an Emmy for hosting the show, is going to follow the same script, at least not anymore.

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When Probst says “Come on in, guys,” he means that the contestants can start a new task. However, after a lot of thought and talking to cast members during Survivor season 41, Probst has decided that the phrase isn’t very inclusive, and he’s going to stop using it after season 41. What will he say next?

How Do I Watch Survivor Season 42 on the Tv?

Survivor is on CBS in the United States, and anyone who has a traditional pay-TV cable or satellite subscription or has a TV antenna can watch it. Both have access to local CBS stations. A lot of live TV streaming services, like FuboTV or Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV, also have CBS. For people who have a traditional pay TV or live TV streaming service that allows them to watch CBS, they can watch the most recent episodes of Survivor live or at any time on the CBS site.

You can watch Survivor on the internet with the Paramount Plus subscription. For people who don’t have live TV, that means they can watch it online. If you have the Paramount Plus plan, you can watch the most recent episode of Survivor on-demand the next day after it airs. If you have the Paramount Premium plan, you can also watch it live!

For people outside of the United States who want to watch Survivor, they will need a virtual private network, or VPN, to do so.

It’s easy to get around digital barriers with a virtual private network, or VPN. You can change your IP address to get around these barriers, so even if you’re away from home, you can still watch your favourite TV shows.


So, According to the official Announcement the Survivor Season 42 Episode 3 is going to release on March 23,2022 on CBS in United States.

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